20 05, 2022

101+ Unique Food and Grocery Delivery Marketing Slogans

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COVID-19 accelerated adoption of food delivery at a rapid rate. Moreover, online grocery sales play a major role in the grocery industry’s future. In fact, according to Statista, the food and beverage retail e-commerce revenue is expected to exceed the $20 billion mark by 2023. In addition, about 52% of grocery stores in the US were offering home delivery and store pick-up options as of August 2019. With these statistics, it is clear that more people are opting to have their groceries delivered to them; even grocery stores know that this is the future of the industry. If you own a [...]

15 01, 2022

155+ Coffee Shop Captions and Quotes For Instagram

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Built by M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. Looking for the perfect coffee shop caption for a photo or video you captured? Here's a wide range of options you can share on Instagram, TikTok, or even Facebook so your parents can see it. Whether you like to sip coffee in the morning, noon, night, alone or with friends, I've got you covered. Coffee Shop Captions Coffee Shop Quotes Cafe Captions Funny Coffee Shop Captions Night Coffee Captions for Instagram Morning Coffee Captions Captions for Coffee Lovers Coffee Captions with Friends Coffee Shop Captions All you need is coffee, wifi, [...]

27 07, 2021

255+ Smart Recruitment and Staffing Slogans To Hire the Best Candidates

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Recruitment of employees has become a challenge national wide in the restaurant and food truck industry. National-wide owners are struggling to find qualified folks that want to work. To help make hiring easier, we've organized a laundry list of recruitment and staffing slogans you can use to hire the best candidates. Recruitment agencies follow different practices to attract the right people. In the US, 56% of businesses will offer signing bonuses to new hires from business schools. Recruitment through social media is also common nowadays with 79% of job seekers say that they use social media to look for jobs. [...]

2 07, 2021

139+ (Actually Good) Food Conservation and Waste Reduction Slogans

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Food waste is a global problem amounting to immense financial and environmental costs. If you operate a food truck or restaurant this waste can cut in your bottom line in a big way. Annually, the total value of food wasted globally is $1 trillion. In the US alone, 103 million tons of food waste were generated last 2018. It is also estimated that about 30% - 40% of the food supply goes to waste. These statistics can even go higher as the growing problem of food waste in America seems to have no end. The effects of food waste can [...]

5 03, 2021

101 Unforgettable Food Truck Marketing Slogans and Funny Sayings

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As with any good business, food trucks need to do marketing too, and it can be a godsend for any business that has a good marketing slogan to get it right. Marketing is not just about the slogan or tagline, but it does play a major role in the process, and can bring in new customers that you might not expect. Your slogan is part and parcel of your branding, and you need to know exactly how to get it right. The food truck industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today, with more than [...]

12 02, 2021

57 Catchy Dessert Truck Marketing Slogans You’ll Wish You Came Up With

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With more than 23,000 food trucks operating in the US throughout 2020, this unique industry is reported to produce revenues exceeding $2 billion a year. And only a small percentage of that is for dessert trucks, which are the less popular option for food truck operators. But with the growth of the food truck industry only getting stronger, the need for more dessert-based food trucks is now in demand, to cater to the market segment that are looking for mobile desserts on their lunch breaks. Starting up your own dessert food truck could be the best new line in this [...]

23 10, 2020

50 Greatest BBQ Quotes and Taglines of All-Time

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With strong Caribbean roots, Barbecue, known across the country as simply “BBQ”, is one f the most popular cooking styles in the United States. This tradition of cooking meat low and slow over an indirect flame has become as iconic in America today as Apple Pie and Baseball. BBQ is as much a part of American culture as anything else, and who doesn’t love to head off to a BBQ party. With smoke billowing around blown by the wind, plenty of cold beers on ice, and more meat than National Beef, there is something special about going to a BBQ. [...]

20 09, 2020

Nine Healthy Food Stall Business Ideas for 2021

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The revolution in street foods, food stalls, food trucks, and carts is now in full swing, and has grown exponentially over the last ten years or so. Now, there is so much to choose from in this wild array of eclectic and diverse industry that customers are really spoiled for choice. And street foods have evolved into the healthier options as well, to match the growing trend in health-conscious eating. Instead of hitting the fast-food joints for that working lunch, people are tending more towards trying healthy foods, to keep the body fit and energized for the rest of the [...]

21 07, 2020

35 Remarkable Food Truck Industry Statistics (Updated 2020)

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Most people recognize that the food truck craze started just right after the economic recession in 2008, but did you know it started way back almost one and a half centuries ago? The idea was conceptualized by Walter Scott in 1872 when he sold pies, sandwiches, and coffee through a "lunch wagon" near a local newspaper office in Providence, Rhode Island. Fast forward to the 21st century, this basic concept has since evolved into a more dynamic way of offering grub to foodies. Today, the food truck concept brings restaurant-style food closer to consumers. Whether through catering events or while [...]

26 06, 2020

Learn How to Demo Food like a Pros: Ultimate Guide

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Before people taste your food, they see it with their eyes. They smell it. Here's some tips you can use to improve the appearance of your food to encourage more people to give your truck, trailer, or food stall a shot. Retailers are more likely to carry your product if they know they can move it quickly off the shelves. Shelf space is always at a premium and no retailer wants to carry a line that will simply sit and sit and sit. When you’re selling-in to a retailer or vending at an event, you need to build confidence that: [...]