20 04, 2022

Mobile Restroom Trailers for Sale in Florida

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A portable or mobile toilets are ideal for special events like concerts, fairs, rallies, parades, city events, and huge outdoor gatherings where no other facilities are available. The majority of portable toilets are unisex single units with a simple door lock for privacy. Several varieties are self-contained and do not involve any pre-existing utilities or infrastructure, such as sewerage. If you need custom-built mobile restrooms, contact us at 904-397-0246 or by email here. We offer no obligation quotes and can build mobile restrooms to the exact specifications you require. High-end or low-cost facilities, we have experience with both. Mobile restroom trailers [...]

18 03, 2019

Food Truck Floor Options: Everything You Need to Know

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Researching the best type of flooring install inside your food truck or concession trailer? In today's post, we address everything you need to consider before investing in the floor of your food truck. In addition to sharing the best options, we layout some of pitfalls to watch out for with the most popular food truck flooring types. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we've been manufacturing concession trailers for over 15 years and have worked on literally hundreds of concession units during this time frame. After working on so many of these units and even making repairs to concession trailers [...]

14 03, 2019

Important Considerations When Installing Food Truck Exhaust Hoods

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When outfitting a food truck, a lot of the same commercial equipment you would use in a coffee shop or restaurant can be installed in a mobile unit. But there are some pieces of equipment you should never be taken from a restaurant and installed onto your food truck. One example of this is with the exhaust hood. An exhaust hood, sometimes called a range hood, is the device that's positioned directly above your oven and cooking area to provide ventilation. This piece of equipment removes smoke, airborne grease, and other fumes from the food truck. Exhaust hoods also have [...]

29 07, 2018

The Best Food Truck Refrigerators: Installation Tips & Buyers Guide

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Rotolo's Food Truck. No matter what your food concept is going to be, you'll probably need at least one refrigerator installed on your food truck or concession trailer. Whether you're making sandwiches and need to keep meats and cheeses cool or plan to serve summer-time beverages you'll need a cooling system that's both reliable and large enough to store everything necessary to execute your menu. Finding the right refrigerator for a food truck is different than if you're starting a restaurant. If you're looking for commercial-grade restaurant refrigerators you'll have an abundance of quality options. Refrigerators designed to [...]

18 07, 2018

Food Truck Concession Doors: What You Need To Know

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In our on-going series about food truck equipment, we’ve come to one of the more basic build-out topics: concession doors. As you might imagine this is a more straight-forward consideration compared to other areas like plumbing, electrical, or the kitchen layout. Still there are some common-sense guidelines we can offer on the topic if you plan to install a door in the future to ensure the project is done right the first time. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts in this series, we’ve been manufacturing food trucks and concession trailers for over 15 years. In our decade and a half [...]

16 07, 2018

Where Should Propane Tanks Be Installed on a Food Truck?

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There's an age old debate that continues with food truck build outs: Where's the best place to install propane tanks? Some builders advocate for propane tanks to be installed horizontally in a protected compartment underneath your food truck. Others recommend that propane tanks should be installed vertically at the rear of the vehicle. As you may already be aware there are food trucks that actively operate with tanks in both locations. But what's the optimal way to install these units during the build-out process? In this article, we share our insights learned over 15+ years in the concession industry. Over [...]

12 06, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Food Truck Water Tanks

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One of the items that can be overlooked by first-time food truck vendors is figuring out the size and type of water tanks needed to install in a concession trailer. Not only will you need fresh and gray water tanks to operate efficiently, but you'll need these to meet the specific permitting requirements of the city and state you plan to operate. In this post, we outline all the things you need to take into consideration before installing water tanks inside your food truck. Take notes on this one because this post can take you a lot of time, money, [...]

24 01, 2018

The Ultimate List of Commonly Installed Food Truck Appliances

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At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks we've installed just about every appliance imaginable into a food truck or concession trailer. This list compiles the most commonly requested appliances to be installed onboard a mobile food unit. If you don't find the device you need on this list, not to worry. Our motto is: "If you can dream it, we can build it." We've received countless one-of-a-kind requests during our 15+ years in the custom manufacturing industry and welcome the opportunity to execute your vision. Beyond just appliances, check out our previously published equipment checklist here for information about ovens, refrigerators, [...]

18 12, 2017

How to Legally Dispose of Gray Water For a Food Truck

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Whether your operating a food truck or trailer, you need to consider how to properly dispose of "gray water" for your business. How you remove gray water is critical from a legal perspective and you'll face stiff fines or have your vending license revoked if you fail to meet this requirement. On top of the legal ramifications, disposing of this waste water correctly is the right thing to do. It ensures that your waste won't make anyone sick or backup sewer systems of your local municipality. In case your unfamiliar with the term "gray water" already, it's the waste water [...]

11 10, 2017

Concession Trailer Plumbing Blue Print / Layout Example

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Although requirements for concession trailers differ across the country there are some requirements that are standard across the board. One of the  standard requirements is for a 3-compartment sink and hand washing sink. These requirements are in place for food safety handling reasons and something you want installed on your unit regardless of legal requirements. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we develop 3 different blue-prints / layouts for each custom build. There is an electrical layout, kitchen layout, and of course a plumbing layout that we will cover in this post. You can view an example of one plumbing [...]