I am so glad I found them…

“M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks is a redneck heaven! I bought my smoker and a trailer to pull it with too. You dream it up and M&R will make it happern. I rented a smoker before I bought it. All it takes is using it one time and I was sold! These smokers are incredible!”

Steve Norris, Starke, FL

Refuge Coffee Co.

“M&R Crew,
Can’t thank you enough for the great work you’re doing with our coffee truck. Really appreciate the great service and attention to detail you guys have had throughout this whole process. With all the stresses that come w/ starting a business, I’m really glad to have truck building not be one of them! Can’t wait to get into action pulling some espresso!”

(Follow Up)

It’s been really great working with y’all. Great getting to know you all, thanks for taking care of us. I can’t imagine a better food truck building company! Demand already seems pretty high for our coffee truck, so if we need coffee truck #2 to meet that demand I’ll be calling down there! I’ll also be recommending you guys to anyone considering a buildout.
And I’ll send some pictures your way ASAP.

Thanks again.

Clarkston, GA, Caleb Goodrum

What a great experience!

We knew we wanted to build a concession truck for our pizza business, and we knew that we wanted our truck to have more of a “up close, self serve” feel to it. I had purchased a number of good pieces of used equipment that were stored in the garage, and bought a good used truck out in St. Louis, but we were having a hard time getting the ideas out of our mind and onto the road.
After talking to several builders in the southeast who either did not like the idea of using some of my own equipment, or did not take interest in the way I wanted my truck designed, I made the call to M&R. They understood what I was trying to accomplish with the open design, and worked with my ideas for the floor plan to make it all work. They provided me with a scaled drawing of my truck with the equipment in place, and an itemized cost sheet to show me exactly where I was spending my money. I loaded the equipment in the truck and delivered it to M&R for the build.

We ran across a great deal on a pizza oven just before we were to start the job. I talked it over with Richard, and although we had to alter the floor plan and ventilation a bit, they were able to make it work. This was a big change to make in midstride but they worked with me and I am happier with my truck because of it. I also came across a picture of a truck that had an extension on the roof that I really liked the looks of. I sent the picture to them, and it wasn’t long before they sent me back a picture of the identical extension on my truck. These are just a couple of examples of their capabilities and their willingness to please their customers.

We are very pleased with our experience with M&R. Friendly, easy to work with, fair and honest. We have a very unique concession, one of the nicest in the state I feel, and we would like to thank M&R for a job very well done!Yours truly,

Frankie and Elizabeth Gerena - Flaming Pizza, Deltona, FL

Taste of the Islands Mobile Cafe

“Trevor and I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the service that your team has provided. You are absolutely the experts in the area of food truck build out. Your team kept us up to dates at every stage and even now that the build out is complete you continue to provide answers to our many questions about getting the truck on the road.

The attention to detail and quality far supersedes our expectation.


Trevor and Avis Davis, Jacksonville, FL


“We have had our BBQ Concession Trailer in service for 4 months now and we couldn’t be more satisfied of the complete build. Thanks to Richard who spent endless hours getting everything just right for easy of operation. We tried many different layouts to get to the most efficient use of our footage. We went over all the operations of our service and put electrical outlets throughout where our equipment would be utilized, thus not having those pesky extension cords around.

Standing at our window we are in easy reach of all our equipment without having to walk back and forth. There is a lot of extra working space without bumping into each other. We sought out many different trailer builders and ended up with what we think is the top of the list people to do business with. They we not the cheapest, by far, but you always get what you pay for. Quality in product and the best people to work with.

I have had a couple of small problems and was worried about how they would be handled. I couldn’t be more happier. One problem was with out rear light not working. Bob told me to carry it to my nearest trailer repair shop and have them correct the problem. This was taken care of in 30 minutes, and M&R paid the full bill by credit card over the phone and no more worries.

I would like to thank Bob for the professional way he handles his business, and he really cares that the customer is completely satisfied. If you’re lucky he’ll make sure you get to the local ice cream parlor and treat you to a cold one. We have communicated since our build and delivery and he is always the complete professional. If you’re looking into getting a trailer built for your business we highly recommend M&R, they just treat you right, and that’s hard to find these days.

Thank you Bob, Richard,Joe and all the guys in the shop (NASCAR slang) for a job well done and making me feel like a valued customer. If anyone reading this review has any questions about their upcoming build and just want to get a customers opinion, please feel free to call me, and we’ll talk about them.

*** Update on BOBO’S QUE
Placed 2nd in pork ribs in Bull City Cookoff May 3-4,
Placed Reserve Grand Champion, 3rd in pork ribs, 3rd in pulled pork in Hillsborough Hogg Day May 17-18.
All this done in a M&R trailer specially built for us. Had so many people just wanting a tour of the trailer. Gave out you name many many times. You may want to send me some of your business cards or flyers. We’re going for “Smoke on the Mountain” in Galax,Va in July for the Virginia State Championships All the big boys from Pitmasters gonna be there. People in the bbq circuit love your trailer. ”


Bobby & Bonnie Owens, Clayton, NC

Bullzhead Brandz

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Bob and Richard for all of the hard work and time that you put into making our trailer. Greg had a gut feeling about you guys and he was right.Our health department told us that they wished all trailers were built the way you built ours and it is the model for all others to follow.

From start to finish you guys were truly awesome. No question we asked went unanswered and nothing we asked of you was not carried through. We appreciate the time you took with us and your kindness through it all. That being said, the trailer you built is quite the conversation piece. We get so many compliments on it. It is certainly a show piece that draws a crowd. Greg is proud of the smoker on the back and has produced hundreds of pounds of BBQ out of it. Being several states apart made it somewhat difficult to conduct business but you never missed a beat and handled the distance like the true professionals that you are.

Thank you for making this experience a good one for us. Many people ask where we got our trailer and it gives us great pleasure to say M&R Specialty Trailers out of Florida, Bob, Richard and Joe are terrific guys to work with. That really means a lot to us and when we expand our business we will be back to bug you again.

Seriously, thank you seems too inadequate for everything that you did for us and the awesome trailer that you built. If you are ever in Winston-Salem, North Carolina please look us up, your continued friendship is important to us.

Thank you again”

Greg and Joyce Hardister, Winston-Salem, NC

United Rentals Pump & Power

“When we have repair needs with our big trailers, we go nowhere else but M & R Trailers. We know we will get fast, quality service at a fair price. I highly recommend them.”

David Pierson, Macclenny, FL

It does what it is supposed to do and more!

Review By Alex Baker, Macclenny, FL
“The last time I cooked with my Model 90 M&R BBQ smoker I cooked for 40 people. It does what it is supposed to do and more!”

Alex Baker, Macclenny, FL

Pressure Washer Store

“We buy all our trailers from M & R Trailers. We looked other places but have not found the combination of quality and price anywhere like M & R Trailers.”

Rick Sorkners, Macclenny, FL

Le Petite Cheri Cupcakery

My husband and I decided to build a food truck, but not just any truck. We created our company, the Le Petite Cheri Cupcakery, Jacksonville’s First Mobile Cupcake Shoppe. After doing extensive research, we found that M & R was not only the best company to build it because of their technical abilities, but more importantly for their total dedication to customer service.

Throughout the entire process, the entire team from the electric to the plumbing and even to the vinyl exterior wrap worked diligently to ensure that we were completely satisfied. They not only walked us through the process, they actually held my hand because I was so demanding! They helped us understand the whole process, even referring us to other food trucks in order to build a network of other truckies.

Bob and his team still check in on us to see how we are doing and have given us unlimited support including holding a food truck rally on their property to show others just how amazing their products are. They have built the majority of the better food truck in Jacksonville because of their reputation for doing the job right; no task is too little or too big for them to complete.

We appreciate their undivided attention to our business before, during and after the building process. We are looking at building a second truck and will use M & R to build it.”

M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks – Concession Trailer
Review By Patrick O’Grady – Driftwood BBQ – Macclenny, FL 32244 – 904-412-4559 – http://www.driftwoodbbq.com – patrick@driftwoodbbq.com
“Dear Bob,I want to express my sincere gratitude I have for your professionalism. As a new business ownerthere have been days that have been flooded with choices. Considering the Food Truck industry isa new venture for me I spent hours of research online trying to determine not only the bestcompany for production but also all of the features that I would need over the next few years.

During this decision process we spoke to 3 different contractors but found that none of them were able to give us a clear plan prior to construction. It was not only the professionalism of your proposal that got our attention but also the genuine concern you held for our success. Your sales rep Richard spent countless hours talking us through specs, equipment, and over all features as we worked through the possibilities.

Having worked with M&R over the past few months I realized there are companies that still value customer service. This is a simple concept I am sure you are well aware of but when every detail counts your company went above and beyond to help us get started on the right track. So with that said I would like to thank you for not just building us a food trailer but helping us set foot into the Food Truck venture with a professional image.

M&R took a stressful process and walked us through it with a breeze. Instead of giving me an out of the box set up you listened to my input and helped us create a trailer that fit our needs without going overboard. You did such a thorough job that we passed our state inspection on the first visit. With no formal advertising other than social media and word of mouth we know the appearance of our food trailer has helped us open doors to new clients.

So Thank you for giving us the confidence to venture into new locations and truly create a food truck culture in Macclenny. To show my gratitude I am going to continue to spread the word about your above and beyond customer service as start planning ournext truck!

Sincerely yours

Pam Reynolds, Jacksonville, FL

Brian Hopkins

“I bought the Model 250 smoker on a trailer form M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. I do a lot of tailgating and everywhere I go it attracts a croud! Last 4th of July I smoked three pigs and fed the entire neighborhood. This is a quality product and you can not go wrong with M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks’s BBQ smokers. It is so easy to use too. I can get the temperature within 2-3 degrees of where I want it then walk away for 3-4 hours and not worry! And it is practically mainteneance free!”

904-553-4327, Macclenny, FL

Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

“I live in Hawaii and I have done many research on the net and came across M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks is the most affordable custom/fabrication shop for food trucks so, I decided to go with them. I’ve been communicating back and forth with Bob and Richard since I was not available to be there for the whole process. They were more than awesome and went above and beyond to help me. They accommodated all of my needs and wants and work with my budget. They exceeded all of my expectations and even added in things for free.

I am very satisfy with them and really wish they had a shop here in Hawaii. I would definitely recommend them.”

Sophia Vuong, Honolulu, HI

Model 120 Grill

“I purchased a Model 250 Smoker and a Model 120 Grill from M&R. I haven’t got anything off those grills that wasn’t fantastic! I have cooked everything from whole hogs, briskets, ribs, chicken and everything in between. I cook just about everyday. I gave one of my briskets to my meat supplier who had mentioned he had never tasted a good brisket cooked on a smoker. Not only did he say it was the best he ever had, he offered to market them for me! If you are looking for any kind of grill or smoker, go to M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks and Smokers in Macclenny FL. You simply can not go wrong.”

Glenn, Macclenny, FL

Purcell’s Motorcycle & Marine World

“We use M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks exclusively for all our trailers. They are fast, courteous and provide the highest quality trailers we have found. I highly recommend M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks.”

Terry Holt, Macclenny, FL

This smoker is worth more than I paid for…

“I though I was smoking berfore…Now I’m Smoking! This smoker is worth more than I paid for it. It holds the heat and the temperature fluctuation is minimal. And it makes great jerky too!”

Whitney Eschete, Macclenny, FL

Select Outdoor Service

“M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks provides the highest quality service available. We bring all our repair work to them and know we receive the best product at the best price. They really know there business.”

Dennis Kirkland, Macclenny, FL

I am very happy with my smoker…

“I am very happy with my smoker. I bought an upright and am able to cook a brisquet on top and chicken on the bottom. And it makes great burger too!”

Mason Foshee, Macclenny, FL

Stejan Construction, Inc.

“I finally found where to take my trailers for repair work. It is so hard to find honest businesses for repair work who do the job right the first time. M & R Trailers is this place. I recommend them to everyone.”

Steve Sowers, Macclenny, FL

We love it!

“We have used our smoker a quite a few gatherings. We love it! Works great. It is a cooking son of a gun!”

Fred Thomas, Macclenny, FL

I am so glad I found them…

“I needed a specialty trailer to haul my cars. Because they ride so low, I really needed a low rider car hauler and I was having a very difficult time finding one that would work. M & R Trailers was able to give me just what I needed. And then to top it off, they were able to provide financing terms to make it happen. I am so glad I found them.”

Mike Smith, Macclenny, FL

“Our Model 250 M&R smoker works perfect! It is a great smoker!”

Ocoee Professional Fire Fighter, Ocoee, FL