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December 1, 2014 Staff

Ultimate List of Food Truck Associations in Florida

Trying to survive on one’s own is always a hard thing, whether it’s in life, wilderness, or business. Being able to have others to lean on, help with and shift responsibilities to can be vital to keeping sanity, but more importantly the power of a group can take one to heights and opportunities impossibly done by oneself. As it is that many big cities in the street food scene have formed their own Food Truck Associations, groups focused on fighting for rights and laws to help their fellow business owners, along with creating event opportunities for trucks to cater that would otherwise be unavailable. Being able to join one of these coalitions early on can be a vital act for new trucks, especially with the fast-growing and crowded environment that is becoming the popular food truck culture.

With Florida being one of the leading states in the food truck movement, we thought it fitting to provide a list of all the associations within its borders as a quick resource for those seeking one to join near your area. Note that many of these groups usually charge a small membership fee to enroll. We here hope that one of these can help you in these future pursuits.

South Florida Food Truck Association

SFFTA works to being a voice to their food truck members, expanding their locations and the ability to partner with other businesses. They support new and existing truck owners, providing discounts and working on group buying rates on resources, all while tying with local municipalities to share the opportunities to work with South Florida trucks.

Tallahassee Food Truck Association

Formed in 2011, TFTA focuses on providing information to the public and fostering the growth of Mobile Food Vendors in the greater Leon County area, open to all trucks in the Big Bend region of Northern Florida. Membership allows one event opportunities while they work to promote and advance the food truck field.

The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar 

The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar is owned by Mark Baratelli, an organization that put together the nation’s first food truck tour. The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar will only work with 45 select trucks at one time. There is also a process that requires each truck to submit to menu consultations, food tastings and more to get accepted. Visit their website to learn more. 

faGulf to Bay Food Truck Association

Serving the areas of Tampa and St Petersburg, Gulf to Bay unites its members to act with one voice while providing resources to empower themselves and spread their names with more catering opportunities. They mentor new truck owners, have set up a code of behavior for their community, and even deal with issues that come from their own presence.

Food Truck Association of Miami

Dedicated to reforming the city’s overly restrictive laws, to ensure that all of Miami’s food trucks have the opportunity to serve our communities and succeed. Whether they handle events or not, one can connect to a group focused on raising awareness, networking opportunities galore.

Jacksonville Food Trucks

An entity of small businesses that own and operate premium food and beverage trucks in Jacksonville and North-East Florida.  They are focused on innovation in hospitality, high quality food, and community development, aiming to reinvent food truck vending in a way that is beneficial to Jacksonville, food truck entrepreneurs, and their patrons. 

Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally

Originally a recurring rally of nine trucks, TBFTR has grown to operate and produce multiple events and rallies throughout the year with their member trucks. They help build marketing strategies and other consultation services to benefit local business.

First Coast Food Truck Associationfa2

 Started in Jacksonville, this association’s mission is based on expanding by taking their brand into new geographies and opportunities by creating must have products, thus becoming a one stop shop for all catering and event needs.

SRQ Food Truck Alliance 

This alliance is comprised of over 20 mobile food vendors serving up street food across Sarasota County. You can also find information about local laws and sign a petition to help garner more local support for food trucks. Thanks to Michelle for letting us know about this important group.

These next few might not be Associations as the others are concerned, acting together as a group and community, instead mainly acting as event coordinators and such. Nevertheless, if your business operates in their range, it could be beneficial to contact and have them keep your name in their list of trucks available for the various rallies and events put together.

Gourmet Food Truck Expogourmet-truck-expo-november-logo2

South Florida located, Gourmet specializes in producing and promoting food truck events in Broward, Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and other close by areas. They set up catering for both private and corporate functions.

The Food Truck Collective

An event production company that puts together and coordinates festivals that include and are not limited to food trucks in Broward, Miami and all of South Florida.

Food Trucks Fort Lauderdale

 Focusing on the Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach areas, FTFL was created to spread the news of truck events and provide a source to book trucks for customers.

Generation Food Truck – This group organized the largest parade of food trucks ever, per the Guinness Book of World Records, at the Florida State Fairgrounds in 2014. How will Generation Food Truck top that heading into 2015? Stay tuned to their website for details. 

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