about concessions

There is a Difference

  • M&R has over 6 years building concession trailers and trucks.
  • Bob Pierson, Co-Owner of M&R, has been in the construction business for over 45 years and took that knowledge to create mobile food units that you and M&R can be proud of!
  • Not only do our concessions look good but M&R has worked very hard to not only follow health code requirements but building and mobile code requirements as well.
  • Although most local governments do not look to close at construction codes at this time, chances are they will in the near future.
  • Before you spend thousands of dollars on a mobile food kitchen make sure the people you hire to build it are up to date on those codes.
  • Besides the practical reasons, your health and all those in business with you, deserve to be in a safe and functional environment.

We are quite simply the best value for your money! Our quality and service is second to none! We are a one stop full service facility.

  • Custom Wraps
  • Custom Porches
  • Wholesale Equipment
  • Inset Serving Windows
  • Food Trucks and Trailers
  • Custom BBQ smokers
  • We Work with all BBQ Smokers
  • Service After the Sale
  • You Dream it and We Can Make it Happen!

After viewing our package prices go to the quotes page to email a quote request or call us and get a personal custom design package for your concession.