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December 31, 2014 Staff

Fashion Trucks are “On Trend” in Florida

There’s a new trend in mobile business gaining popularity right here in Florida. These vehicles are called fashion trucks. At first glance these vehicles look a lot like their food truck counterparts from the outside: Flashy wrap that draws attention to a brand and an ability to change locations daily. But that’s where the similarities end.

Instead of a typical food truck with fryers, refrigerators, and other cooking equipment in the cabin, you’ll find a mobile department store where shoppers can purchase anything from suits to dresses, socks, shoes and just about any type of other apparel. Usually, customers of fashion trucks are able to enter the store through the cabin door located at the rear of the truck. Many owners place manikins outside of the vehicle to help differentiate themselves from trucks that serve food.

Recently, NPR conducted a segment about this growing business model featuring Washington D.C., area business called Street Boutique owned by mobile fashion entrepreneur Lia Lee. You can listen to the full story below to learn more about what it’s like to operate this type of business:

One nice aspect to operating this type of mobile business is the initial investment is significantly lower than operating a traditional food truck that requires more pots, pans, and other cooking equipment to be installed on the vehicle. Installing closets, changing rooms, shelves and other décor is a much lower upfront investment. After you’re up and running vehicle maintenance can also be lower since there’s less equipment that can break down.

Florida is Fashion Forward?

Due in part to a hospitable year-round climate, Florida has become home to numerous fashion trucks operating across the state. In today’s blog post, we highlight just a few of these fashion trucks operating across the state of Florida so you can check one out near you. If we missed one of your favorites, please let us know the fashion truck you love in the comments section below.

La Boutique Fashion Truck – Tampa, FL

The fashionista behind La Boutique is Kelly Malatin. One way that Malatin has differentiated her business from brick-and-mortar department stores in Tampa is the way she curates and secures rare accessories from artists across fashion hot spots like London, New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Typically, Malatin finds accessories that produced in small batches and not available anywhere else in the area so you never need to worry about spotting someone else at the mixer or party with the same piece. In addition to being present at many of the Tampa food truck events, La Boutique is also available for private parties and special events.

trendy trucksThe Trendy Truck – South Florida

The Trendy Truck is Florida’s first ever street boutique! The mobile boutique you see today was actually converted from a 1973 Army Med Vac truck. This vehicle sells a variety of women’s clothing including rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits. Check out the Trendy for $20 section of their website to view their deal items at their website. There is also an online ordering option.


RollingRack USA Boutique – Pompano Beach, FL

rolling rack

Of the Florida trucks featured in this post, the RollingRack USA Boutique has the largest selection of women’s clothing available online.

Available for order through the website is a wide selection of tops, bottoms, jackets and a large show department with flats, heals, wedges, and boots. This fashion truck even has gift certificates if you’re looking to provide some fashion forward threads and a unique shopping experience for someone special.

Each of these Florida businesses continues to push the boundaries of both fashion and the retail model. We encourage you to buy local and support these entrepreneurs operating across the state. If you’re interested in starting your own fashion truck, contact M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks here

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