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Video: Isuzu Rolling Grind Coffee Truck Conversion

Although Isuzu’s aren’t typically outfitted to food trucks, it can be done! This truck will be the mobile unit of the Rolling Grind coffee truck. This video walk-through takes you on a guided vehicle before it’s been wrapped so the exterior will look different once this is complete. We hope this video gives you some […]

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Would You Accept Bitcoin on Your Food Truck?

Bitcoin… You may have seen it reported in the news or heard relatives discussing it at the holiday dinner table. In the second half of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, the topic seems almost inescapable if you pay any attention to financial news reports. Some experts believe cryptocurrencies  like Bitcoin are the future of […]

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Custom-Built Audio Test & Hearing Exam Medical Trailer Tour

Mobile audiology clinics are an efficient way for audiologists to bring important healthcare to the patients that need these services the most. Whether you want to serve senior citizens that may have difficultly traveling, patients that live in remote areas, employees on a job-site, or even help in crisis situations, a medical trailer designed to […]

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John Stossel and the Fight For Fair Food Truck Regulations (Video)

Investigative journalist and broadcaster John Stossel and ReasonTV, published a new story titled “The Fight Against Food Trucks” earlier this month. The goal of the report was to find out if food trucks really are “bad” for restaurants as some politicians have claimed. Are food trucks just part of healthy competition or are they rouge […]

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Triple Jay’s Pizzeria in Fayetteville Expands to Second Pizza Truck

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we’re honored to have the best customers and clients in the mobile food industry. We view it as an incredible compliment when a customer returns for a second build to expand and take their business to the next level.

This is exactly what happened with Triple Jay’s Pizzeria based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  The original food truck continues to serve the business well, but Triple Jay’s Pizzeria was ready to take it up a notch for the 2.0 version of their vehicle.

The vision Triple Jay’s Pizzeria brought for their second food truck was to have a more open concept that welcomed prospective diners into their mobile kitchen. This open concept would allow customers to watch their pizza being made and provide a truly unique experience in addition to the mouth-watering pizza pies being served. Below is a photo of the finished product with LaSonia Terrence, owner / operator of Triple Jay’s Pizzeria:

Triple Jay’s Pizzeria 2.0.

After the completion of the build, we sat down with LaSonia of Triple Jay’s Pizzeria to learn more about their business, how they got their start, and what’s next for this Fayetteville based mobile pizzeria in 2018. Here’s a Q/A of that conversation.

Question: Tell us about why and how you got you got into the pizza business?

LaSonia: The short answer is we moved from Philadelphia to the suburbs and we could not find a good slice of pizza anywhere. So we decided to fix our own problems and make pizza at home. We messed around and got pretty good at it and would constantly have people telling us we need to sell this so we gave it a go!
The long answer: Revolves around Family.
We are originally from Philly so roughly 15 years ago we moved to the suburbs and we couldn’t find any local pizzas where we could go grab a slice of New York style pizza. There were only the big box brands (Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns).
How? My husband decided to take matters into his own hands and make us New York style pizza at home. He already had some experience making pizza from a high school job at a local restaurant. So he taught my two sons how to make dough, sauce, and how to stretch the pizzas almost every other weekend for a few years!
Why? We relocated to metro Atlanta Area about ten years and once we settled in to our new home we soon realized that we had to drive all the way to Atlanta to find a good pizza and then only a few sold slices. So we returned to what we knew and started up the pizza making again.
Now after 15 years of making pizza we noticed that we liked our pizza at home more then when we went out! And our friends, family, kids sports teammates and church family agreed that our pizza was really good! So that’s when a lightbulb went off in my mind!
At the same time my youngest at 16-years old was driving now and didn’t need me as much as he once did. I wanted to get back in the work force, but decided to ask my husband if he would be willing to finance my home catering business, he agreed! But I quickly learned that I could not run a catering business out of my home and be up to code! So we shifted gears and settled on the food truck idea!

Two slices of delicious New York style pizza.

Question: What style of pizza are you most best known for?

LaSonia: We make New York style pizza. We are known for our Buffalo Chicken pizza and our Pepperoni.

Question: Why did you decide to expand into a second truck?

LaSonia: My 21-year old helps me with the truck and has been hinting at him running the truck as the head. He figures we routinely get calls for the truck for the same day and with a second truck I could take a crew to one event and he could take a crew to another.
So when we were rear ended on I-75 by a car in August we decided to take this down time as an opportunity to expand.

Question: What do you feel like is your recipe for success in the mobile food business?

LaSonia: Our recipe for success is centered on feeding people great tasting food at a reasonable price. While providing the most professional service we can as fast as when can! We try to keep our wait time to under three minutes or better, which is something our customers really appreciate!

Inside Triple Jay’s Pizzeria.

Question: What’s the coolest event you’ve ever done?

LaSonia: The coolest event: Moonride Atlanta where city of Atlanta blocks off several streets to traffic so cyclists can ride throughout the city without fear of getting ran over. The riders wear crazy looking outfits as well.

Question: What does the future hold for Triple Jay’s Pizzeria?

LaSonia: Hopefully we can sell out first franchise in a few years once we have proven the business model some more and open up our first brick and mortar restaurant. More and more people are asking if and when we’ll be opening a shop!
We want to thank Triple Jay’s Pizzeria for taking the time to share their story and experience with us! If you would like to learn more about Triple Jay’s Pizzeria or see where they’ll be stopping next, visit their website or like their page on Facebook















Restaurant VS Food Truck: Which is Right For You?

All aboard The Vegetable Express Food Trailer.

Trying to decide between starting a restaurant or food truck? You’re not the first culinary entrepreneur that’s faced this difficult decision. In fact, many current food truck owners originally planned to start restaurants, but after realizing they would need $500,000 (at least) to get their concept open decided to explore a more affordable mobile food […]

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How to Legally Dispose of Gray Water For a Food Truck

Whether your operating a food truck or trailer, you need to consider how to properly dispose of “gray water” for your business. How you remove gray water is critical from a legal perspective and you’ll face stiff fines or have your vending license revoked if you fail to meet this requirement.

On top of the legal ramifications, disposing of this waste water correctly is the right thing to do. It ensures that your waste won’t make anyone sick or backup sewer systems of your local municipality.

In case your unfamiliar with the term “gray water” already, it’s the waste water you produce from a day of operating your mobile kitchen. This waste often contains grease, soap, chlorine, food particles, or bacteria.

Checking For Approved Waste Water Systems

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we understand the importance of getting an approved waste water system installed that meets the requirements of local government agencies. This is an important step that can be overlooked by builders and first-time vendors. If missed, the result will mean more time and money to fix on your end.

Take for example, if you planned to operate a “mobile food facility” (AKA food truck) in San Diego County. In this county, you would be required to have a total capacity of carrying 45 gallons of waste water in two separate tanks. The first requires a small 7.5 gallon tank for hand washing. The second requires a larger 37.5 gallons for ware washing and other waste. To find out what rules are in your area consult your local health department before moving forward with any build.

After you’ve got the appropriate sized waste tanks installed, you’ll also need to make sure there is a way to drain the tank externally that can be connected to a hose to offer more flexibility. Some mobile units even have a grease trap installed.

One pro tip that you’ll want to build into your process is to inspect if there is any leakage from your waste water tank. If there is leakage and it’s discovered by an inspector first, your business will be shut down until you fix the problem.

One simple way to ensue the tank is not leaking or cracked is to check underneath your vehicle after each day of operation. You’ll see the waste water on the ground, especially when parked on pavement.

Approved Gray Water Facilities

Now that you’ve figured out what you need in terms of onboard equipment, you’ll want to find out where exactly you can dispose of your waste water at the end of the day. One easy recommendation is to ask your local health department for a list of approved resources in your area. Here are a few of the most common ways you can dispose of waste water:

Commissaries: This is the most common location for food trucks to dispose of their waste water at the end of the shift. Most commissaries will have a location setup where you can hook an external hose to release water into a grease interceptor.

Restaurants: If you already own a restaurant then this is your best option. If not, you’ll have to have to find another business owner that you can exchange value for and potentially pay a small fee. One tip would be to reach out to smaller restaurant owners that would be happy to do this for a small fee.

Camping Areas: You’ll need to consult with your health department if this is an option in your area, but it is fine in some areas. Believe it or not, but RVs have similar waste from bathrooms and cooking that food trucks do. The hookup and disposal is similar as well.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile vending the rules are a little bit different no matter where you go. Consulting with your local officials is the safest way to ensure that you’re following the letter of the law.

Don’t Try This At Home

Finally, do not try to dump your gray water at home (or anywhere else it’s not approved). Eventually, the build up from your gray water will plug the sewer systems and it will get back to you. Water companies now have ways to send cameras down plumbing lines to identify where the source of a problem is coming from. If the problem is you, it’ll be you that is on the hook to pay for the problem to be solved.

The Vegetable Express Brings Vegan Comfort Food To Colorado

All aboard The Vegetable Express Food Trailer.

Drive 15-miles west of Boulder, Colorado and you’ll find a small community tucked in the Rocky Mountains called Nederland or simply “Ned” to the locals. According to the 2010 census this community has only 1,445 residents. But this funky little town has a lot more in store for visitors than you might expect based on […]

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Gary Vaynerchuck’s Business and Marketing Advice for Food Truck Owners

Gary Vaynerchuck is arguably the most well-known entrepreneur and social media thought-leader on the planet. Throughout the year you can watch daily tidbits of him running his business his YouTube Channel that’s rapidly approaching a million subscribers or Instagram. Vaynerchuck’s company, VaynerMedia, provides marketing consulting from Fortune 500 companies to the biggest athletes in the […]

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What Do Specialty Vehicles and Trailers Mean?

What is a specialty vehicle or trailer? Specialty vehicles are mobile units that solve a variety of specific problems for a wide-range of businesses from dentists that want to bring their services to patients anywhere to government organizations like the fire department that requires a mobile preparation and recovery center that can be positioned anywhere […]

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