1305, 2022

Mobile Dialysis Facilities and Trailers for Sale in Florida

May 13th, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

Mobile dialysis units, also known as mobile dialysis clinics, are mobile medical clinics that provide kidney dialysis treatments on-site. Mobile dialysis units come in four formats: dialysis bus, dialysis truck, van, or trailer. A mobile dialysis unit is a low-cost option for providing dialysis services at off-site locations. This allows you to bring healthcare services to at-risk groups like veterans, care homes, and low-income communities. These units can also be utilized in a state or federal disaster response. Standard layouts of a mobile dialysis unit includes an entry space, dialysis chairs and treatment stations, a nurse's post, handicapped accessible restroom, [...]

1005, 2022

Mobile Optometry and Vision Check Clinics For Sale in Florida

May 10th, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

Not everyone has transportation or access to reach an optometrist for an annual in-person evaluation and treatment. It's also advantages for businesses and schools to bring these services on-site to reduce the amount cut back on the amount of time employees need to go off-site. As a result, investing in a mobile optometry unit can become a competitive advantage for a vision clinic. Remote mobile optometry clinics address these concerns by bringing optometrists directly to you. Optometrists could broaden their presence towards where their patients work or live with a custom-built mobile optometry clinic. Optometrists can also extend their patient [...]

2504, 2022

Mobile Laboratory Trailers for Sale in Florida

April 25th, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

A stand-alone laboratory is a mobile laboratory that scientists can transport from one area to another. Depending on the equipment installed inside, a mobile laboratory could handle chemical, biological, or other data. Certain mobile laboratories can also serve as teaching spaces or mobile classrooms. Rather than purchasing a mobile laboratory, many companies rent or lease these types of facilities. Mobile laboratories are typically used by private laboratories and research firms to go to clients' locations. If you need a laboratory that can go just about anywhere, M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks can help you build a custom unit. Give us [...]

2004, 2022

Mobile Restroom Trailers for Sale in Florida

April 20th, 2022|Categories: Concession Equipment|0 Comments

A portable or mobile toilets are ideal for special events like concerts, fairs, rallies, parades, city events, and huge outdoor gatherings where no other facilities are available. The majority of portable toilets are unisex single units with a simple door lock for privacy. Several varieties are self-contained and do not involve any pre-existing utilities or infrastructure, such as sewerage. If you need custom-built mobile restrooms, contact us at 904-397-0246 or by email here. We offer no obligation quotes and can build mobile restrooms to the exact specifications you require. High-end or low-cost facilities, we have experience with both. Mobile restroom trailers [...]

404, 2022

200+ Super Cute Bakery Truck Marketing Slogans and Taglines

April 4th, 2022|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

With more than 23,000 retail bakeries across the country, you can launch your own mobile bakery in almost any market. An industry accommodating almost 170,000 bakers, and worth an estimated $423 billion a year, now you can sell bread as well as cake, cupcakes, and cookies anywhere. To help your baking business rise up, here are some of the greatest slogans ever created for bakeries and bakery trucks just like yours. So come and take your pick. Bakery Truck Marketing Slogans Home Bakery Marketing Slogans Funny Bakery Slogans Sweet Bakery Slogans Muffin Slogans Cupcake Slogans Cookie Slogans Croissant Slogans Bakery [...]

3103, 2022

Custom-Built Mobile Blood Drive Trailers for Sale in Florida

March 31st, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

A mobile blood drive trailer sometimes referred to as a bloodmobile, is a vehicle (typically a bus, trailer, or a large van) that's fully outfitted for a blood donations. Bloodmobile blood drives are typically held in public settings such as colleges, churches, parking lots, or offices. Large corporations frequently sponsor mobile blood drives and provide staff time off to donate blood. Furthermore, many high schools host annual blood drives that allow students aged 16 and up to donate blood with the completion of a signed consent form. As a reward, students are usually given food, T-shirts, or time off of [...]

2903, 2022

Mobile Dental Trailers for Sale in Florida: Cost + Benefits

March 29th, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

A dental trailer is a type of mobile medical facility that provides dental care services. Dental trailers, unlike other mobile clinics, are outfitted with the same facilities and equipment that dentists utilize in their clinics. Its adaptability allows it to be used in remote areas where access to such services is difficult. These mobile dental trailers can also serve low-income neighborhoods, offices, consumers who are difficult to reach, and the elderly. The goal of this concept is to provide care to untapped residents of remote, rural areas. Patients who might otherwise have to journey a significant distance to see a [...]

2803, 2022

Mobile Mammography / Cancer Screening Trailers for Sale in Florida

March 28th, 2022|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

Mobile mammography trailers are utilized to make screening tests more accessible to women who live in places where health care facilities are not readily available. The quality of examinations carried out in mobile mammography trailers is identical to those services done in a stationary facility. Mammography trailers are the most effective way to increase breast screening participation by engaging women who do not have access to fixed systems in their area. Mammography units help to lower failure to comply rates and, as a result, enhance cancer screening efficiency by providing a comfortable interior design and ease of access. If you're [...]

103, 2022

Guide to Legally Protecting Recipes and Logos for Food Businesses

March 1st, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

This post should be called "How to avoid spending $3,429 in legal fees". Why? Because that's what I just did. I spent my month's earnings on legal fees. So much for paying rent. It's important you hear my story -- and take action to protect your intellectual property. (skip the story and go right to learning how to protect your company) Here's the story (then I'll get to how to protect your recipes, company name, etc.): Back in July, we received a letter from a lawyer who represented a food company (who's going to remain anonymous because my lawyer said so) [...]

2502, 2022

3 Strategies to Turn One­-time Customers into Loyal Customers

February 25th, 2022|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

Keep them coming back for hard shell tacos. Turning one-time customers into lifelong customers is important for any small business. This includes those of you in the food truck and restaurant industries. Ready to take your customer loyalty to the next level? Check out these ideas. Strategy #1: Email marketing & coupons I love email marketing. LOVE IT. It’s responsible for 27.86% of my sales. Every email I send generates at least $300 in sales ­ some even close to $700 if they’re super­targeted. Email marketing works because your messages are being sent to people who are already [...]


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