2802, 2024

Custom Disaster Relief Vehicles for Sale in Florida

February 28th, 2024|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

There's a lot to consider before investing in a disaster relief vehicle. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks we've been custom building these mobile units for over 20 years. Here's what you need to know before you buy. What are Disaster Relief Vehicles? Equipment Options Ways to Customize Cost of Disaster Relief Vehicles What do you need? What are Disaster Relief Vehicles? Disaster relief vehicles are special vehicles designed to help people during and after natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. These emergency response vehicles are equipped with tools, supplies, and equipment needed for emergency response efforts. Disaster [...]

1502, 2024

Custom Built Mobile Spay, Neuter and Adoption Units for Sale in Florida

February 15th, 2024|Categories: Specialty Vehicles|0 Comments

According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year. Pet owners can save the life's of many of these animals by taking them in as pets through adoption. One way a shelter or non-profit can find more of these pets home is by investing in a mobile spay, neuter and adoption unit. What is a mobile spay, neuter and adoption unit? How much does it cost for a mobile spay, neuter and adoption unit? What equipment can you install on this type of unit? What types of services can you [...]

3101, 2024

10 Essential Permits & Licenses for Your Hot Dog Cart Business

January 31st, 2024|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

Starting a hot dog cart business can be a low investment yet highly profitable venture. However, to operate legally and professionally, you need to be aware of certain permits and licenses. Here's a step-by-step guide to the 10 crucial permits and licenses you'll need to look into before you start selling hot dogs on a cart, trailer, or food truck. 1. Business License What it is: The basic permit authorizing you to conduct business in a specific city or county. Why you need it: It officially registers your venture and is the first permit to acquire. Where to obtain: Local [...]

2501, 2024

125+ Grilling Slogans & Captions that Make Every BBQ Better

January 25th, 2024|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

As a food truck manufacturer specializing in custom BBQ truck and trailer builds, we know that a great BBQ experience is not just about the mouthwatering flavors, but also about how you present and market that lip-smacking goodness to the world. In this post, we're dishing out the juiciest grilling and BBQ marketing slogans and captions that are sure to catch the eye and tempt the taste buds of your customers. Grilling Marketing Slogans Sizzle Your Senses, BBQ Never Pretenses Charred to Perfection, Flavored with Affection Meat, Heat, and Repeat - The BBQ Beat Where Smoke Meets Delight, Every Bite [...]

101, 2024

205+ Cookie Truck Name Ideas that Are Warm & Sweet

January 1st, 2024|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

Operating a cookie truck as a business is a delightful and rewarding venture. As your own boss, you have the unique opportunity to blend your passion for baking with the joy of entrepreneurship. Every day is a fresh adventure as you create mouth-watering treats that bring smiles to customers of all ages. Whether it's the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies or the warm, inviting atmosphere of your truck, you'll be spreading happiness wherever you go. If you want to get into this business, check out this list of inspiring cookie truck name ideas. Cookie Truck Name Ideas Chocolate Chip [...]

2412, 2023

101 Christmas Marketing Slogans for Food Trucks

December 24th, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

The holiday season is a magical time and for those of us in the food truck business, it's also a golden opportunity to connect with our customers in a more festive and engaging way. Whether you're parked at a bustling Christmas market or a street corner, the right slogan will not only catch the eye of a passerby but also encapsulate the warmth and joy of your menu. I'm excited to dive into a topic that's as festive as it is crucial for our business... creating the perfect Christmas marketing slogans for food trucks. Christmas Marketing Slogans for Food Trucks [...]

2012, 2023

229 of the Best Taco Truck Name Ideas

December 20th, 2023|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

An industry forecast to be worth around 996.2 million US dollars in 2020, according to Statista reports, with an average annual growth of around 6.8% per year. Food trucks are an amazing business that allows you to take the native food of a country and sell it on the streets to discerning customers. Taco and Mexican food trucks are among the most popular of all food trucks in the US today, selling delicious Mexican dishes that are now a staple food in the United States. Not surprisingly, a taco truck is listed among the Top Ten Most Popular Food Trucks [...]

2911, 2023

450+ Mobile Pet Grooming Business Names You’ll Love

November 29th, 2023|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

Remember that iconic scene in "Dumb and Dumber" the movie where one of the main characters Harry Dunne transforms a van into a mobile dog grooming business? Who could forget the 'Mutt Cutts' van, complete with a shaggy dog appearance that's as ludicrous as it is memorable. In this post, we're not just going to chuckle recalling the harebrained antics of the classic movie; we're going to explore how we might actually run a real-life mobile dog grooming business (hopefully with a bit more finesse). Here are some creative name ideas that will help you brainstorm a serious mobile pet [...]

2211, 2023

210+ Thanksgiving Marketing Slogans for Food Trucks

November 22nd, 2023|Categories: Getting Started|0 Comments

For food truck entrepreneurs, Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey and stuffing; it's a golden chance to showcase your culinary creativity, connect with your community, and, most importantly, boost your sales with some savvy marketing. So, rev up your engines and get ready to park your food truck at the intersection of Profit Lane and Festivity Boulevard. Let's make this Thanksgiving not just about giving thanks, but also about giving your customers an unforgettable culinary experience that keeps them coming back for more. Let's dive in! Thanksgiving Marketing Slogans for Food Trucks Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble up the goodness this [...]

3110, 2023

101+ Spooky Halloween Marketing Slogan Ideas for Food Trucks

October 31st, 2023|Categories: News|0 Comments

Boo! Did we scare you? Probably not, but you know what's truly frightening? A Halloween without the perfect marketing slogans for your food truck! That's right, it's that spooky time of the year when goblins and ghouls roam the streets, and more importantly, when people are on the prowl for some frightfully delicious eats. But fear not, dear food truckers! We've conjured up a cauldron full of Halloween-related marketing slogans that are more treat than trick. Why? Because in the eerie world of food truck marketing, it’s not just about serving up tasty dishes; it’s about catching the eye of [...]


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