A portable or mobile toilets are ideal for special events like concerts, fairs, rallies, parades, city events, and huge outdoor gatherings where no other facilities are available. The majority of portable toilets are unisex single units with a simple door lock for privacy. Several varieties are self-contained and do not involve any pre-existing utilities or infrastructure, such as sewerage.

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Mobile restroom trailers can be fitted with several amenities such as mirrors and portable sinks, air-conditioning, lighting effects, and fancy luxurious toilets just to name a few. If needed, some mobile restroom trailers can also install access for mobility-challenged individuals which are great for the elderly and the handicapped.

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Use of Luxury Restroom Trailers Has Its Advantages

  • More Space. The majority of typical portable restrooms are small and narrow, as is generally known. There is essentially no space to move or modify, which can be difficult if you don’t do quite well in small places. And that’s why mobile bathroom trailers include many stalls and space to wander around, providing passengers with more breathing areas and a higher level of comfort.
  • A/C and Heat. The weather has a significant impact on how a restroom feels when used outside. Because of the scent and humidity, people may not want to go around your mobile restroom on a humid day with ordinary portable restrooms. That is why so many mobile restroom trailers include fully adjustable heat and air conditioning on the inside, making users feel considerably more at ease.
  • Glass Mirrors. After using the bathroom, most people immediately check themselves in the mirror to ensure they do not have any food stuck between their teeth or that their hair is in good shape. Conventional portable restrooms, on the other hand, rarely feature mirrors and those that don’t have enough lighting to see everything. Before returning to the event, make sure your appearance is as you want it to be by using the mobile restroom trailers, which feature large mirrors with bright visibility.
  • Ventilation. The scent is one of the most significant deterrents to using portable restrooms. Conventional units have little to no airflow and could become suffocatingly hot and stinky. With portable restroom trailers, this should not be the case. To keep the trailers smelling fresh and hygienic, they must be well aired and the temperature regulated.
  • Lighting Fixtures. It’s intolerable and bothersome to use the restroom in the dark. Conventional portable restrooms lack inside lighting, rendering them more difficult to be used in the evening and more likely to be soiled. Mobile restroom trailers are bright on the inside, with light fixtures that mimic the appearance and feel of just about any indoor or house restroom.

How much does it cost for a restroom trailer build?

How much would portable restroom trailers cost to build? When it comes to building a mobile restroom trailer, this is a common question. Because there are so many dimensions, floor layouts, and features to pick from, figuring out portable restroom trailer rates can be challenging.

Depending on your particular region and associated applications, the dimensions, design, and features required will differ significantly. For example, where one leases bathroom trailers for weddings in Florida could work all year and just need a basic model trailer because the weather is rarely cold. Someone renting a trailer for weddings in Minnesota, on the other hand, may need to acquire a trailer with perhaps a winter package or a multi-season setup. Customers may also acquire pre-owned bathroom trailers or transportable restrooms to effectively manage their finances.

Since there is no standard cost for a typical mobile restroom build, Mobile restroom trailers on sale often range in price from $19,000 for basic models to $50,000 or more for luxurious ones. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the cost of a restroom trailer varies based on your specific requirements.

What equipment can you install in a restroom?

In a typical mobile restroom trailer, you’ll find nearly all of the same amenities as in a regular restroom. Equipment such as sinks, toilets, showers, mirrors, soap dispensers, etc. can be installed in a conventional mobile restroom plus more. Here are some examples of furnishings you can install in your custom mobile restroom trailer.


When selecting the proper restroom sink, there are several factors to consider, such as the components, dimensions, form, and mounting method. Making a bespoke custom-made restroom could allow you to maximize the area in your mobile restroom if you are committed to doing so. Expert bathroom designers can precisely measure your mobile restroom and assist you in selecting the ideal sink models for your needs.


Closed-coupled toilets are the most typical, consisting of a single piece that rests on the floor with the reservoir above the bowl. Whenever you want to save room, try a totally back-to-wall close coupled toilet, which has the rear of the toilet completely back against the wall.
Alternatively, a wall-hung toilet is a significant space-saving. A tank is built into the wall at the back of the toilet and the bowl is linked to the wall in wall-hung toilets. In comparison to closed-coupled toilets, wall-hung toilets give bathrooms a more modern feel and are considerably easier to maintain.


Every restroom must have a mirror as a fixture. Think about the aesthetic of your mobile restroom trailer when selecting a restroom mirror. A contemporary look is achieved by using a frameless mirror with sharp edges, which is often more economical. A spherical mirror with an ornate frame, on the other hand, has a more classic appearance and maybe a true focal point.
One should also think about the appropriate lighting for their mirror. Some mirrors include LED lighting as a standard feature, which looks sleek, is practical, and provides excellent illumination.


The taps on a sink make it whole. Selecting the right taps for your restroom’s washbasin is as much about function as it is about fashion. A single mixer tap, also known as a single-hole faucet, is a more modern form that has a single handle that adjusts the water temperature between hot and cold. A conventional tap with one cold and one hot water tap is located in the center of the sink. A wall-mounted faucet that is affixed to the wall is a great option for an ultra-modern look.

If you want a modern bathroom, faucets with neat, straight edges or waterfall spouts are a good alternative. Brass taps may also have a sleek, contemporary look; this is one of the best faucet types to choose from since it is highly resistant to corrosion.


A shower is an area where a person can take a bath while being sprayed with hot or warm water. A drain in the floor can be found within. Temperature, spray pressure, and a showerhead nozzle that may be adjusted are all standard features in most showers. Showers with a swiveling nozzle aiming down on the user are the most basic, while more elaborate showers have a showerhead attached to a hose with a support frame. This enables the showerer to spray water on various portions of their body while holding the showerhead in their hand. A shower can be fitted in a compact shower stall or bathtub with a plastic shower curtain or door, as well as in a portable restroom.

Although each installation requirements for each shower vary, in principle, a shower installation necessitates the installation of various water transmission pipes, as well as a line for hot and cold water, as well as a discharge pipe. The wet sections of a bathroom should be waterproof, and many levels of waterproofing can be used. Grout is often used to fill in gaps between tiles, although grout and other tile-setting compounds are porous. Although tiles are normally waterproof, a shower pan must be built underneath them as a precaution to avoid water leakage.

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats are often disregarded as a bathroom fixture, and they do wear and tear with constant use. The majority of toilet seats are made of durable thermoset or thermoplastic materials that are also simple to clean. Solid wood or wood appearance toilet seats, on the other hand, are popular options if you want a toilet seat that has a vintage or rustic style.

One other factor to consider would be the hinges; the sort of hinges that would operate will be determined by the toilet you choose. Pick a good toilet seat with soft closing hinges and a slow-release system for a more sanitary and quieter experience. Toilet seats with releasing hinges are another option. Release hinges make it easier and more thorough to detach the toilet seat and disinfect it.

What sizes of mobile bathrooms can you purchase?

The sizes of mobile bathrooms vary depending on the need and number of guests that can use these mobile wonders. Each trailer size would also depend on how many enclosed toilets, urinals, as well as sinks, and shower areas a certain trailer is intended to have. However, typical mobile restroom trailers may come in the following sizes:

10′ X 20′ Toilet Trailer

The 10′ x 20′ toilet trailer is a mid-sized restroom facility that features two different rooms, one with two toilets, a urinal, and twin sinks, and the other with a single smaller independent restroom.

12′ X 60′ Toilet Trailer

The 12′ x 60′ is typically the largest toilet trailer, featuring facilities for disabled persons, including 9 toilets and 9 urinals. This type of trailer would be ideal for festivals, concerts, and major events. A row of sinks is also included in this model which makes this one of the largest trailers available on the market.

All sorts of events hire portable restroom trailers for their outdoor functions. The cost of renting a portable bathroom trailer might vary greatly depending on the use. If you’re looking for a more upscale portable restroom for outdoor weddings or other special occasions, a mobile restroom trailer is a practical option. Some of these trailers can go up in price based on the event’s location and enhancements you choose. Most wedding, black tie, and bash portable potty trailer rentals have lavish, fancy toilets with sinks, air-conditioned facilities, and other amenities.