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Eric Silverstein: Is Food The Most Important Factor in Starting a Food Truck?

When first time restauranteurs or food truck owners are just starting out it’s logical to think that perfecting the food is the best use of their limited time. After all if you don’t make a good impression to first time customers, you might never get the opportunity to serve them a second time. In this […]

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Can You Install an Awning on a Food Truck?

Can you install an awning on a food truck or concession trailer? Of course you can! Awnings are a functional way to differentiate your concession unit by providing some much needed shade to customers that are waiting for food on a hot day. Awnings can also be used to create a makeshift dining area for […]

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Take The Food Truck Operators Survey from the U.S. Chamber Foundation

Are you a food truck operator with concerns about regulations or industry challenges? The U.S. Chamber Foundation wants to hear from you. You can respond to their 10-minute online survey by clicking the green take survey button on this page. The goal of this survey is for the organization to better understand the regulatory challenges […]

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Is it Possible to Serve Beer and Alcohol from a Food Truck?

Is it possible to start a bar food truck that serves beer, wine, or hard alcohol?┬áThe simple answer is that in most situations you won’t be able to. Liquor licenses are determined on both the state and city level. As a result, you will need to look into your state and city laws to determine […]

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Three Types of Food Truck Blueprints with Examples

There’s a lot more that goes into the planning and manufacturing a food truck than most people think. Take for example the layout and installation of the cooking equipment inside the truck. As a straight-forward example, a tater tot truck would need to make sure they had deep fryers, a fridge to keep product cool, […]

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