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November 16, 2017 Staff

What Do Specialty Vehicles and Trailers Mean?

What is a specialty vehicle or trailer? Specialty vehicles are mobile units that solve a variety of specific problems for a wide-range of businesses from dentists that want to bring their services to patients anywhere to government organizations like the fire department that requires a mobile preparation and recovery center that can be positioned anywhere there’s a fire.

In today’s post, we wanted to walk you through some of the different examples of specialty units and trailers that are available. As you’ll see, whether you’re a non-profit, a business, or a member of law enforcement there’s a specialty unit that could be built to serve a pain point within your organization. Let’s look at a few different examples…

Mobile Prep / Recovery Vehicles for Fire Departments

rehab trailer

A fire department is contacted to offer support in a variety of situations well beyond the scope of fighting fires in a diverse scope of environments. These fires can occur in large cities or suburban areas with nearby amenities. Other times, departments may be called to fight forest fires in rural areas with almost no nearby resources. A mobile preparation, recovery and command center helps fire fighters work more efficiently and provides additional support no matter where the fire or other crisis situation is located.

This unit solves a variety of regular problems for fire departments. First, it provides a mobile control center where teams can meet and communicate with each other during a fire. There is also a built in restroom and decontamination shower that are essential when fighting a long-term blaze.  Of course there is ample storage space for equipment, electrical outlets to provide power, and even a crow’s nest to get an improved view of a fast-changing situation.

Audio Examination Trailers

For a lot of folks, it can be difficult to take time off from work for routine dental or medical checkups. For many workers, these regular checkups might be delayed years between visits. With an audio examination trailer like the one shown below, hearing checkups can be provided in a place that is most convenient to the patient.

Of course there are a many groups of people that can benefit from improve access to healthcare services. Senior citizens with limited mobility can benefit greatly from services that come directly to their neighborhoods and communities. Children of all ages in school can benefit from having routine checkups offered at schools. Finally, other rural communities may find it extremely difficult to get access to these healthcare services. When you stop to think about it the benefits of mobile health care services is incredible.

Mobile Blood Drives 

One example of mobile medical vehicles that has been extremely successful is for blood drive events. Similar to routine checkups, if a blood drive is convenient it’s much more likely that people will participate.

Hosting a blood drive at your school or business has a lot of clear benefits. First you’re literally helping to save lives in your community and across the country by providing a life source to patients when they need it most. Aside from being an hero, there are other clear benefits to corporate teams that decide to participate as a group in these kinds of initiatives, including a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment toward a shared goal.

Mobile Cooling Station 

One important thing to understand with specialty vehicles is that if you have a vision there’s likely a way to accomplish it. This was the case when we when Steve Perry of the Polar Pod approached us about his innovative build concept. Perry wanted to develop a mobile unit that would help people stay cool and provide refuge for individuals that were overheated at events like parades, concerts or even just the beach. After many discussions with Perry about his concept and vision, we drafted a blue-print to create the mobile cooling station that you see below.

The build above demonstrates just how flexible one can be with the design and manufacturing of a specialty vehicle. We hope this blog post gives you a better sense of what we mean when someone describes a mobile unit as a specialty vehicle.

Keep in mind that there are too many specialty vehicle options to list in a single post. These vehicles include disability vans that improve the mobility of people with wheel chairs, law enforcement command centers, mobile veterinary clinics and many more.






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