Southeast Asia is a region of delicious and exotic food. People around the world travel to Southeast Asia not just for the sights but also for the region’s gastronomic delights.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that is well-known for its distinctive, elemental, and delicious food. Many of their dishes are based on a five-pronged philosophy called Wuxing.

Showcase your Vietnamese culinary experience using these captions and quotes. You can also use these if you’re running a restaurant or food truck that specializes in serving Vietnamese cuisine in advertising campaigns.

Vietnamese Food Captions

Let’s begin with some Vietnamese food captions that you can include in your Vietnamese cuisine photos.

  • Purely Vietnamese goodness!
  • I’m in love with Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Healthy and delicious Vietnamese cuisine
  • I love Vietnamese food.
  • Vietnamese food is fresh in the extreme.
  • Briefly stir-fried vegetables lock in the nutrients and natural goodness.
  • Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy: 5 reasons why I love Vietnamese food
  • Enjoying traditional Vietnamese cuisine in a Vietnamese village
  • What I love best about Vietnamese food is that it’s low on sugar.
  • Never knew that Kikioman is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine.
  • The best noodles come from the Vietnamese.
  • This Bun Cha is a spectacular all-in-one meal!
  • Vietnamese chicken curry is curry supreme!

Vietnamese Food Taglines

You can’t go wrong with Pho.

If you’re serving Vietnamese cuisine, then any of these taglines are for your establishment.

  • Experience the taste of Vietnam.
  • You can’t say no to Vietnamese cuisine.
  • The superlative Vietnamese cuisine
  • Experience the taste of the Orient.
  • Viet nom nom nom!
  • Distinctly Vietnamese!
  • Multi-cultural Asian meals!
  • The house of authentic Bún bò Huế
  • Vietnam’s culinary pride
  • The culmination of Asian and French cuisine
  • Come in and visit Vietnam through our food.
  • Tasty region to sumptuous region
  • A culinary Mekong cruise

Funny Vietnamese Captions

Here are some puns and funny captions to accompany your photos of Vietnamese dishes.

  • This stew is delicious! If only I could pronounce the name of this dish!
  • Vietnam’s sa lát Nga is a friendly communist.
  • I want to taste Pho.
  • It’s the best Pho in the world.
  • I’m going to Vietnam only for the food.
  • Let’s eat Vietnamese food so we won’t smell like Americans.
  • I’d like to bring with me some Mì Quảng when I go to space.
  • Never knew that the taste of Vietnamese cuisine corresponds to internal organs.
  • No wonder the Americans lost the Vietnam War. Vietnamese food distracted them.
  • If only Americans cook Vietnamese food every day…
  • Even the simplest Vietnamese dishes are a bun cha fun!
  • This is what you call an upside-down egg.
  • Is this a normal Vietnamese family dinner? This is a 5-star meal for me!

Pho Captions

Pho is a popular Vietnamese soup dish made of rice noodles, herbs, meat, and broth. It’s considered the nation’s national dish.

  • Vietnamese pho beats chicken noodle soup by a mile.
  • It might sound gross, but pho is actually delicious.
  • Nothing beats the dainty yet eloquent taste of pho.
  • I think chicken noodle soup found its match.
  • Hot pho on a rainy day. It’s the best remedy.
  • Suffering from some cold? Eat some pho. It really helps.
  • I now know why Vietnamese people are slender. Their noodles are really thin.
  • Nothing stands between my pho and me.
  • Different variations of pho in each region in Vietnam. How cool is that!
  • Unlike store-bought chicken noodle soup, pho isn’t boring.
  • Enjoying pho at dawn. What a way to start the day.
  • Pho should be a global noodle soup.
  • Pho bowl cheers! Here’s to a long, long life.

Vietnamese Food Puns

Here are some Vietnamese food puns that you can use as your captions.

  • I can dance to Bún chả cá.
  • Súp mì, baby!
  • I promise I won’t do it again. Please don’t bánh mì.
  • I’m going to Viet Nom.
  • Are you going to Vietnam for a food trip? Well, Cà ri on.
  • The incredible Mắm bồ hóc won’t turn you into a big green monster.
  • Who wants to dance the chả cá Lã Vọng?
  • This is so delicious! Is this poh real?
  • The food is so good that I’m planning to stay in Vietnam pho-ever!
  • I become phat with pho.
  • Mì Quảng, me quack.
  •  Here’s a Bún mắm. The patty is with sir.
  • If you ask Hue I am, I’m the one that eats all Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese Food Hashtags

Use any of these hashtags so that your Vietnamese cuisine posts can be seen easily on social media.

  • #vietnamesefood
  • #vietnamesecuisine
  • #ilovepho
  • #vietnamesefoodtrip
  • #breakfastinvietnam
  • #vietnamesenoddlesoup
  • #streetfoodsaigon
  • #vietnamesesauces
  • #vietnamesefoodporn
  • #phosoup
  • #vietnamesericenoodles
  • #nomnom
  • #inlovewithvietnamesecuisine

Vietnam Food Quotes

Check out what people have to say about Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Vietnamese dishes comprise two things: delicious and healthy.
  • To enjoy Vietnamese food is to explore their culture.
  • Vietnamese chefs try their best to incorporate five colors in their dishes.
  • Vietnamese meals include five types of nutrients: powder, water, mineral elements, protein, and fat.

There’s Mahābhūta, the five elements, in Vietnamese cuisine: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

  • When composing a meal, Vietnamese cooks apply the element of yin and yang.
  • Spicy Vietnamese foods must be balanced with sourness, which is considered “cool.”
  • “People are put on earth for various purposes. I was put on earth to do this: Eat noodles right here.” – Anthony Bourdain
  • “Vietnamese food is not only food, but it is also Vietnamese culture.” – Vietnam tourism tagline
  • “Chewing, one eats. Reflecting, one speaks.” – Vietnamese proverb

“Don’t spurn cold rice; hunger helps you eat even food that has gone bad.” – Vietnamese proverb

  • “My ultimate getaway in Vietnam. It has a little bit of everything when it comes to culture, amazing food, beautiful people, exotic sights, sounds and profound history of love, bravery, and resilience.” – Jeannie Mai
  • “You eat slowly. That is good for the stomach.” – Vietnamese proverb

Short Vietnam Captions

Still not enough? Here are some more nice captions about Vietnamese food.

  • 10 dishes are a basic feast.
  • Tasting exotic food is a life-changing experience.
  • Where can I get spicy Vietnamese food?
  • Strangely, duck meat is considered “cool” in Vietnam.
  • Traveling Vietnam in search of local varieties
  • Vietnam and I are friends forever.
  • Sweet and sour—the best of Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world.
  • Low in sugar, low in fat.
  • Fresh vegetables—what I like in Vietnamese food.
  • Can’t live without Vietnamese dishes
  • Not a real Vietnamese meal without fish sauce
  • Visiting Vietnam for the food and people

When it comes to exotic cuisine, Vietnam seems to be the pearl of the Orient. Their cuisine is filled with history and culture with every bite.