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February 24, 2016 Staff

Watch This: Food Truck Video For Kids

Here’s a fun video we discovered for anyone with young kids.

The food truck song performed in this YouTube video starts with children’s voices saying “food truck!” loudly and with enthusiasm, a bass line gently thrumming to engage the listening viewer. A Queso Good food truck rolls out from a covered parking awning full of lots of food trucks, obviously heading out to the streets for a busy day vending and feeding the masses. It’s a sunny day and the fun song gets you in the mood for the adventure of food trucks.

Produced by Twentytrucks, copyright Hammershark Media LLC in 2015, the song and accompanying video are infectious and upbeat. Twentytrucks has released three dvd’s of truck tunes. The latest is Truck Tunes 3, which includes this song, “Food Truck.”

The lyrics are even visible beneath the video, so you can click to sing along even before you know it by heart.

The song and video show appealing food, trucks driving, staff serving, and a catchy kids song about food trucks serving waffles and falafels (hear the rhyme?!), shiny steel interiors and colorful exteriors. The song even talks safety:  do they cook while driving? No, that wouldn’t be safe or legal!

As Seen on TV

The trucks include those “that have even been featured on tv,” such as Cousins Maine Lobster, as well as local, organic, and a wide variety of food themes from grilled cheese to Mexican, waffles to poutine. It’s all here, in moving color. All that’s missing is the scent and taste of the delicious food.

A high speed, skip-frame video section at the end gives the impression of the pace of food trucks – quick and fun, with upbeat service. Along with the tight, catchy tune and the conversational lyrics, the footage makes the viewer feel like jumping into the video and eating, singing and maybe even working in a food truck. Aimed at kids, the video is a three minute window into the world of food trucks. Twenty Trucks’ other videos cover the gamut of trucks that kids love to see and learn about:  Monster Truck, Logging Truck, Car Carrier, Beach Cleaner, etc.

The inclusion of food trucks in this music video series for children highlights the popularity and “here to stay” nature of food trucks in cities and towns across the U.S. The food truck in the song is a combination of all the food trucks you can imagine and see in the video with a variety of foods and locations made into one food truck for the song lyrics:  “He’s a Food Truck, you know? And he’s always on the go.”

It’s truly a kids video, showing the subject, making it fun and even including a lesson on polite behavior. We’re cheerfully reminded that there might be a line because the food is good, and we must be patient and well behaved while we wait our turn in line at a food truck.

At one point we see two kids eating a delicious banana waffle sundae and the vocalist stops singing and says “that looks delicious!” He barely misses a beat, catching the viewer’s attention and carrying on with the song while we see colorful food trucks of all styles, staffed with focused people serving, serving, serving. The repetition of the tune, the images of trucks driving, arms popping out of service windows with plates of food all contribute to a fun, great view of food trucks in their “natural habitats” – not unlike an animal featured in a nature video for kids. The footage is all on sunny days, enticing everyone outside to enjoy activities, food and community.

The Wide World of Trucks

Just like kids want to learn about dump trucks and car haulers, dream of driving them one day, and maybe know about them from seeing those trucks in their community and driven by the adults in their life, they can dream of eating at a food truck or driving, cooking and serving from one with a glimpse inside:  “Equipped with ovens and big grills, Stovetops made of shiny steel.” We see food truckers cooking, serving and driving, parked curbside and at festivals and events. The song explains that food trucks may be in different locations every day (“you have to look them up!”), and some are in the same spots, always serving good food on the go for people on the go. It’s infectious, happy energy, music and lyrics. Viewers of all ages will be hungry after watching this music video, and should head out to their local food truck “Serving snacks, serving meals, For every kind of mood, A truck for every food.” Let’s eat!

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