In today’s videos, Bob Pierson co-owner of M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks guides you through the types of custom BBQ smokers that are available. Fred, the dog and star of the show, also makes an appearance near the beginning of the first video. In these videos, Bob explains in detail the options that are available when purchasing a smoker and the craftsmanship that goes into every smoker that M&R builds.


Model 250 on a Trailer

This is a large machine that’s ideal when cooking for a sizable group like a catering event. This smoker comes with two doors that open-up into the cooking area. All the shelves are built to slide out of the grill for easy serving and replenishing of meat. The heating system is set-up similar to an oven with steel plate systems coming through the bottom and side of the smoker.
In the rear is where the fire box is positioned. Many serious BBQers will place their own custom charcoal and wood combinations here before they get the fire going. We’ve found that about 2 logs per hour will hold you at roughly 200 degrees Farenheit. There’s also a warmer box positioned above the BBQ. This allows you to place meats, trays, or bread on top to keep everything warm. You can also cook your beans in here if you choose.
In addition to serving up mouth-watering que, it’s critical that a BBQ smoker is functional and serves a variety of your needs on the go. This is accomplished by the addition of two gas burners that are piped up to the tank on the front of the trailer. Also available is a log box to store your wood and a large space dedicated for a cooler to preserve meat or simply keep the beer cold.
There are a lot of different options on this type of trailer and it can be customized even further based on your needs. The line of smokers shown in this video starts at $2,600.

How Does It Work?

Ever wonder how your steaks, chicken, and ribs are cooked to perfection on a world-class smoker? Bob explains how smokers work in the second half of video one. Basically, the heat will travel from the from fire box, travel under the steel plating system, radiate through the plating system and ultimately cook your meats.
At the end of the smoker is an open area. This is an essential component as it allows the smoke to be captured and drawn back to the two large stacks located at the top of the machine. These stacks can be adjusted to control air flow or manage the temperature in your oven. This model is designed to cook at around 200 – 220 degrees Farenheit and a slow cook will put out a tender product.

Concession Smoker

This video demonstrates the flexibility that is available when ordering a custom smoker from M&R. This 150 smoker was built for a customer with a concession trailer. This smoker was designed to sit on the outside porch of the concession trailer. In this instance, the warmer box was designed to open in the front so that meat could be more easily served from within the concession trailer.
Finally at the end of video two, Bob showcases some of the other BBQ options that are available to the serious backyard griller crowd. These examples are smaller than those previously shown, but even the smallest model will be able to serve between 30 – 40 people. This is ideal for family gatherings or weekend cook offs.