Everyone agrees breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the meal that gives you the energy you need to go through all your activities for the day so you don’t feel sluggish. The ideal breakfast will provide you with enough energy to last you until lunchtime, thereby giving you the strength to finish everything you need done for the morning.

If you’re looking for breakfast business ideas, here are 20 which you can start if you’re on a budget.

Breakfast Burritos

A breakfast burrito can get you through the day.

A breakfast burrito is like a Mexican burrito but it’s packed with breakfast ingredients such as eggs, sausages, avocadoes, and cheese. It has all the carbs and protein you need to last you throughout the day. It’s also a handy breakfast when you’re rushing to work and have no time to sit down and eat.

A breakfast burrito business is simple. All the ingredients you need are easy to find in grocery stores (except for avocadoes since those depend on your location but you can substitute it with tomatoes) and are quite affordable too. If you don’t want to rent a place yet you can start making them at home and just accept pre-orders so you can have them delivered. Aside from your ingredients, the startup costs for this business would only need the fees for your business and food permits. Or if you want to rent out a place, a small stall in the perfect location would suffice.

Online Breakfast Business

Having an online breakfast business saves you in paying rent.

Despite breakfast being the important meal of the day, you’d be surprised to know that people still don’t have the time to prepare for it. They’ll be too busy rushing to get to work that they won’t be able to cook or pack themselves a meal and would rather skip it. Which would lead to the problem of being drained out before lunchtime hits.

Online breakfast businesses are ideal because people will only need to order from you and you’ll have their food delivered. All you need to do is post your five or seven-day breakfast menu which your customers can order online on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also just add instructions on how to reheat the packed meals.

With an online breakfast business, the bulk of the expenses are only the website where people can access to order, your ingredients, and your packaging. You won’t be paying any rent since you’ll be cooking these meals in your kitchen. Online breakfast businesses also give you control over what to cook since you’ll be able to plan it out beforehand.

Coffee Shop

Coffee is a must for most people in the morning.

64% of Americans consume coffee daily. We’d like to think that happens more often in the mornings where the extra boost of caffeine is needed to kick start the day. If you notice the long lines in cafes in the mornings, a majority of that is from people ordering coffee.

If you’re looking to start a coffee shop on a budget, a mobile coffee cart starts at $20,000. You won’t have to worry about rent and managing lots of staff as well.

Breakfast Food Truck

Food trucks are a convenient business investment.

Food trucks are common food businesses on wheels. You’ll see them in business districts during lunchtimes all parked by the side of the road to cater to office employees on their lunch breaks.

Breakfast food trucks run the same way except you’ll be up to serve customers in the mornings. Your menu could cover English sausage muffins, donuts, bagels, breakfast burritos, coffee, and more. You may also choose to run this food truck until lunchtime.

Reconstructed food trucks are around $90,000. Add in the expenses for your permits and licenses, breakfast food items, one driver, and one staff, and you’ll have yourself a simple breakfast food truck business.

Donut Shop

Donuts provide you with all that sugar you need for the morning.

Donuts are one of those snacks that you can eat on the go. They supply you with all that sugar you need to be active in the morning which is why people have them for breakfast. It’s also easy to make. Once you’ve got your base donut, you can then add in all the flavors or fillings afterward.

Donut Shops start at $10,000 to $15,000. Although this only covers the equipment, rent, and supplies, you can start with this or put up a donut cart instead if you’re on a budget.

Smoothie Business

Some people start their day with smoothies.

Did you know that smoothies count as breakfast too? For instance, a banana avocado smoothie can pack in a lot of nutrients such as potassium and fiber which makes it a healthy drink to start the day if you’re not up for something solid yet.

There’s a market for people having smoothies for breakfasts. It’s a great breakfast business on a budget since all you need is your to-go cups, straws, a blender, and your ingredients. You don’t need to worry about the expensive rent either since you may sell these smoothies from just a simple stall.

Waffle Shop

Waffles are the perfect breakfast item for all ages.

Waffles make for a great breakfast. Add in your favorite topping and your day is made!

You can put up a waffle shop as a breakfast business. You can have it on a cart, in a food truck, or at a shop. But if you’re on a budget, having a waffle cart is more affordable. You can have your customers choose any kind of topping they want too from sausages to fruits and even ice cream. All supplies are easy to find at your local store too.

Crepe Shop

Crepes can be topped with fruits and ice cream too.

Crepes, also known as thin pancakes, are popular snacks. They can be filled and topped with anything from ice cream to fresh fruits drizzled with chocolate or you can also fill it in with eggs and cheese and make it a breakfast snack.

Crepe shops are small so you won’t have to worry about getting a big space. You’ll also just need a crepe maker and your list of ingredients which makes this an affordable breakfast business idea should you wish to venture into one.

Cereal Company

Cereals will always remind you of breakfast.

Everyone has had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at least once in their lives and these sugary treats will get you going throughout the day. So why not make it a business venture by putting up a cereal company or store so people can have them on the go?

You can have a variety of options ranging from frosted cereals to healthy ones like bran or whole wheat. You may also give your customers options whether they’ll want it packed or they’ll want it on a bowl to go with their choice of milk. The ingredients are simple and not at all expensive which is why putting up a cereal business is a great idea.

Breakfast Bar Company

Breakfast bars are filled with protein and the right amount of sugar.

Breakfast bars are lifesavers. They’re handy, easy to eat while you’re rushing to your next schedule, and they’re packed with protein and the right amount of sugar.

They’re also easy to make at home. You can make a batch of breakfast bars that include granola, nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter, and even chocolate. You can then package them up and sell them thereby starting your own breakfast bar company.

This business is perfect when you’re on a tight budget since you won’t need any physical store for now. You can whip up a batch of these bars at home and sell them online. Social media presence is important and the most you’ll be paying for expenses is by running ads online to get your product out there.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are perfect if you’re rushing to work.

Breakfast sandwiches are simply sandwiches that include cheese, eggs, ham, and slaw. They may sound like regular sandwiches to you but it’s popular because breakfast sandwich places showcase how they make them in front of the customers. It’s the way they butter the toast and cook the eggs and ham in front of you that mesmerizes one to buy these sandwiches.

A breakfast sandwich business will only need you to invest in a food cart and a large griddle where you can cook and assemble your sandwich. Location is also very important in making this business idea a success.

Healthy Breakfast Company

Healthy breakfasts like avocado toasts helps keep you fit.

Everyone is getting health conscious these days so healthy breakfasts are also making waves in the industry. Healthy breakfast items include kale smoothies, avocado toasts, whole-grain bread, and low-fat dairy.

If you have space and the seating capacity, you can turn your place into a healthy breakfast restaurant. You can also provide healthy breakfast meal sets online and deliver them to your customers so you don’t have to pay for rent.

Yogurt Company

Yogurt is good for digestion.

There is so much you can do with yogurt. You can have it as is or you can add nuts, fruits, chocolate, and more. You can also turn it into a smoothie, serve yogurt-based drinks, or sell frozen yogurt. They’re healthy, good for digestion, and have a very interesting sour and tangy taste that compliments cereals and other add-ons you can think of.

Startup costs for an independent frozen yogurt shop range from $10,000 to $50,000. You may also want to sign up for a yogurt franchise if you’d like all the materials and training included.

Camping Breakfast Company

Skillet breakfasts are one example of what you eat during camping.

Skillet meals, breakfast burritos, and French toasts are just some of the delicious breakfasts that come to mind when you go camping. But how can you make a business out of it?

One business idea is to run a food truck near camping grounds and sell camping breakfast items on your menu. Not only are you making delicious and warm meals for campers but you’re also helping them save time and effort so they can go fish or hike in the mornings instead of worrying about what to prepare for breakfast.

After Workout Breakfasts

A healthy breakfast bowl.

Working out in the mornings is a great start to a new day. But that also means rushing back to cook breakfast before heading out to work on time.

A great business idea is to provide after workout breakfasts so people can skip preparing their meals and just grab a bite to eat. After workout breakfasts can be heavy and filled with protein or fiber, or they can be light like a protein smoothie.

If you’re on a budget, opt to have this business online by letting your customers sign up on a weekly breakfast schedule with you. This way, you do not have to pay rent and create a payroll since you’ll be doing this in your own home and you’ll have the time to work on the meals.

Overnight Oats Shop

Overnight oats make for a quick yet filling breakfast.

Overnight oats are really easy and yet no one seems to have the time to make one. So they sometimes buy a cup on the go at their local café or convenience store before they head to work.

You can make overnight oats and sell them. Overnight oats have simple ingredients like rolled oats, milk, fruits, honey, and nuts which you can find in most grocery stores. You can have a food cart for this wherein you can display all your overnight oats or you can have a physical shop. But if you’re on a budget, a food cart is more feasible.

Hot Chocolate Station

Hot chocolate gets you energized for the day.

Not all people enjoy coffee. Some like to have hot chocolate in the mornings with their breakfast. The smell of it is enticing and it gives you that shot of adrenaline that chocolate is responsible for to make you last the whole morning.

Putting up a hot chocolate station is a business idea you can do. You can allow customers to purchase add-ons such as marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel, and spices. It’s an affordable treat and a simple business idea that will fit your budget.

Bagel Shop

Turn your bagels into sandwiches for breakfast.

Having your bakery where you mainly sell bagels is one business you can get into. Bagels are breakfast staples wherein you can either have them plain, paired with jams and spreads, or smothered in cream cheese and lox.

The bulk of the expenses for a bagel shop would have to be rent and the machines needed to make your bagels such as your oven and mixer. But these investments will pay off once you start selling bagels.

Muffin Cart

Muffins are handy and is best paired with coffee.

Muffins are considered breakfast food for they’re very filling once eaten. They also come in different flavors such as blueberry, carrot, banana, and chocolate. It is best paired with a hot steaming cup of coffee as well.

Putting up a muffin cart business is an affordable business idea. This can be a one-man team in the beginning stages but be sure to enlist the help of an assistant baker so you can handle doing marketing work on the side as well.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Station

Get that dose of vitamin c with a glass of orange juice.

There’s nothing like having a glass of freshly squeezed OJ in the morning. Orange juice is a great pair for American breakfasts filled with bacon, eggs, and waffles. It’s refreshing and is a great source of vitamin C.

For a fresh orange juice station, you will need a juicer, cups, straws, and oranges. You will also only need a cart to make this business idea fit into your budget.

With all these affordable breakfast business ideas, you’ll be able to start on one in no time. Which ones grabbed your attention? Let us know!