At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks there’s a saying we use to describe our custom builds: If you can dream it, we can build it. 
This statement certainly applies to Steve Perry’s mobile cooling station called The Polar Pod based out of Jacksonville, Florida. As seen in the video below, Steve shares how he came up with the idea for his mobile cooling concept:
During a hot day of biking on the beach with some friends, Steve became overheated. After a while, Steve thought something could be medically wrong as he couldn’t seem to cool down enough. So Steve asked a restaurant owner if he could sit in his walk-in cooler to bring his temperature down. The restaurant owner agreed and after just a few short minutes in the cooler Steve started feeling a lot better. That’s when Steve had his entrepreneurial “Aha moment” to start The Polar Pod.

In addition to providing a fun venue to cool down with a flat screen television, The Polar Pod offers a variety of health and safety benefits to attendees of large events like concerts and rallies during summer months. Heat related issues can be life-threatending, especially among the elderly, having an on-site cooling unit that’s mobile can be a key prevention tool for ailments like heat stroke. For most people, all that is needed is 5 – 10 minutes in The Polar Pod and they’re refreshed and ready to get back to doing what they love outdoors.
Above is a promotional video that provides additional information about the business. The Polar Pod is available for rent in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. You can get in contact with Steve and The Polar Pod by visiting their website or reaching out to them on Facebook and Twitter.