Recently there has been a trend towards smaller, even more mobile food trucks. These smaller sprinter-style vehicles can have a few advantages to the business owner: 1.) They are easier to navigate and can be parked in smaller spaces. 2.) If you need to drive frequently for either catering gigs or deliveries, the savings in fuel cost could be in the thousands of dollars per year.
This recent build is one such example of a RAM Sprinter Style van food truck with a low-profile hood. As you can see in the video below, the concession window and shelf is built into the right-hand rear side of the vehicle. From the outside, you may not expect this vehicle to look all that different than any other van. But just wait until you see the inside!
As we move to the interior, you start to see the type of equipment and cooking capabilities that are available inside this van. As we open the sliding doors, you can see the broiler and hood system that will be used for cooking.  As we move into and closer to the rear of the van you see the refrigerator, fire suppression system, propane water heater and of course the 3-bay sink, which is a health-code requirement to operate legally in most locations.

Is This the Right Size For You?

As you can see in the video, a sprinter van can be efficiently converted into a mobile food unit and have everything you need to refrigerate and cook your food product. Due to the efficient design and equipment layout, two people can work inside of this van comfortably, but there are a couple things you’ll want to consider before selecting this type of vehicle.
Equipment: If you have an extensive menu that requires a lot of different cooking equipment to execute, you will want to invest a more traditional sized food truck that has more space. You also won’t be able to store as much inventory on the sprinter, meaning you may not be able to maximize profits during busier days or popular events.
Concepts that Work: There are certain mobile food businesses that work well with a sprinter van. Coffee vans, for example, can be ideal. You can easily build a coffee and espresso maker into this type of vehicle and still have plenty of space to serve pastries, donuts, cookies and other foods that help maximize profit without creating a lot of extra work for the operator. Also, if you have a hyper-focused menu with just a couple core items this can also work well.
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