When Smoothie King needed a fully-mobile Smoothie bar, they turned to M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks to execute their vision. In today’s video tour, Bob Pierson, co-founder of M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks provides an exterior and interior walkthrough of the completed and wrapped unit. Click the video below to start the 5 minute tour now!
About Smoothie King
Smoothie King founder Steve Kuhnau started the business in 1973. In 1989, Smoothie King opened the first U.S. juice bar franchise. Fast forward to 2018, the company now has over 800 locations globally and continues to grow.
Although the juice bar company has experienced continued growth over the past few decades, the companies mission remains the same:  To serve a nutritious Smoothies with a Purpose. Each Smoothie continues to be blended with healthy fruits, veggies, high-quality proteins and vitamins.

Smoothie King: Dodge ProMaster Food Truck Tour
As you tour the exterior of the vehicle you’ll immediate recognize the Smoothie King logo and branding that wraps the unit. As you see the front cab is standard with a back wall to separate the kitchen from driving areas. The concession counter and serving window are built into the door to the kitchen. As you can see the door slides open allowing for easy entrance into the vehicle.
As you enter the back of the van, you can see the equipment that’s been installed for serving a variety of Smoothie flavors. Inside you’ll see a sink with spray nozzle and a 3-compartment sink for hand washing. There is also a custom built counter system inside the unit that can be quickly setup once inside the vehicle to maximize working space inside the mobile juice bar. This extra space is critical inside of a compact mobile unit like this.
As we enter the kitchen, you’ll notice a refrigeration system located on the counter to cool product. There’s also an ice bin installed to make ice on demand. There’s also space for blenders to be plugged in an operated. These blenders can installed directly into a countertop or stored in a shelf unit depending on your preference. The power box is also located near the rear of the vehicle and features one-click button to start the generator.
Although this unit is compact, Smoothie and juice trucks actually require a lot of power to be able to operate blenders and other equipment at a high-frequency. As a result, we needed to install a larger, high-power Oned Cummings 10Kw generator on this unit to be able to keep up with the demands of this business. Fast forward to the 3 minute and 15 second point of the video to see how this generator was conveniently installed.