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April 25, 2015 Staff

Inside Look at Smoke on the Water BBQ Trailer

sowWe’re back again with our own Bob Pierson of M&R Trailers as we look through yet another build for our BBQ-loving clientele. Of late, we recently outfitted a 28 foot Trailer job, including an 8 foot porch, for Chesapeake Bay’s (and now Florida’s) own Smoke on the Water. Owner’s Dan and Lexi have come together to bring a wealth of experience to their business, and have asked and expected a lot out of this project of ours!

Some of the highlights of this trailer include:   

  • Full M&R BBQ Cooker, custom-built to fit entire porch section
  • Full reach-in Refrigerator and Freezer
  • 4-burner Imperial Oven system, 24” Griddle and 24” Charbroiler
  • Electric Fan System with 2 vents in front of Hoods to better cool trailer with less need for AC use
  • Complete bathroom compartment
  • Big Flatscreen TV for Menu, Movie, Pictures, etc
  • Outside Lights

Eat at Smoke on the Water

You can enjoy eats from this smokey food truck down in Florida around the city of Destin, but those in Maryland craving BBQ don’t fear! The duo started their adventure with a Restaurant in Chesapeake Bay before launching their mobile adventure. Both places feature delicious Smoked Fish like Salmon and local Flounder, Turkey, BBQ Brisket Sandwiches, rich Mac n Cheese and Coleslaw amongst other things. We’ve really worked to outfit the trailer for ALL their needs, so they can turn out about any bbq and restaurant faire which they desire. As Lexi always says, “Life Should Be Delicious!” We hope we’ve helped them keep it that way.

We plan on supporting these two as full partners from now on, any problem they have they can call us, and the same goes with every M&R Customer we work with!

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