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August 13, 2015 Staff

Seven Unique Uses for Mobile Medical Units

As the world of mobile businesses grows, ever more does the ability for different avenues of transforming trailers, trucks, and semis into places to house products and stores one never would have imagined before. Nowhere is this more evident than one of the newest growing builds, Mobile Medical Units. These are basically creations of large vehicles, everything from trailers and small sprinter vans to motorcoaches and semis (though usually, the bigger the better considering what needs to be fit inside), that have their insides completely done up on the inside with exam tables, surgery areas, comfy waiting chairs, or whatever is needed to reproduce the conditions needed for the specific medical focus. No matter what it is, what they all have in common is the insides look, feel, operate, and are certified the exact same as actual hospital rooms. And it makes sense; we’ve been using shipping containers to transport ‘portable surgery rooms’ and other medical ‘facilities’ to various countries and regions in need, so why not take that same mobile technology and put it inside a trailer or stagecoach?

Tmedical-unit-layouthe possibilities are practically limitless; if you can do it in a hospital, you can create the same environment with the same equipment and sanitary space within a mobile unit. This fully opens up the potential to provide healthcare and emergency assistance to an even wider range of people who need it, without having to deal with the gigantic costs of the large buildings or the issue of distance between the patient and the care facility. And with many new students trying to get into the field, or experienced surgeons and doctors looking to set out on their own for the first time (perhaps when moving to a new city), investing in a mobile medical office gives yet another strong option in starting a solo-run practice as opposed to relying on nearby hospitals.

In order to prove just how versatile they can be, we’ve compiled a little list of various kinds of practices one can set up in any of these certified rolling vehicles, and that’s just as a start!

Blood Donation/Taking

The most well-known of mobile medical units, hospitals have used trailers and specially-outfitted vans to gather blood from charitable people all over the country years before the mobile trend even started up. With more people and builds going to developing these new vehicles, however, it should be no surprise to imagine the ability to make blood vans even more compact and portable, or with more tricked out machines, to fit new ideas. One could even move from blood to platelet and ‘other’ donation setups, either individually or combining two or more into a single large operation that goes from place to place.

Basic Medical/Examining Office

Certainly one of the most approachable and all-purpose medical rooms for anyone to come and visit, for when you just need to discuss conditions and examine a person’s state of being before prescribing. Little to no real equipment, besides a computer, need be installed (unless desired for your specific practice of course), just a table, chairs, and cupboards to store your gloves, bandages, compressors, needles, scales, and other basic day-to-day inspection tools. That and of course a bathroom, since you’ll be there all day and never know when ‘samples’ will need to be taken.


Doctor’s and physicians have advocated the importance of regular mammogram check-ups, and like the blood drives have also had some history heading out in trailers as well. Now they can travel even further, with more trucks nationwide, and provide a wider reach for women to connect with.


If there are guys getting barber’s chairs inside a trailer with hookup counters for clippers and the like, why can’t you get in a Dentist chair? The smaller, cozy environment is perfect to fit inside any vehicle, only needing extra space if planning on getting an X-ray machine in and/or performing oral surgery.


Physician Surgery and Specialty Procedures

For the scheduled surgeries and important procedures, usually done in more comfortable rooms, from colonoscopies to ‘plastic’ (obviously the particular specialty of procedures that will be performed in that room is up to you). These will need to be done in the bigger units, but already we’ve seen the use of even stricter environments set up in storage crates, and this milder and more controlled environment can mean wonders for those who usually have to schedule travel and hotel stay, or at least someone to drive them to an back, for just one specialist appointment.

Emergency Surgery and Care

When in an emergency scenario, time is of the essence, thus the importance of ambulance drivers and paramedics to carefully but quickly take a victim from a scene and to the hospital, performing life-extending treatment at the moment, is so vital. But even still, with highly skilled people doing their best, only so much can be done after so much ‘wait time.’ Mobile Surgery vehicles, parked, can provide more closer locations for an area, and in the right situation can even be driven out on their own to cut out the ambulance middle ground and raise effectiveness in final treatment even further.


Specialized laboratories aren’t something that just every hospital or science lab or detective agency has; they often have to be hired out to run samples for various businesses, making a profitable side business for certain independent business people with the expertise in them (kid you not, my neighbor just started her own at-home lab simply with electron and other awesome microscopes). Not only do trailers and other mobile containers offer a more affordable ‘space’ to set one of these up, but this allows one the chance to actually deliver samples to local customers in person.

So as you see, the world of mobile medical professions can be just as wide as those in ‘brick and mortar’ hospitals. If you can dream up a field, it can be built and transformed into a vehicle an operation that works perfect for you, and taken out into the world to better help those in need.

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