Opening up shop in 1996, Rotolo’s Pizzeria has sense stretched their locations from New Orleans and across the south through Mississippi and Alabama, turning their home-grown restaurant into an amazing southern franchise. Its long standing reputation for providing fresh ingredients and friendly service, packed with love into their handmade fresh-daily pizzas, has proven to develop a strong and loyal customer base. As they continue to grow, Rotolo’s has worked to keep the heart of their mission upfront, establishing a Foundation in 2015 to help with strengthening the lives of the community through events and outreach. We are happy to help continue the growth of this spirited local business, working with them to build a Food Truck for their New Orleans restaurants to be used in street sales and special catering events.
This project couldn’t have come at a better time. With our new larger manufacture building we were able to accommodate the larger truck. Working together with both their and our art people, we were able to get a very fun, expressive design keeping purely in style with their restaurant’s brand. This truck is equipped with a Diesel Onan Generator, which gives them plenty of power and very little noise compared to other models (can’t even hear it run from inside the truck). The generator is enclosed in a heat/sound proof compartment with access from the outside. A stainless steel prep table is installed on top of the generator compartment which helps to use all the available space in the truck.
We ended up using a 32’X6’ truck with a 24’ stepvan, giving the vehicle a lot of room on the inside to work with. This gives us great opportunity to easily fit a large, four-layer Avantec Conveyer-style system Pizza Oven inside while keeping plenty of moving space. Air conditioners on each end of the oven works with the direct hood over it to keep the surrounding air cool and workable in the confined space, and a double valve system on the gas tanks allows you to use one or both for the dual pizza ovens depending on the day and situation.
Overall the design is on the higher end of the ladder for what we offer, but we build anything you need for your business. Whether it’s big or small, simple to unique, we want to make sure you get what’s right for you. And we have plenty of other features for this truck not mentioned here, feel free to watch the whole video for ALL the information! Cheers!

  • This is a brand new 24’ stepvan for Rotolo’s Pizza restaurants in New Orleans.
  • This has a Avantec CO-2030-2 pizza oven and a quiet 12k Onan.
  • Buildout cost around $45k which includes the Onan generator.
  • Cost does not include the truck and Pizza Oven.