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September 30, 2016 Staff

Macarollin Food Truck Sells 600 cases of Mac and Cheese on QVC


When most folks think about starting a food truck, the goal is to build a successful small business. By most people’s definition the goal of a small food business or restaurant is to serve food within your own community and create an enterprise that will support their family. Building a small business, being your own boss, and living life on your own terms is an awesome goal and the American dream of many. But the Macarollin food truck based out of Webster, NY, had more ambitious goals in mind when they started their food venture.

Since the owners of Macarollin Peter Causyn, Fred Kulikowski and Nathan Hurtt started their business in February, 2013, they have continued to act in ways that are unlike a sole proprietor and more like a growing national food brand. For starters Macarollin started as a food truck, but quickly developed franchise rights sold in four different states. Macarollin also grew into owning a permanent restaurant location in the EastView Mall. But Macarollin’s most recent actions suggest this growing brand is thinking beyond even brick-and-mortar restaurant locations that is the end goal of even extremely ambitious food truck entrepreneurs.

On September 29th, this food truck business sold over 2,000 pounds of macaroni and cheese on the home shopping network QVC. What’s even more impressive is that they were the second highest seller in volume of the night within QVC, suggesting that they could return for a second show and sell even more. This is an incredible example of the power of thinking beyond just a single food truck and considering the larger opportunities you have to share your brand can pay dividends.

The offer made to the viewership of QVC was for two separate two pound trays of macaroni and cheese. This means a total of four pounds of product was shipped to viewers that decided to make a purchase. The shipments were made in special boxes containing ice to keep the product cool in transit and buyers could expect to receive their macaroni and cheese within two days of ordering. Below is an image of what buyers should expect to recieve at their doorstep via QVC. Click here for product details. The total offer is $59.96 with free shipping and handling.

mac and cheese

The Power of Thinking Big

Operating a single successful food truck can be extremely fulfilling and profitable. However, if you are the type of person that would like some upside potential to go bigger, a food truck can serve as a spring board launching a larger brand too. Just because you start out as a single food truck does not mean that’s where you need to end up as the ultimate goal. In fact, we recommend that you consider larger goal that goes beyond operating a single food truck even if you’re just starting out. It’s never a bad thing to have a clear upside path even if you’re not sure what that is yet.

Fortunately, determining a path to creating upside for your food truck is not that hard. Your goal could be to operate multiple food trucks, start a restaurant, sell your food online with e-commerce store or as Macarollin has shown us you can also sell your product on QVC. If you start to think beyond a food truck it is incredible to think where you could end up with this type of business.

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