The Gourmet Aviator is a food truck that received high praise for it’s design when it was built in 2012. The truck was even featured on the cover of ADVANTAGE Business Magazine (cover image shown to the right) that same year. Fast forward two years, the Gourmet Aviator continues to receive recognition for their food.
Not only has the truck become a familiar staple of the Jacksonville food truck scene, but Alex Montanez of the Grilled Aviator competed on and won a cooking competition on the program American Grilled on the Travel Channel. The video below is a teaser to the program Alex was featured.

In today’s blog post, we take another look at the Gourmet Aviator on Alex’s second day of operating the food truck. This concession truck went through an incredible transformation and was originally an old Frito Lay truck. It just goes to show you as long as the foundation of the truck is intact and the engine is running well, these older trucks can be completely overhauled to create a longterm mobile business.

Highlights from the Video

  • Get a 360 degree view of this unique aviator food truck wrap.
  • 18 foot truck that was completely redone.
  • 8 kw Generac Generator – The generator will also slide out for easy servicing.
  • View the external cord connection that enables direct power to the vehicle.

If you live in the Jacksonville area, check out the Gourmet Aviator website for more information about the business or to book them at your next catering event. You can also view the list of delicious menu items that are available, including Plantain Sliders and Nutella Empanadas.