Do you make a great product, but struggle to get a lot of customer testimonials?

A lot of food truck owners find it hard to capture the excitement of their current customers to help them sell more product to new customers. After all, testimonials from real people convert wavering customers incredibly well.

But, how do you get more customers to rave about your product AND tell you?

The answer is simple: just ask. Customers who stand behind your product, purchase it often, and tell other people about it will often tell you, too.

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Ask for an online review after a successful catering gig.

Here’s how I gather testimonials when I’m at events like festivals or catering events:

Things can get pretty crazy at store demos, fairs, and festivals. Heck – even farmer’s markets. But, you want to make sure you’re doing one thing constantly: listening for product praise.

Things like “Oh my god. This is delicious” or “That is so good. It would totally ____.” or “Dad, come try this!” Interact more with customers who talk positively about your product. And ask them for a testimonial. Have postcards printed up that they can write on or jot it down and get them to say you can use it.

Want to take your event testimonials over-the-top?

Bring a small video camera with you (or your iPhone) and get video testimonials. Ask to post with your customers permission, of course. Be sure to ask for permission to post these testimonials on Instagram or Facebook too. If you can get permission in writing that’s best. Folks will feel like they’re on a TV show!

Not only will these folks feel appreciated that you recognized them. But you can bet that many of these people will share the video to their own friends and even like your page. Overtime this sort of consistent marketing activity can compound. It doesn’t cost you a penny of marketing investment either.

Here’s how I gather testimonials when I get an online order or catering event:

This is where I get the majority of my testimonials. A good 90% of my online orders likely come from people who have already tasted your product at least once. Use this to your advantage. You can conduct a similar follow up after a successful catering event too. Just edit the email slightly.

I respond to every single online order with a personal note (in addition to the automatic order confirmation).

If I remember meeting the person, I’ll talk about our conversation. If I notice they’re from a town I’ve been to, I’ll tell them about the last time I was there and the great breakfast spot on Main Street.

In fact, here’s the exact email I sent just a couple days ago:

Subject: Enjoy your mustard?

Thanks so much for your order. We’ve got it packed up and headed out the door this morning. You should get it by the middle of the week!

How did you find out about Green Mountain Mustard?

Thanks again and happy holidays!



That’s it. It’s a quick email you can automate if you want to. I don’t because I want every email to be unique if I need to add something more personal.

My response rate to this email is nearly 60%. And my customers respond with everything from where they met me (or purchased mustard) to their favorite ways to use our mustard, and even a glowing testimonial.

These emails will fill my testimonials page of my new website coming in 2014. And I didn’t have to do much to get them.

So, with that, the best way to get testimonials for your product is just ask. It’s that easy. Start asking customers for testimonials at your next event, demo, or online order.


These sorts of client testimonials and reviews have become even more important in the era of review websites, including Google and Yelp. If your food truck has a couple hundred positive reviews, videos, and photos on Google My Business, you can bet that your business will stand head and shoulders above everyone else in your town.

Hungry prospects actively searching for a meal will uncover your business as the obvious choice. You can create a free account on Google My Business here if you don’t have one already.

All you need to do is ask directly ask for a review on Google. Anyone with an active account on Gmail, YouTube, or any other Google product can leave a review. I think that’s pretty close to every person in the United States at this point.

How do you get more testimonials? Let me know in the comments below!