If you live in Florida–like we do–you are fortunate to live on one of the states with the most food truck festivals in the country. Due to our (mostly) nice weather year round, we can attend outdoor events just about anytime we want. And Florida has some of the best festivals around. For example, did you know the world’s largest food truck festival happens in The Sunshine State every year?
Today, we will take you on a tour of some of the popular mobile food events happening across this great state on an annual basis. Whether your a foodie or a food vendor, keep this list handy so you what’s happening, when and where.

Florida’s Food Truck Festivals

World’s Largest Food Truck Rally – If you want to maintain the title of world’s largest, you better be big! This event fulfills it’s promise as biggest. One event held in St. Petersburg attracted over 200 trucks in one location. With this incredible number of food trucks, you can bet just about any type of food you crave will be available from Vietnamese to Thai, hot dogs to funnel cake. The founder of this event Jeremy Gomez even hold the Guinness Book of World Records for longest food truck parade and understands what it takes to host a one-of-a-kind event.
As with other live events, mobile food promoters are always looking for new ways to attract attendees to the events in new ways. One of the innovative ways World’s Largest Food Truck Rally has been using to attract a more diverse crowd is to latch onto the Pokemon Go phenomenon. If you’re not familiar Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game that became extremely popular after it’s release in the summer of 2016. In a nutshell, this game is sort of like a scavenger hunt where you travel around to different real locations called PokeStops to capture different Pokemon and prizes. Not sure exactly what all that means? No problem, you probably don’t play the game.
By latching onto the Pokemon Go craze, the mobile food event hopes to attract a whole new group of gamers that wouldn’t ordinarily go out to attend such an event.

Food Truck Invasion – This is a touring event that you can catch in a variety of Florida locations including Miami, Palm Beach, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie. The cool thing about Food Truck Invasion is that this is not a one and done event. Most of the events are held on a specific date one time per month. For example you can find the invasion on the fourth Friday of every month in Tropical Park in Miami. Check their website for updated times and details.
Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally – Check the event calendar of the Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally (TBFTR) and you’ll discover you can find an awesome mobile food event just about any day you want. View the calendar to see where trucks are visiting places from Cigar City Brewing to USF Engineering Week.
In addition to running events, TBFTR also serves as a booking agency to secure mobile food for special events or corporate gatherings. TBRTR has an updated date base of vehicles that can help connect you with any type of food vehicle.
Downtown Lakeland Food Truck Festival – Live in Central Florida and don’t want to head out to the coast? Not to worry. Lakeland brings the trucks to Munn Park Historic District the second Tuesday of each month. This is one of the most unique locations that hosts these festivals and is a registered as a U.S. historic district as of 1997. As you dine on a variety of cuisines you’ll also have the opportunity to stroll around and explore 48 historic buildings that are on the premises.
Fort Lauderdale Food Truck Events – Music and food go together like peas and carrots. And if you love both, this is a regularly updated resource that lets you know where both will be. Events are regularly held at spots like Tamarac Park, Currie Park, Cultural Plaza, and more. Check the schedule to see where your favorite bands and trucks will be stopping next.
This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the festivals within the state of Florida, but this will give you a good list of “go-to” resources for the future. Keep this page saved and come back often for more updated festival resources.