Whether you own and operate a mobile food business already or in the planning phase, coming up with a professional looking logo can be a challenge. After all, you’ve probably got all sorts of ideas for the menu and source of ingredients for food items. But coming up with a logo that accurately represents a brand isn’t easy if you’re not an artist or graphic designer by trade.
Fortunately there are all sorts of new tools and options for ordinary folks that make the process of creating your brands logo easier and more affordable than they were 5 – 10 years ago. In this post, we guide you through the process of acquiring a stunning food truck logo you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

A food truck logo we like a lot from the Grilled Cheez Guy.

Food Truck Logo Best Practices

Once you get a logo you can be proud of there are all sorts of ways it can be utilized within your food truck business. You could use the design as part of your food truck wrap, put it on the menu, business cards, website, and social media profiles. Once you put in the hard work of getting the logo created, edited and approved, the rest of the branding steps can be completed quickly.
Having a high-quality logo also gives you instant credibility among potential customers. Big food brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, and others all have instantly recognizable logos that you’re no doubt familiar with. Eventually, your logo will become a familiar sight to your own tribe of fans too if only at the local level.
While you may not have the budget of these big companies, it doesn’t mean you can’t get close to their level of professionalism in logo design. While a marketing agency could charge between $7,500 -$25,000 for a logo design, you can get something that meets your needs as a small business owner for much less.
Looking for specific ideas that you can provide to a designer to amp up your logo design? Here are a few basic elements of food truck logo design:

  • The Food: Most food trucks have a small and focused menu like grilled cheese sandwiches or hot dogs. If you’re food truck has a clear food identity like this ask the designer to integrate the food type into the logo. This will make it clear to prospective customers what you’re offering on the truck.
  • The Name: Including the name of your food truck is a best practice of most logo designs. Often the name of your business will be positioned directly above or below the image. This is a terrific way to help the name of your business stick.
  • Fancy Fonts: Using custom types is one of the simplest ways that your logo can stand out from the competition. There are literally thousands of unique font options you can use to help the text stand out visually. Just make sure to select a font style that’s not too thin making it difficult to read from long distances.
  • Color Vitality: The palette of colors you choose will be one of the biggest decisions in logo design you need to make. For color scheme, take into consideration the colors and textures of the food you plan to serve from the unit and match that. If you serve waffles and syrup, consider a nice golden brown and molasses color scheme.
  • Stand Out: Just like the clothes we wear there are elements that go in and out of style with logo design. While these styles may look great overall, you want to make sure you don’t jump on a logo design that too many other businesses also try to follow and get lost in the mix. Ideally, you want something that’s unique, represents your business, and can be utilized for years to come regardless of trends.

How to Get an Affordable Logo Design

There are a lot of new options available to getting a logo designed. If you hope to get your logo completed on the cheap one of the best resources to take a look at is Fiverr.com. On this website you are able to browse the previous logo designs and pricing for each graphic designer. Once you arrive on the website, you’ll see there are options ranging from $10 for a quick design to hundreds of dollars if you want something more detailed. These graphic designers distributed across the world so you could literally be hiring someone on the other side of the planet for the project.

You can find literally hundreds of affordable logo designers on Fiverr.

One point to keep in mind with this website is that you will be limited on the number of revisions your logo can have. If you choose a lower priced option, you will typically recieve one or zero revisions for a logo design. If you have a really specific with the color scheme or layout in your mind, choose a higher-end designer on the platform that offers more support.
Another tip when you use a website like this to complete a design is that you’ll want to collect some examples of logos you like from other businesses. You should also know the colors you want utilized in the design. If you don’t collect this information in advance, you could very well be disappointed with the results. Your designer may also be frustrated if they spent a lot of time working on a logo that they didn’t receive clear direction on. This is a common problem, unfortunately.
Another service you can use to bootstrap your logo is to use a website called LogoNerds.com. This service can get you a professional looking logo for $27 and includes three design options for to choose from. You can pay a little bit more to get even more concept choices to choose from.  The advantage of this service is that you won’t need to find an individual designer that you like. You can also be confident about the consistent level of quality and experience when using the service. LogoNerds has been around forever and is an excellent way to easily and affordably get a design project done.
As a future food truck owner, you’ve got bigger problems to take care of then spending hours or days working on a logo for your business. Fortunately, these two options give you a way to get a professional and non-boring logo you can be proud of for less than $100.