Dubai, an enormous city with a population of over 2.7 million people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is well known for its super-expensive real estate, growing economy where it’s been reported 20% of the world’s cranes are currently located, and of course the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest skyscraper building in the world coming in a 2,722 feet.  In addition to all this growth and prosperity, you might be surprised to learn Dubai also has one of the fastest growing food truck scenes in the world.
In today’s post we take a look a five different food trucks and their menu concepts that are thriving within the city of Dubai. Dubai is one of the most unique cities on the planet and the food trucks demonstrate diversity of the region. If you are considering a custom built food truck within Dubai, M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks can help. We have experience shipping high-quality custom built vehicles to the UAE and can help bring your dream truck to reality.

SALT Food Truck

SALT Trailer

The SALT Airstream Trailer in Dubai.

You might not immediately think of eating sliders when visiting Dubai. But SALT food truck gives you a good reason to start. When you visit SALT each order gets you two sliders or mini-burgers. You can order the Hook, which is a spicy slider made from 2 oz Wagyu beef patties, lettuce, trademarked Hook Salt, and jalapeño stacked on a buttered bun. If you’re not into spice, you can also order the Original sliders that replaces pickles with jalapeño.
If you prefer chicken over beef, SALT also has you covered with their Chicken Cheetos sliders. These sliders also bring the heat with their deep-fried chicken patties, melted cheese, lettuce, and Cheetos.
These sliders will run you about $35 AED in currency. This is the equivalent of paying around $9.53 in USD at the time of writing, which is slightly above what you might pay for a comparable meal within the United States. For a full meal from this truck that includes fries and drink expect to pay about $100 AED or $27.22 USD.
In addition to eating at SALT, dining there is an experience as well. The mobile food unit was created using an old-school AirStream van with a huge SALT sign positioned at the top of the trailer. The outside dining experience is also unique with converted crates with cushions used as chairs and tables for customers. This makes for a truly unique dining experience that you can’t find anywhere else.
Salt Trailer

Customers dine in front of SALT Airstream Trailer.

MELT Frozen Yogurt Truck

Yogurt Truck

MELT Yogurt Truck in Dubai.

Dubai is located in the desert where average temps in some months can be 97 degrees F. Fortunately, the MELT Frozen Yogurt Truck is also operates within the city to help you beat the heat. In addition to this trucks sweet treats keeping you cool, they are also healthy using skimmed yogurt and milks. Some of the desserts like the Ice Lollies only have 43 calories with no additives, preserves or artificial colors.

Moti Roti

moti roti

Moti Roti food truck in Dubai.

Moti Roti describe themselves as a Pakistani Soul Kitchen on wheels. Moti Roti strives and accomplishes their goal of serving authentic Pakistani food. Each day you’ll find hand made Rotis on this truck. For Westerners that may not know, Rotis is a flat bread that’s made on a griddle. It is also gluten-free food for those that have special dietary requirements.



GoBai Food Truck serving near a golf course.

The GoBai food truck seeks to bring the regional flavors of Goa to you. The Goa region is known for foods with a variety of spices and curries the make the flavor profile of this region so unique. You can explore each of these flavors in the sliders and tacos served on the GoBai food truck.

Vida Food Truck

Vida Food Truck

Vida Food Truck in Action.

The Vida Food Truck is yet another Dubai restaurant on wheels that uses a retrofitted 1960s Airstream. There’s even a bright orange 1960s era refrigerator that sits along side the trailer to keep drinks and other snacks cool. As you can see the retro look and feel of this trailer fits in perfectly with the modern downtown look where it resides. If you’re interested in learning more about the Dubai food truck scene check out this article at