With more than 23,000 food trucks operating in the US throughout 2020, this unique industry is reported to produce revenues exceeding $2 billion a year. And only a small percentage of that is for dessert trucks, which are the less popular option for food truck operators. But with the growth of the food truck industry only getting stronger, the need for more dessert-based food trucks is now in demand, to cater to the market segment that are looking for mobile desserts on their lunch breaks.

Starting up your own dessert food truck could be the best new line in this unique industry, and to make yourself well known, you don’t just need a great name; you need the most memorable slogan possible.

And with that in mind, we have done our research and come up with the top dessert truck, dessert, and cupcake slogans that you can use to bring customers in droves.

Dessert Truck Slogans

Dessert trucks are not as common as those selling tacos, burgers and BBQ, so you can potentially reach a huge new market with a good dessert truck. And to make it even more memorable for your customers, and easier to recommend to their friends, a great slogan can lift you into the realms of fame.

  • A Trendy Dessert Truck
  • Baked on wheels with love
  • Baked on wheels with love
  • Bringing you your favorite desserts
  • Chase perfection. Catch the Dessert Truck!
  • Delectably delicious dessert seduction
  • Desserts on wheels
  • Desserts that really move.
  • Driving dessert satisfaction
  • Fast desserts at a fast speed
  • Grandma’s desserts made fresh for you
  • Happiness on wheels
  • Mobile desserts for a mobile world.
  • Stressed is “Desserts” spelled backwards
  • The dream truck of a dessert foodie
  • The right dessert truck
  • The ultimate dessert carrier
  • We make the impossible into a dessert
  • When the truck stops, the desserts start
  • Your dessert is on the way.
  • Your friendly neighborhood dessert truck

Dessert Slogans

Desserts have always been a popular part of eating out, and this is no exception when you are considering opening your own dessert business in a food truck. SO check out our best of the available dessert slogans, to make your business bloom.

  • A balanced diet is a dessert in each hand
  • A little bliss in every mouthful
  • Amazingly simple desserts with a twist
  • Because we know how much your dessert matters to you.
  • Catering to your dessert cravings
  • Crafting great desserts to match your lifestyle
  • Desire meets a new dessert
  • Desserts are not just for after dinner
  • Desserts that will bring you back for more
  • Don’t settle for normal.
  • It’s not just food, it’s DESSERT!
  • It’s not just a dessert, it’s art.
  • Moments of Loving Desserts
  • Satisfy your heart with a delicious dessert
  • The sweetest desserts in town.
  • Where desserts and people meet
  • Your choice is our dessert passion.

Cupcake Slogans

Cupcakes are one of the most popular types of cakes for the modern Millennials and Gen-Z’ers. This industry has increased consistently over the last few years, to the point where creativity and innovation has brought it to an art form. And if you are opening up your own cupcake business in a food truck, then we have the perfect slogan to help your business get off the ground.

  • A beautiful cupcake can make you smile
  • A cupcake for every sweet occassion
  • A little cupcake goes a long way…
  • A small, sweet treat that’s fun to eat.
  • All you need in life is love and a cupcake
  • Because Cupcakes make people happy
  • Because you deserve a cupcake
  • Brighten your day with our cupcake
  • Cupcakes are the new medicine for depression
  • Cupcakes make the world a better place
  • Cupcakes. Live life to the fullest
  • Fresh out of oven, fresh into your life!
  • Our cupcakes are filled with love, and icing.
  • Spreading joy is a cupcake’s meaning in life
  • True happiness is a well baked cupcake
  • We handcraft our cupcakes just for you
  • We make our cupcakes with care
  • We put the icing on your cupcake
  • When all you need is a cupcake

We hope this post helps you identify a marketing slogan that helps sell more cupcakes, cakes, or ice cream from your dessert truck.