In today’s video, we want to show you something that has become increasingly popular in recent months. More and more participants on the competitive BBQ circuit have begun approaching us to build their high-end trailers to help them cook competition quality que. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we understand how important the details are on these builds in particular where having a smoker cooks meat with even a few degrees of inconsistency can be the difference between taking home the grand prize along with a trophy to going home with nothing more than left over ribs. We understand that temperature control matters when it comes to competitive BBQ!
In the 12-minute video below, we walk you through some of the custom items included on this trailer and give you a 360 degree view of the smoker trailer. This includes walking you through all of the equipment that has been installed and why it was positioned a certain way. Like all of our custom builds, this BBQ trailer was built with our client’s need in mind. For example, this customer plans to use 20-pound propane tanks that can be purchased at most hardware store or gas station. Knowing this, we made sure to install two dedicated locations on the trailer where these could be stored. You’ll also see that there’s plenty of storage space for meats and wood. Of course there is also a sink installed so that our customer can use the trailer for catering jobs that may come up in addition to the competition BBQ circuit.

Competition BBQ Trailer Features

  • Spare tire mounted to the front of the trailer
  • Five foot frame.
  • 20-pound dual propane bottles.
  • Two core boxes that can hold 120 quart Igloo coolers or you could also store wood here.
  • Pickup box steel toolbox so you can separate your tongs or paperwork.
  • Underbody truck toolbox to store seasoning, spices, rubs or anything else you want.
  • Full sized single bay kitchen sink (35″ x 32″)
  • Diamond plate covers to protect the battery and water tanks.
  • Model NS 60 SWT Smoker
  • Custom sized warmer box.
  • Propane fire starter.
  • Charcoal grill for steaks and chicken.
  • Multiple areas of extra storage.

As you can see this trailer offers all the comforts of your home kitchen. Watch the full video for even more of the custom details about this smoker trailer. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom BBQ smoker trailers, check out our page dedicated exclusively to our custom line of New South Smokers.