Watch the video tour below with Russel’s Rib Shack new combo smoker trailer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone with in the ATL area would be wise to look up Russel for world-class competition-level BBQ delivered to their upcoming event.
Video Tour
Unlike a lot of other BBQ trailers or smokers you find on the market, we build a custom trailer from the ground up that are specifically designed to fit the equipment you need on the unit. Many builders will buy pre-made trailers and essentially play a game of Tetris to fit all your desired equipment on-board a certain sized unit. This is not the optimal way to design a professionally designed trailer you plan to operate for many years to come and build a business around. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, no two trailers are the same.
As you’ll see with this build out there is four inch C-channel framing underneath the unit. C-channel framing is essential for enhanced stability and durability of the unit. This was built with a 5,000 pound axle and the unit was upgraded with chrome rims. This trailer features the NS 72 SWT. The NS7 SWT comes standard with two shelves at 72″L x 22″D. These shelves can be pulled out so you can easily access meats. Removable shelves also makes cleanup infinitely easier.
The smoker unit also features three durable locks to ensure the doors don’t move while commuting to events. This creates a generous cooking surface over 3,000 square inches to smoke chicken, ribs, steak or any other type of grilled foods you desire. Check the full specifications of the NS 72 SWT and optional upgrades here.

At the four minute point of the video you can evaluate the smoker box. This box features 3 additional shelves at the front of the trailer. A firebox is also positioned at the front of the unit where logs can be placed. A starter was also installed in the firebox making it easier to get heat going on a cold day. A burner was also positioned in the firebox as a heat assist by request. This helps prevent ash from falling into the burner and is something we’re happy to install upon request.
Coming in standard on this unit is a two-burner hot plate. There’s also a built-in cutting board that you can pop-off and hose down when cleaning. Finally, we always ensure you’ve got storage space built into your trailers to store cooking utensils or other equipment needed for BBQ. Watch the video in its entirety to learn more!
We Understand Professional BBQ 
As noted in the video, you can learn more about our lineup of New South Smokers and Grills here. From there you can evaluate different options and upgrades that our customers frequently make for their unit. Additionally, if you have a custom feature you would like installed, give us a call and we can more than likely make it happen. We can also share unique ways we’ve modified other trailers for customers in the past. Our goal is to build a one-of-a-kind unit that will serve you for years to come. Give us a call at 904-397-0246 to tell us about your next trailer.