5 08, 2022

171+ Chinese Food Slogans and Taglines That Make You Hungry

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Ni Hao! People around the world crave the rich and unique flavor of Chinese food. In the United States alone, this phenomenal cuisine thrives as a multi-billion industry, whether as a takeout market or as a food service restaurant market. It can also be found everywhere in the country, with over 23,000 locations.  If you're selling Chinese food from a food truck, trailer, or restaurant location then you've come to the right place. I've cooked over a hundred slogans and taglines to help you sell more Chinese food.  Chinese Food Slogans Chinese Food Taglines Chinese Restaurant Taglines Chinese Food Captions [...]

2 06, 2022

My Experience at the Summer Fancy Food Show (numbers inside!)

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Whew! That was crazy. My family and I just returned from the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. It was 3 days of pure madness. It felt like everyone and their sister came to try our mustard. In the end, I got an enormous list of contacts to follow up with and even a couple orders I've got to pack up (more on that below). We arrived Friday afternoon to hand-carry everything in (no way was I going to pay the HUGE handling fees charged by the union laborers). My parents and I set the booth up and [...]

4 04, 2022

200+ Super Cute Bakery Truck Marketing Slogans and Taglines

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With more than 23,000 retail bakeries across the country, you can launch your own mobile bakery in almost any market. An industry accommodating almost 170,000 bakers, and worth an estimated $423 billion a year, now you can sell bread as well as cake, cupcakes, and cookies anywhere. To help your baking business rise up, here are some of the greatest slogans ever created for bakeries and bakery trucks just like yours. So come and take your pick. Bakery Truck Marketing Slogans Home Bakery Marketing Slogans Funny Bakery Slogans Sweet Bakery Slogans Muffin Slogans Cupcake Slogans Cookie Slogans Croissant Slogans Bakery [...]

25 02, 2022

3 Strategies to Turn One­-time Customers into Loyal Customers

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Keep them coming back for hard shell tacos. Turning one-time customers into lifelong customers is important for any small business. This includes those of you in the food truck and restaurant industries. Ready to take your customer loyalty to the next level? Check out these ideas. Strategy #1: Email marketing & coupons I love email marketing. LOVE IT. It’s responsible for 27.86% of my sales. Every email I send generates at least $300 in sales ­ some even close to $700 if they’re super­targeted. Email marketing works because your messages are being sent to people who are already [...]

18 02, 2022

10 Reasons Self-Distribution is the Best Way to Sell Your Food Product

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10 reasons for self distribution. I got a call last week from an employee in the Seafood department of a large grocery store in Southern, VT. He was talking up our Jalapeno mustard to his customers at the fish counter until, one day, the grocery buyer could no longer bring it in because of a distributor switch (a company we don't sell through). That got me thinking: Why doesn't the grocery store purchase directly from me? The seafood clerk was psyched and I had control over another store. Which prompted today's article. One of the best ways to increase your gross [...]

2 02, 2022

5 Common Food Business Problems and How to Solve Them

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This is 100% honest. All food businesses have problems you'll need to solve. Here are a few ways to solve one of the most common problems facing food businesses. Here are a few ways to solve these common business problems. The problems below are not sugar-coated. (Although that would be tasty....mmmm sugar.) These are real problems. And I'm sure some of you are experiencing them, too. If you are, I'd love to here what you've done to solve them. Here's what's going on: Problem #1: Our Mustard is too Expensive Shelf space is expensive. And retailers aren't going to put products [...]

31 12, 2021

How to Get Insurance for Your Food Business

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There are a lot of reasons companies need insurance. They've got to protect their logo or company name, make sure they're computers are covered, and don't forget workman's compensation. But, for food producers, you've got to protect something way more important than logos and computers. You need to protect your customers. Yep - the people who enjoy your products every day. This is why product liability insurance is so important. I recommend getting it before approaching retailers to carry your product. Why you need insurance: 1. Bad ingredients If you've got recalled ingredients or spoiled ingredients that were used in [...]

22 12, 2021

Food Business Lessons You’ll Need to Know in 2022

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You should analyze EVERYTHING about a food business. You should see my spreadsheets (I'll share them once I get them all bundled up). Some would say, it's overkill. I say, it's research. And since it's almost the start of the new year, I'm writing this post so you know the metrics that are important to evaluate. Why do I do this? Analyzing your business provides you with insights you would never see if you simply handed over a profit & loss statement to your tax accountant and called it a day. For example: What was your most popular flavor? Which retailers [...]

17 12, 2021

5 Ways the Food Industry will Change in 2022

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Happy New Year! Over the past few months, I've been noticing some trends on the grocery store shelves: new products, unique branding strategies, and I've honestly learned a couple more lessons. I'd love to share my view on the 2018 industry with you. While I don't have a hand in the specialty food industry anymore, I still love this industry and pay close attention to changes in the market. Because, you never know - I may jump back in. So, for better or worse, here are the 5 food business trends I've been noticing. Hopefully, they help you achieve great [...]

30 11, 2021

How Much Does a Mobile Medical Unit Cost Exactly?

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Mobile medical trailer built by MR-Trailers.com. A new mobile medical unit costs roughly $45,000. Depending on what goes in, a modest buildout would cost between $50,000 and $75,000. Depending on the size, extras, and amenities included, a well-equipped unit could cost anywhere between $175,000 to $375,000. However, if you want to know how much goes into each component of a mobile medical vehicle, here are some ideas for your reference. The total cost of the equipment installed will play the biggest factor in the total cost. You can estimate the cost of your build by figuring out the [...]