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April 14, 2015 Staff

Inside Look at Bono’s Bar-B-Q Express Food Truck

Welcome back to M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks with Bob Pierson leading yet another walkthrough on one of our recent builds. We actually forgot to do one after initial completion, but they brought it back for maintenance recently so we took the chance and ran! We’ll be looking at Bono’s Bar-B-Q Express from Jacksonville, the first Truck built in this franchise’s lineup for Chance Gerisch. They got a full wrap on the entire vehicle, including window, we had a lot of fun doing this fully custom build on the 7.5 x 18 foot bbq truck project.

Some of the highlights of this trailer include:   

  • An Extended Frame to set up our Southern Pride Cooker, using suspended large beams out the back, welded in to put in a floor deck and set the cooker in. Accompanied by a metal roof extension.
  • Built-in hood designed specifically for pulling Smoke from cooker
  • 2 100lb propane gas tanks to accompany, Outside Cooker Drain set up
  • 10 ft electric roll out Awning
  • Big Screen Television set up on outside for Menu, Movies, or whatever they want to run during service
  • Beverage Machine and Ice Making Machine, with Waste Tank exclusively for it

Eat at Bono’s

If you live in or near Jacksonville, or have nothing to do and can head down there (we highly recommend it), give Bono’s Bar-B-Q Express a try when not at one of their many restaurants! Serving real Pit BBQ in the city since 1949, Bono’s finally added a mobile extension to their wide-reaching lineup, and have been serving up happy customers ever since. Some of the items you’ll find on Bono’s Bar-B-Q include St Louis style Ribs, Smoked Chicken Wings, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Mac n Cheese, and all other classic bbq entrees and sides!

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