Blog ideas for your food business blog

Struggling to come up with content for your blog? Maybe one of these ideas will help!

Have you ever wondered what you would actually write about if you started a blog tied to your food businesses? The modern blog can come in many formats, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube blogs, or of course hosted on your own company website.

Blogging is a time-consuming activity. You might have time for it, you might not. Hopefully, you do. And if you’re making it a main part of your online marketing, chances are you run into the same writer’s block I’m experiencing.

No matter how much planning goes into your blog, you still get stuck. So, here’s a list of what you can write about on your food business blog:

1. Personal Posts (trips, family, etc)

Your customers want to know who’s behind the brand. What do you like to do with your family? What about your hobbies outside of your biz? Have you traveled anywhere on vacation recently? Share your experiences outside of work. Let your customers know who you are.

2. New Product Announcements

This is the juicy stuff. New and loyal fans alike love to know when you’ve launched new products. And often times, they’ll buy it just because it’s new. Let customers know on your blog when something launches. Give them the story behind the product, suggested uses, and information on where to purchase it.

In addition to product announcements, you can also share relevant business updates. Maybe you’ve expanded to a second food truck with your mobile food business. Write about it. Perhaps you’re testing a new menu item. Share it. Perhaps you’ve got a charity event with a local non-profit planned around the holidays. Let folks know about it.

3. Employee & Supplier Profiles

You’re not the only one who makes your company rock and roll (well, maybe you are). Feature the other people who make things happen for your company. If you partner with a local farm, do a farm tour with pictures. If you get your product co-packed, feature the people who make your product for you.

4. How to Use Your Product

This is the number one question I get when talking with customers: “What do you do with it!” While it’s obvious to you how to use your product, your customers have no idea. Provide them with recipe ideas, cooking instructions, video recipes, etc. That way, they quickly use your product up and they have to come back to buy more. That’s a win-win.

5. Interview With the Owner

Who runs the show? (Ha – it’s probably you!) Sit down with them to do a profile. Where did they grow up? What got them interested in food? What led to the company? Where do they see the company going? These questions lend a personal touch to your company. Even if you sell kitchen towels, a personal touch is always appreciated by your retailers, distributors, and consumers.

6. Your Other Favorite Food Products

If you’ve been making your food product for a couple years (or even a couple months), chances are you’ve built up quite the network of food producers. You know the jam guy, the pickle lady, and the chocolate family. Why not give them a shout out on your blog. Maybe you make salsa and you’re friends make hot chocolate mix that’s perfect for the colder months — write about it. Include a small interview, pictures, and heck, maybe even a coupon code to save on their product. Ask them to reciprocate the favor, too.

7.  Press Releases (yes, they can go on your blog, too!)

Traditionally, press releases are meant to be sent to TV stations, local newspapers, and business magazines, but put them on your blog, too. Blog posts are indexed by all the major search engines. That means it’s a good bet your big news will be picked up by Google and Yahoo quicker than a press outlet.

8. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You get questions all the time: How did you get into making your product? What’s your most popular product? Where can I find your product? Do you do other events? Where did you come up with the recipe? Take all of these questions and answer them in your blog posts.

9. List of New Retailers / Event Promoters

As a growing food business, you’re connecting with new retailers or event promoters all the time. Group them together in a monthly blog post. Include where they’re located, the website, and a phone number. Your customers will appreciate the update and hopefully support you – and your new retailer.

10. Video (no writing required)

No writing required! Video is a great way to communicate what you might type in 1,000 words, in just a minute or two. Use your smartphone or a webcam and to start recording short snippets – no expensive video camera required. Video keeps customers engaged and helps them put a face to your company. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all let you upload and share video easily from your phone.

Blogging is important for your food businesses. It shows you’re still an active company, informs prospective customers about your products, gives journalists an idea of what you’re all about, and it puts a personality to your brand.

The last thing you want to do when you start a blog is to sit around for 20 minutes trying to think about something to write about. That’s totally unproductive time that doesn’t move you closer to the goal.

With these tips, you’ll hopefully never run out of content ideas for your blog. Do you have any to add? Think you do a great job blogging? Share your comments and a link to your blog below.