Mobile audiology clinics are an efficient way for audiologists to bring important healthcare to the patients that need these services the most. Whether you want to serve senior citizens that may have difficultly traveling, patients that live in remote areas, employees on a job-site, or even help in crisis situations, a medical trailer designed to provide audio tests and hearing exams can help you accomplish these goals.

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we custom design and build medical trailers with your specific needs in mind. Before we begin work on any project, we sit down with you in person or over the phone to understand your goals and the operational needs of your practice.

We Take the Time To Understand Your Needs.

Only after fully understanding your needs, will we discuss different build and layout options for your unit. Some of the information we gather during our initial discussion includes the number of patients you hope to serve per day, the services you plan to provide, medical equipment requirements, and an understanding of patient flow.
Our goal is always to create a mobile audiology environment that provides comfort to patients while allowing staff to efficiently complete their work.

In the video walk-through below, you have the opportunity to get an insider’s view of a recent hearing exam trailer manufactured by M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. Highlights of this unit can be found below the video. This unit allows the audiologist to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with hearing loss or balance problems.

Features of this Hearing Exam Trailer:   

Front Office: Similar to an fixed location audio clinic, you enter the mobile unit and step into the front office. This area is where staff will process patients and collect information in a private environment. If you have a high volume of patients, the outside of the unit can be used to process patients as well.
You’ll see that inside the front office there is A/C ventilation for comfort, built-in cabinets for paperwork, tables for office equipment and a sound proof door that separates the office area from the examination room.

Sound Proof Exam Room: In this unit, the audiologist is able to test the hearing of six patients within the examination room. This room also has A/C ventilation for comfort of patients and comes fully equipped with sound booths and audio plugs.

Are you considering an audiology trailer or other mobile medical unit for your practice? Give M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks a call at 904-397-0246 or click here to schedule a consultation. We always provide free consultations and designs before we begin any builds to ensure you have the exact mobile unit you envisioned.