This video features a custom-built BBQ trailer for a customer based out of central Florida. This trailer will be used primarily for catering events and includes some nice bells, whistles, and innovative ideas that you won’t find on the average BBQ concession rig.  In this video, we give you a 360 degree tour of the build and detailed demonstration of the different features you’ll find in this rig.

Video Timeline
[0:00 – 1:00] Introduction to the 5-foot wide BBQ concession trailer. The width helps support the retractable canopy or roof system on the trailer to protect the pit master from the sun or rain.
[1:00 – 1:50] The tour starts up front with the tongue piece. At the front of the trailer you’ll see two separate 40 pound gas tanks are installed. Due to the width of the trailer there’s also two boxes for storage up front. The first box will house a 120 quart cooler to keep meats at an appropriate temperate. The second box can be used as a wood basket.
[1:51 – 2:48] Moving toward the center of the trailer, you’ll find the two compartment sink that dispenses hot and cold water. This is a 22×36 inch sink that also has a sprayer installed. A fresh and waste water tank were also installed. We also guide you through the plumbing underneath the sink.
The battery compartment is installed just to the right of the plumbing. Room for additional storage is provided in this area as well. As you can see there is a steel door that protects everything in this area.
[2:49 – 5:19] Moving to the rear of the rig, we get to the fun stuff. Here you’ll find our New South Smoker Model NS 72 SWT. This smoker comes standard with 3,168 square inches of cooking surface and shelves that can be pulled out for easy access. There is also a flow plate located across the bottom of the tank so you can use the smoker as a convection often if needed. This can also be used as a charcoal grill.
A cutting board is installed right outside your smoker doors. This means you can chop or slice meats with ease after cooking. Of course, you’ll always know that your meat temperatures remain consistent throughout the smoker with thermometers installed into the smoker doors.
[5:20 – 7:30] Moving to the rear of the trailer, the warmer box is installed. If you’ve watched our other videos, you may have seen this feature demonstrated before. In the warmer box there are 3 shelfs to keep chicken, steak, or ribs ready to eat. We also have a slide gate installed inside of the box. What this allows you to do is to be able to cook inside the warmer box if you choose to. This enables you to cook meats after different temperatures within the warmer box than you do in the main cylinder. The result is having the option of a secondary smoker installed on your trailer.
[7:31 – 10:28] Coming around to the other side of the trailer, you’ll find three burners be installed here. This was a special request from the customer and we were more than happy to make the modification. There’s additional prep area and room for cutting boards in front of the burners as well. Temperature controls are also installed for each separate burner so you’ve got the flexibility to experiment with different types of cross heat and temperatures.
Finally, there is a deep fryer on this trailer. This is a regular two-basket commercial fryer. This was one of the reasons we needed to installed larger propane tanks at the front of the trailer. This opens up a ton of cooking options for this caterer. Grilling, smoking, frying, whatever the goal you can accomplish it on this trailer.
[10:29 – 12:27] Of course, we need to mention the built in stereo system on this trailer. If you’re going to be grilling all afternoon it’s nice to have some tunes to go along with it. By now you already noticed the roof on this trailer too. This is a three piece roof, the center is stationary, with the right and left sides of the canopy folding down for travel.
As is demonstrated in this video, if you can dream it we can build it. Contact us if you have a custom BBQ trailer that you have in mind.