Non-meat protein alternatives are all the rage right now. Businesses large and small are rushing to add faux meat options to their menus. One example is the restaurant chain Del Taco who recently added Beyond Meat tacos to their menu, which uses yellow peas as the main ingredient for the meat substitute. According to reports, the company has been selling roughly a million of these tacos per month!
No matter where you fall on the taste preference spectrum, the demand for plant-based meat alternatives is growing nationally. But should be trying to ride this mega trend as a food truck owner?

Can You Expect to See Plant-Based BBQ Trucks Soon?

We believe that for many food truck business owners it will make good financial sense to provide at least one vegan menu option for guests. Everyone has a friend or family member that eats vegan or vegetarian (at least part time). Offering a plant based option can give you a competitive advantage over other vendors… especially if you move quickly.
Best of all it’s becoming easier and easier to source plant based protein affordably. The publicly traded faux meat company Beyond Meat products are readily available at national grocers like Albertsons and Vons. Here are a few simple ways different food trucks can integrate a plant-based meat substitute into their existing menu.

Vegan-Based Substitutes for Food Truck Vendors

Burgers: If you’re already serving hamburgers as a staple on your menu, providing a high-quality meat alternative will be exceptionally easy. Beyond Meat offer plant-based patties available in the meat section of most grocers.
These are arguably (taste is always a matter of personal preference) the best tasting non-meat patties available on the market. If you haven’t tried one yet, we encourage you to taste one at home and form your own opinion.
Hot Dogs / Sausages: This can apply to the hot dog vendor or truck owner a like. If you cook sausage for your menu this is another easy menu add-on. The Beyond Sausage is intended to cook up just like you would pork. No extra prep time or hassle needed to include in your menu. Find this in the meat section of the grocery store as well.
Hamburger: Whether you are serving Italian meatballs or other items that include hamburger this can be a fantastic option for offering a vegan alternative. Even Subway is beginning to test offering plant-based meat ball sandwiches.
Taco Meat: If you operate a taco truck then testing the Beyond Beef Crumbles is a simple solution for the business. It’s worked well for national chains like Del Taco and you can source the same high-quality plant based meat for your small business.

The Future of Meat Alternatives

Faux meat is an exciting segment of the food industry right now. Tofu burgers have been around for decades, but a combination of consumer demand and food innovation has resulted in dramatic changes over the past 2 years.
There will no doubt be continued innovation and excitement around these products over the coming 5 – 10 years. In fact, some companies like Vivera are already releasing plant based steak to the market.
Have you considered adding plant-based meat to your food truck menu? Let us know your plans in the comments section below or on social media.