Stories are introduced to us almost immediately when we are born. These parables help us to learn important lessons, remember things easier and entertainment us. Even the simplest and best children’s stories have the power to be passed along and retold for generations.

Even though this form of communication is natural and effective, most of us don’t think about sharing our story in our businesses, especially in the food truck industry. But it’s essential that we do. By taking some time to reflect on our personal journey starting a business, we can use those experiences to help connect on a deeper level with the folks we come into contact with on a daily basis: customers, suppliers, and even other vendors.

If you’re skeptical about the practicality of taking the time to write down your story, we get it. It’s not an activity that has an immediate impact on revenue like prepping for the next catering event. But if you take the time to create story that draws people in and shares more about themselves, you will make more money in the longterm since people will connect with you personally. Complete strangers will feel like they know you even if you’ve never met you before because they know your story!

Tell the story of your food.

Your Food Truck’s Story

Now that you understand the benefits it’s time to sit down and really think about the story of your food truck. For this it’s best to go back to the early days of starting your business to think about your reasons for starting the business.

Did you want to share a little known from your ethnic background and culture? Have you been cooking with your mother since 7-years old and it’s a process that brings you true joy? Did you go to culinary school and spend years mastering your craft? All of these experiences can serve as the foundation of your story.

Having a prepared story can save time and energy as well. I bet someone has asked how you got the idea to start a food truck before. Situations like this are the ideal time to share your prepared story in a concise way.

Pitch Story

As mentioned early, compelling stories can help you get what you want in business too. One variation of the the personal business story you can tell is the pitch. The pitch gives you the opportunity to reveal a piece of your storing before asking for something, such as the opportunity to serve food at a big catering event, festival, or corporate park. In these situations starting with your story first will allow decision makers to connect with you.

One example of an entrepreneur with a terrific backstory of Sarah Feoli from Rescue Chocolate. Sarah shares her personal story about founding the business before she pitches a new retailer about testing her chocolate bars on store shelves. Without a story that allows her to connect, Sarah would have a tough time getting her product into small retailers.

But the story, helps open the doors and make people receptive. You see, Sarah got the idea for her company while taking a walk with her pet that’s an adopted pitbull. During this particular walk Sarah was eating a piece of chocolate and got inspired. She started thinking about how there could be a chocolate company that helped promote pet adoptions without making people feel sad. Sharing the message through chocolate bars could be a fun way to help promote the message and started a business on the topic.

By sharing this true story about the business idea, it allows buyers to immediately connect with the businesses mission based on her story. Without it, she would be simply asking for space in a store, which is no easy task. Sarah it able to use her personal journey as an ethical advantage over other chocolate companies seeking retail space.

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Underdog Story

Everybody loves an underdog. So much so that it’s a saying! For some reason, it’s human nature always like to root for the little guy. Unless you’re a Patriots fan of course.

Every independent food truck owner can use their own underdog story to help connect with people. As a small food truck vendor, you’re local, small batch, and artisan. All of these are characteristics that are appealing to prospective customers. You can use the story of being the little guy to your advantage and have folks rooting for you.

In conclusion, your story doesn’t need to be complex. Just something authentic to you and your mission. The story of your food truck can help you generate more business and connect on a deeper level with customers. Stop overlooking one of your competitive advantage!