While the web has replaced the need of business cards for sharing basic information like telephone numbers, email addresses, and menus there are still situations where this form of marketing can benefit BBQ catering businesses.
Places like vendor fairs, networking events, or even when you’re out serving the public can provide an opportunity to distribute cards to connect with folks interested in future catering events. Not only can these cards help prospective customers remember your brand, they still add a level of professionalism when executed right.
There’s been a lot of disruption in the business card industry making it easier and more affordable to get this tried-and-true business tool. Back in the day, you would have needed to hire an expensive design firm to create a custom card or settle for a bland template created on a Word Document. Today, there are all sorts of online tools and templates that allow you to create an eye-popping marketing tool.
One such tool you can use to design a BBQ catering business card without design experience is Canva. Canva has a plethora of business card design options that are ideal for a BBQ business. You can view templates sorted by the restaurant filter here.

restaurant business card templates

Restaurant business card templates from Canva.

After logging into Canva, edit the text to reference your brand name, website, and other key contact information. You can further personalize these cards by using custom photography in the background. Again, no need to hire an expensive photographer for this.
You can use photos already stored on your iPhone of your smoked meats, brisket, or hog roast to use as the background photo. The combination of a custom photo with the professional font and layout thanks to Canva is all you need to create a calling card that’s 100% personalized to your style.
Another approach that’s commonly used is to leverage your BBQ business logo to embed on the card. If you’ve already got a logo you’ve created for the website all you need to do is download the image file, upload the logo into Canva, and position it in a way that looks good on the business card. You can even shrink or enlarge the photo to make everything look just right.
Once you get the hang of using Canva, you’ll find that you can create all sorts of marketing materials for your business inside of the platform. Promotional flyers and menu designs can be designed just as quickly and easily if you require those too.
When it comes time to get those cards printed, it’s become super affordable to do that too. If you have a Costco membership, you can get 500 of the custom cards printed for under $30. You can also upload the business card design through the Costco website to get the process started.
If you don’t have a membership, not to worry. There are plenty of low-cost alternatives for printing business cards like FedEx.

BBQ Catering Business Card Examples

bbq business card

A refined BBQ business card. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Here’s an example of an extremely well designed and professional BBQ business card. This is ideal for caterers that hope to secure corporate catering gigs or attract higher end opportunities like weddings.

This is the business card used by Gil’s Grill BBQ Catering based out of Hollister, California. Check them out for catering including pork ribs and hog roasts if you live in the area.
bbq menu template

BBQ menu template available on Canva.

Sometimes handing out sample menus can be even better than a traditional business card. Using this approach you not only give people the required contact information to get in contact with the business, but you give them an entire list of menu options to consider.
list of templates

More template examples from Canva.

Here are six more template examples available on Canva that could easily be adapted for a BBQ catering business. By adding your own custom photos of a BBQ sandwich or ribs in the background, you’ll totally transform the look and feel of all these designs.

Another example of a BBQ menu / card template.

Here’s yet another option for a BBQ menu / business card combination that could be used. This works particularly well if you’re planning to serve sausages or hot dogs.
carnivores bbq and catering

Another business card example.

Here’s another business card example we like. This one includes a lot of detailed business information like address, phone number, email, logo, and a description of the BBQ business. All key information for prospective catering clients!
We hope this post has provided you with some affordable approaches you can use to get a top-of-the-line business card created that will ultimately help you generate more business. If you’re in the market for a BBQ trailer or truck of your own, check out our custom line of competition grade smokers.