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Video: Isuzu Rolling Grind Coffee Truck Conversion

Although Isuzu’s aren’t typically outfitted to food trucks, it can be done! This truck will be the mobile unit of the Rolling Grind coffee truck. This video walk-through takes you on a guided vehicle before it’s been wrapped so the exterior will look different once this is complete. We hope this video gives you some great ideas of what can be done with an Isuzu!

As you can see on this Isuzu the kitchen area is not connected to the cab. On most food trucks these two areas are connected so keep that in mind if this is important to your business. On the outside you’ll notice a Powertech Generator is installed inside the protective box. Coffee machines, in particular require a lot of power to operate so this is not an area you should cut corners. Coffee machines, espresso makers, and blenders all require a lot of power. The last thing you want to happen during a rush is to have the power go out during a rush.

Inside the Isuzu Coffee Truck

After entering the truck, you’ll notice the wide-range of equipment already installed. On the left side of the kitchen is a bar with two Blendtec kichen blenders installed to make smoothies and other drinks.  There’s also a commercial grade Bunn coffee grinder installed so beans are as fresh as possible. There is also a commercial grade espresso maker a refridgerator installed to keep everything cool.

Moving over to the right side of the kitchen there’s a six foot serving window installed to provide customers with their beverage of choice. Directly below, a 50-gallon water tank is installed. There is a large sink with cutting board and separate hand-sink. There is also a propane water heater, which is the only propane power used in the entire vehicle. Finally, there’s a broom closet installed where cleaning equipment can be installed. Overall, this Isuzu build turned out really nice and will serve the customer well for years to come.

The Coffee Truck Business

M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks specializes in custom building mobile coffee trucks and trailers. You can view our past builds here. Overall, the coffee concept works really well with mobile and we’ve had many customers go on to be successful with this model.

One such example of a success story is Refuge Coffee Co. based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Refuge Coffee Co. expanded to two food trucks and coffee shop location in just a few years. It’s a model that has worked fro many others and can work for you too!

If you would like to learn more about what M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks can do for you, feel free to give us a call at 904-397-0246 for a free quote. 

Tony’s Clam Chowder Food Truck Van Video Walkthrough

This morning Bob has a brand new food van walk-through that was built for Tony’s Clam Chowder based in Cedar Key, Florida. You can find out where Tony’s Clam Chowder will be serving next by checking out their event calendar. If you can’t visit at an event near you, you can still get a taste of Tony’s seafood by trying their chowder sold at Albertsons, Safeway, and other markets across Florida. This is hands down the best chowder we’ve ever tasted and we are proud to have had the opportunity to build this van!

The Tour

The tour starts at the front of the vehicle where you see the attractive wrap and branding for Tony’s Clam Chowder and website prominently displayed at the front. The side of this vehicle also features strong calls to action highlighting the “free samples” available for prospective customers when the van is in operation. We highly recommend you take them up on this offer!

As we move over to the right side of the vehicle, Bob demonstrates how the serving window and serving tray are put in position when the vehicle is ready to serve. You may not notice this at first, but the serving window is actually part of the sliding door that can be used to enter into the kitchen of the van.

After the sliding door is opened you discover that there are two retractable serving counters. These allow you to easily enter the van and when you’re ready to serve customers just pop-up the counters and get to work. Inside the van you have a refrigerator to keep the soups fresh, a stovetop for the big pots of clam chowder, a prep shelf, microwave, 3-bay sink with hand washing sink. Of course there’s plenty of counter area for serving and cabinets for storage as well. Also note the installed exstinguisher for fire safety.

What’s not immediately visible underneath the counter is a displace for food. Other features included on the inside of this vehicle include paper towel dispenser, hood, shelving, and of course A/C to keep cool while your cooking up warm clam chowder.

Security Features

The features we have not discussed yet during this tour is the number of security cameras that are installed around the vehicle.  You can view the video around the van while you’re operating. This can help when your parking the vehicle, but is also handy for security purposes while you are working inside the vehicle too. Located above the security screen is the stereo controls. On the outside of the vehicle is a stereo system for playing music or making announcements over a PA.

Returning to the outside of the vehicle there is a display area for products. Here you could feature menu items or place drinks so that prospective customers have a visual example of the products you sell on-board. There’s also a second window that lifts up to display a television screen. This screen can be used to display a menu, marketing videos, or to broadcast a game. Moving to the rear of the vehicle is the propane tank for running the burners and a Cummins generator for electricity. As a special require from this customer there was also a ladder installed on the back for access to a rack system at the roof of the van.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to build this van for Tony’s Clam Chowder. As mentioned previously this is the best chowder we’ve ever tried, but don’t take our word for it. Watch the video below to see what their fans have to say:

To see more examples of food van conversions and pricing click here or give M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks a call at 904-397-0246 to discuss your next specialty vehicle build. 

[New Video] Catering BBQ Trailer with 3-Shelf Warmer Box & Canopy

This video features a custom-built BBQ trailer for a customer based out of central Florida. This trailer will be used primarily for catering events and includes some nice bells, whistles, and innovative ideas that you won’t find on the average BBQ concession rig.  In this video, we give you a 360 degree tour of the build and detailed demonstration of the different features you’ll find in this rig.

Video Timeline

[0:00 – 1:00] Introduction to the 5-foot wide BBQ concession trailer. The width helps support the retractable canopy or roof system on the trailer to protect the pit master from the sun or rain.

[1:00 – 1:50] The tour starts up front with the tongue piece. At the front of the trailer you’ll see two separate 40 pound gas tanks are installed. Due to the width of the trailer there’s also two boxes for storage up front. The first box will house a 120 quart cooler to keep meats at an appropriate temperate. The second box can be used as a wood basket.

[1:51 – 2:48] Moving toward the center of the trailer, you’ll find the two compartment sink that dispenses hot and cold water. This is a 22×36 inch sink that also has a sprayer installed. A fresh and waste water tank were also installed. We also guide you through the plumbing underneath the sink.

The battery compartment is installed just to the right of the plumbing. Room for additional storage is provided in this area as well. As you can see there is a steel door that protects everything in this area.

[2:49 – 5:19] Moving to the rear of the rig, we get to the fun stuff. Here you’ll find our New South Smoker Model NS 72 SWT. This smoker comes standard with 3,168 square inches of cooking surface and shelves that can be pulled out for easy access. There is also a flow plate located across the bottom of the tank so you can use the smoker as a convection often if needed. This can also be used as a charcoal grill.

A cutting board is installed right outside your smoker doors. This means you can chop or slice meats with ease after cooking. Of course, you’ll always know that your meat temperatures remain consistent throughout the smoker with thermometers installed into the smoker doors.

[5:20 – 7:30] Moving to the rear of the trailer, the warmer box is installed. If you’ve watched our other videos, you may have seen this feature demonstrated before. In the warmer box there are 3 shelfs to keep chicken, steak, or ribs ready to eat. We also have a slide gate installed inside of the box. What this allows you to do is to be able to cook inside the warmer box if you choose to. This enables you to cook meats after different temperatures within the warmer box than you do in the main cylinder. The result is having the option of a secondary smoker installed on your trailer.

[7:31 – 10:28] Coming around to the other side of the trailer, you’ll find three burners be installed here. This was a special request from the customer and we were more than happy to make the modification. There’s additional prep area and room for cutting boards in front of the burners as well. Temperature controls are also installed for each separate burner so you’ve got the flexibility to experiment with different types of cross heat and temperatures.

Finally, there is a deep fryer on this trailer. This is a regular two-basket commercial fryer. This was one of the reasons we needed to installed larger propane tanks at the front of the trailer. This opens up a ton of cooking options for this caterer. Grilling, smoking, frying, whatever the goal you can accomplish it on this trailer.

[10:29 – 12:27] Of course, we need to mention the built in stereo system on this trailer. If you’re going to be grilling all afternoon it’s nice to have some tunes to go along with it. By now you already noticed the roof on this trailer too. This is a three piece roof, the center is stationary, with the right and left sides of the canopy folding down for travel.

As is demonstrated in this video, if you can dream it we can build it. Contact us if you have a custom BBQ trailer that you have in mind.

Custom-Built Competition BBQ Smoker Trailer with Sink in Florida [Video]

In today’s video, we want to show you something that has become increasingly popular in recent months. More and more participants on the competitive BBQ circuit have begun approaching us to build their high-end trailers to help them cook competition quality que. At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we understand how important the details are on these builds in particular where having a smoker cooks meat with even a few degrees of inconsistency can be the difference between taking home the grand prize along with a trophy to going home with nothing more than left over ribs. We understand that temperature control matters when it comes to competitive BBQ!

In the 12-minute video below, we walk you through some of the custom items included on this trailer and give you a 360 degree view of the smoker trailer. This includes walking you through all of the equipment that has been installed and why it was positioned a certain way. Like all of our custom builds, this BBQ trailer was built with our client’s need in mind. For example, this customer plans to use 20-pound propane tanks that can be purchased at most hardware store or gas station. Knowing this, we made sure to install two dedicated locations on the trailer where these could be stored. You’ll also see that there’s plenty of storage space for meats and wood. Of course there is also a sink installed so that our customer can use the trailer for catering jobs that may come up in addition to the competition BBQ circuit.

Competition BBQ Trailer Features

  • Spare tire mounted to the front of the trailer
  • Five foot frame.
  • 20-pound dual propane bottles.
  • Two core boxes that can hold 120 quart Igloo coolers or you could also store wood here.
  • Pickup box steel toolbox so you can separate your tongs or paperwork.
  • Underbody truck toolbox to store seasoning, spices, rubs or anything else you want.
  • Full sized single bay kitchen sink (35″ x 32″)
  • Diamond plate covers to protect the battery and water tanks.
  • Model NS 60 SWT Smoker
  • Custom sized warmer box.
  • Propane fire starter.
  • Charcoal grill for steaks and chicken.
  • Multiple areas of extra storage.

As you can see this trailer offers all the comforts of your home kitchen. Watch the full video for even more of the custom details about this smoker trailer. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom BBQ smoker trailers, check out our page dedicated exclusively to our custom line of New South Smokers.

Chief’s Chill Out: Ford Transit Custard Van Conversion Video

In today’s video, Bob Pierson guides you on a tour of a recent custom build we are very proud of for Chief’s Chill Out. Chief’s Chill Out wanted an efficient and agile way to bring their cold treats to the street and chose a new Ford Transit van to serve as the foundation of their business. In this video, Pierson takes you on a 360 degree tour of the outside and inside of this build out and explains the details that went into converting this ordinary van into a snow cone and custard distribution machine.

External Tour

The tour begins on the left-side of the converted Ford Transit van, where a lot of planning was invested into the marketing aspects of the vehicle and capturing customers attention. After opening up the first serving window reveals a large screen television where a menu or product videos can be displayed. All of the information displayed on this digital menu can be controlled inside the truck or remote from an iPad or phone.

To the rear of the vehicle is the serving window where fresh custards and snow cones will be served to customers. As you can see there are two trays that securely latch up. Below the serving window is a display that allows customers to be able to view the products you serve before you buy. This is a convenient way to demonstrate the different offerings on a custard van like this, but also allows you to showcase add-on items like sodas or chips that can increase your average customer value without additional effort.

At the rear of the vehicle is another custom addition. Unlike your traditional ice cream truck that may only sell pre-packaged product, Chief’s Chill Out wanted to create a higher-quality offering and have a custard machine installed on the vehicle. Running a custard machine on the truck requires a lot of electricity to operate and an additional generator needed to be installed on the vehicle to execute this type of vehicle. The problem is that space is at a premium in one of these smaller Ford Transit vehicles versus a traditional food truck.

How we were able to get around this problem was to create a custom sized generator box on the rear of the Ford Transit. This enables the owner plenty of power their custard machine from the external generator, but also saves space on the van. We did need to adjust the placement of the rear view cameras as well to make this adjustment. Instead of having the cameras on the bumper, they are now located on the doors and look out over the top of the generator so that the operator of the vehicle can see where he or she is going. The spare tire was then attached to the new custom built generator box.

See The Inside

As we open the sliding door into the converted Ford Transit, you see the beginning of the mobile kitchen and a large freezer. When you step into the van, the first thing you’ll notice is the line of bottles that extend across the ceiling. When in operation, these bottles will contain different flavors of syrup for snowcones. These syrups run down tubes to the outside of the van where customers can dispense their own syrups and mix flavors.

As Bob moves back into the rear of the kitchen you see some of the other features of this build.  Naturally, there is the custard machine and refrigerator to keep product cool. There is also a variety of shelving units and counter top space store product.

From a security standpoint, a monitor is also positioned near the serving window that allows you to monitor the outside of the vehicle while you work. In the rare event that someone attempts to tamper with your vehicle while it is in operation, you’ll be able to see it even while you’re inside of the vehicle. The electrical box is also installed nearby the serving window so it can be easily accessed while you work. The other convenient feature you’ll see is a push to start generator button from the inside of the van. This is a huge time saver and will make operating the van a lot easier. When you’re done using the generator, you can turn it off from inside the van as well.

Overall, we are honored to have helped Chief’s Chill Out get started. Visit for more information about their business. If you have a custom-built van in mind for your own business, don’t hesitate to reach out to M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks directly to learn how we can assist with your next custom build. 


The Flying Pie Guy – New Jersey Handheld Meat Pie Truck Build-Out

This afternoon we bring to you one of our recently completed builds that’s about to head north to New Jersey with the current owner. The main item being sold by the The Flying Pie Guy are handheld meat pies. Meat pies are not staple menu items in the United States, but are extremely popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. Meat pies are common lunch items in both countries. In fact, the owner of the vehicle, Mike Peacock, was born in Australia. The Flying Pie is bringing this overseas tradition all the way to New Jersey with their food truck concept.

Your host with the most, Bob Pierson, Co-Owner of M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, guides you on an inside and outside tour of the Flying Pie Guy truck in today’s episode. In this video tour you’ll see a variety of unique touches to the vehicle, including special ovens to cook the meat pies. This truck comes on an 18 foot box and a large framed white Freightliner MT45 and a Cummins Diesel engine. Enjoy the tour!

Outside Tour of Vehicle

As most of our vending trucks include, you need a large serving window to offer guests. We also have a tray area for the truck that easily unhooks and folds down when commuting. Although well-hidden by the truck wrap, the hook ups to the hot and cold water tanks are accessible from the outside. There are also flood lights strategically positioned outside the serving window area so that vendor can operate in evenings. Also attached is a speaker system that is controlled from the inside of the truck.

To the rear of the concession window, a television screen is located. This will be used by The Flying Pie for marketing or to list the menu items on the truck. There is also a retractable door that covers the television when not in operation to protect against vandalism or theft.

One of the nice additional touches that isn’t immediately apparent is the build a unique system around the tank. Since this truck is heading up north to New Jersey with cold winters, the vehicles plumbing system needed be harnessed to protect against frost.

Inside Tour of Vehicle

For an 18 foot truck, this vehicle is filled with cooking equipment to be able to execute the customers menu. The tour starts off with the 3-bay sink and cutting board that can be positioned over the top to take advantage of space. You also get to view the large vulcan convection oven system that is used to bake the pies, the plumbing and more.

Some of the other unique modifications on this vehicle include an additional seat being built into the vehicle so three people can ride safely in the truck with seat belts.

We hope you enjoyed this video tour! If you happen to live in the New Jersey area, be sure to check out those delicious meat pies from The Flying Pie Guy. You can view an online schedule where The Flying Pie Guy will be landing next at the event calendar here. You can also watch the owner, Mike Peacock’s video tour of the truck below and get a yummy visual of his meat pies:


The Top 5 Custom BBQ Smoker Trailer Videos on YouTube

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks we’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 custom builds for BBQ smoker trucks and trailers over our past 15 years in business. Whenever we complete a project for a customer, we like to record a video to document what the build process was like and allow folks like you to get a tour of our finished products. This post represents some of our favorite videos recorded over the past few years in no particular order.

As you’ll see in the footage below, we’ve had a wide-range of custom requests for BBQ smoker builds ranging from small trailers that the owner plans to use for personal use all the way to large trucks with all the bells and whistles. If you’ve been planning to invest in a custom smoker, large or small, we would love to help build your dream unit, call us at  904-397-0246 to schedule an appointment.

Southern Pride Smoker Concession Trailer

We start out big with this 28 foot trailer that has an additional 7 foot lip on the front end that makes this trailer a total of 35 feet in length. Not surprisingly this trailer attracts a lot of attention at events due to the massive size and unique paint job. In this video, Bob walks you through the features of this trailer and there are a lot of them.

A few of the highlights of this trailer, there are two holding tanks (not visible externally) for the bathroom inside of this trailer. There are also two hood systems installed. One is for the overhead cookers. The second, located at the rear of the trailer, is for the Southern Pride Cooker located on the porch. There are screen doors conveniently located on both sides of the Southern Pride Cooker so you can get to your drains or woodbox. This is a large trailer with many features you can see within the 10 minute video.

Smokin’ Bull Shack

Here’s another big trailer that is 8.5″ by 30″ that we are extremely proud of and is setup to cook just about anything. The owners wanted a vehicle that could cook everything from incredible BBQ like smoked brisket or prime rib, but also wanted to be able to add menu items like tacos, nachos, and deep fried dogs. As a result of the extensive menu, Smokin’ Bull Shack required a lot of space to execute their concept. Click play on the video above to begin the tour.

TremendousQUE Custom BBQ Trailer

Not everyone needs or wants a 30 foot trailer to pull around. In this video, we give you a 360 look at one of the recent trailers built for TremendousQUE located nearby Tampa, Florida. Wade wanted to get more serious with his own BBQ catering business after winning some competitions and had this custom trailer built to take his smoked meats to the next level. This trailer has a lot of nice features that you’ll see in the video, including a hot / cold water sink, the model 72 smoker, swing open doors, a warming area, and also features has the ability to be able to cook meat at different temperatures.

Custom BBQ Smoker

 Check out this business on wheels for BBQ. For this build, we setup a lot of cooking area for prep and chopping with a cutting board built into the outfit. Opening up the cooker, there are double shelves and reverse flow plates. There are also locks that keep these doors open when you’re taking out or putting in meats. One of the nice touches of this trailer are the jacks located on each side of the setup. This allows you to raise or lower the trailer depending on the pit master’s height and preference, which is a huge benefits especially if you’re planning to slow cook meats for many hours. There’s also an additional warmer on the rear of the trailer.

28 Foot Trailer with Porch

Smoke on The Go wanted a custom BBQ that took up the full back porch of the trailer. As you’ll see in the video, this was installed in the back porch along with a hand sink that was not required to operate, but will be a “nice to have” feature in the future and also might be required at some point for health inspections. At M&R, we understand that the requirements for mobile food businesses will only continue to increase in the future and we want to make sure our customer’s vehicles exceed any government requirements.

At about a minute and a half, Bob begins to walk you through the inside of the mobile kitchen for this trailer. Due to the size of this trailer, we were able to install a full-size freezer and a refrigerator. This can be a huge benefit to an operator since you will be able to not just store more supplies for busy time periods, but you can also keep drinks cold and increase overall profitability of your business.

These videos are just a small sample of the work we’ve completed over the past 15 years for our customers. If you have a vision for a custom smoker of your own, we can help make that dream a reality. Click here to schedule an appointment with M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. We design free custom blue-prints at no charge and no obligation to our customers.  


TremendousQUE Custom BBQ Smoker Video Tour

Bob Pierson, who is usually the star of our videos, is out on vacation this week. But we had to get a video made of the TremendousQUE custom BBQ smoker before it headed off on it’s journey to operate around Tampa, Florida. This video features Wade who is ex-military and with the blessing of his wife got his start cooking in local barbecue competitions and started to have some success. After about a year of researching BBQ smokers, he decided to go with M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks for his custom build based on the experiences of our past customers. Meet Wade and get a tour of his new smoker in the video below.

What You’ll Learn in the Video

In addition to participating in more BBQ competitions, Wade will also be setting up his new business at some high-traffic roadside locations in addition to focusing on his new catering business. If you would like to keep up to date with everything that’s happening with Wade and TremendousQUE, you can check out their Facebook page here. If you’re interested in booking a catering event, you can also email Wade directly at We wish Wade all the success in the new business!

This build includes the following equipment:

  • 72 inch BBQ smoker
  • Hot and cold water sink
  • New style doors that slide open (no heavy lifting!)
  • Propane tank and ignition that makes starting a fire much easier.
  • Converted warmer box. Allows you to cook two different size meats at two different temperatures.
  • BBQ pit grill top
  • Extra 48 inch tool box / storage area
  • Umbrella holder

H Van Concession Truck From France Build Out

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks we’ve had the previlage of being able to build so many custom vehicles during our 15+ years in business. Here is another example of a truly unique build we had the opportunity to build a customer based in France. In the video is a vintage H Van truck, originally manufactured in France and shipped to us in Florida to complete the custom manufacturing and conversion to a concession vehicle.

This video featuring Bob Pierson, co-owner of M&R, is being shot in a slightly different format than one’s we’ve previously produced for you on the website. Typically, we’ve shown you only the finished builds, after all the cooking equipment is installed and everything is ready to present to the customer. To help you understand the build process better, we thought it would be helpful to complete a video where we show you what the food truck looked like when it arrived in our manufacturing facility and take you along for it’s transformation. We hope you enjoy this new format and find it to be both entertaining and educational!

The Build Process

Stage 1

As Pierson describes at the top of video, what you see initially is how this H Van was delivered from the customer. Although unique to the United States, this truck is made in a style that’s extremely common across France and Europe. The first 2 minutes 50 seconds of the video Pierson shows you around the outside of the truck then opens up the rear door and shows you around the inside of the cab. As you’ll see in the video it’s a very narrow vehicle, but is tall as well.

Stage 2

In stage two of the process, we’ve already made some significant customizations to the H Van. At this point, we’ve started to build the foundational layout of the vehicle. The framing within the inside of the cab has been completed. The serving window has also been cut out of the right side of the cab. Note the attention to detail in the development of the serving window from Pierson during this segment of the video. There is also a new wall being built and where all of the cooking equipment including the water heater and propane cabinet is described by Pierson. As you’ll see in the video, attention to detail in this stage of the build out is critical to ensuring the customer has a vehicle they’ll be comfortable and happy to work in.

Stage 3 – The finished Product. 

Approximately 6 minutes and 20 seconds into the video, you see the final product that will be shipped out to the customer. Within the driver’s cab we made some subtle adjustments, including adding some seat belts and improving the atheistic. You’ll also see the white wall that was built between the driver’s seat and the kitchen.

With this build it was also critical that we got the correct hue of green paint so that it would match this existing exterior paint and maintain that retro feel across the vehicle. At this point you’ll also see the total transformation of the H Van when the serving window is lifted up for the first time and you can see the inside of the kitchen area.

This is where we had to get a little bit creative. Due to the size of the vehicle, we simply weren’t able to get a generator installed within the vehicle and include all the other cooking equipment the customer needed to operate the truck. This is where the creativity of our design specialists really comes into play. As a solution, we built a custom trailer and matched the look and feel up to the truck. Then we put a custom roof and door on the generator trailer so that it could be easily accessed. This little touch adds a lot of wow factor to the vehicle that you can see at 7 minutes and 15 seconds within the recording above.

We hope you enjoyed this new format we are testing to demonstrate our vehicles! If you have any questions about a custom build for your special situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 904-397-0246 and remember if you can dream it, we can build it!

“Orange Concession Trailer” Video

Hello again, Bob Pierson is here once more to walk through one of our earlier projects for a customer! Today we have an 8’ High, 8’6” Wide and 20’ Long Orange Concession Trailer. Everything has been built and put in To Code, everything in all of our trailers is done to that Building Code. Owners Mike and Bob stopped by to pick it up later; they think it’s the best thing on the market, but don’t take our word for it, watch to the end of the video we shot below and get the words right out of their own mouth.


  • Extended Tongue on Front to hold generator easily while sat and towing
  • 8K Generac Generator w/ 2 100lb propane tanks for running – Very quiet and efficient, runs 40 hours on each tank
  • Dual Hook-up to fill water tank or attach hose system as needed
  • Retractable Awning in Back over Porch Attachment with adjustable feet height
  • 10’ Hood system
  • Imperial Oven System with 4-system Stove
  • 48” Griddle and 36” Charcoal Broiler (ALL equipment fastened to floor)
  • 4 Leveling Jacks, one per corner, crane system operation
  • Baked White Aluminum Paneling for inside walls
  • Black and White Vinyl Floor – one piece, easy to clean

Like with so many of our other projects, we are very proud with how well this trailer came out. It was a solid build with a few interesting and fun features, we can’t wait to see how Mike and Bob put it to use.

Much like with our customer today, the moment we first show you your complete, built trailer or truck, we will thoroughly run through every single aspect of its equipment. We will start up each piece of cooking equipment, show you how to start and operate generator, safety equipment, extra attachments, basically everything so as to make sure you, our customer, is completely comfortable and aware of how to utilize your new investment. We plan on spending every effort there and going forward to help you in the operation, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions either in person or over the phone.

Have Questions about Custom Builds?

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