If you have been comparing pricing you know that there are expensive and cheap concession packages all over the web. The difficult part is to distinguish value and what you are getting for the hard earned money you will be spending to start your business. For that reason our package prices start with the bare bones and allow you to add upgrades as you want. That way you can compare our package pricing with other builders and know exactly what you are getting for your money. And be sure, there is a difference in quality from one builder to another. There is also a difference in customer service from one company to another.


Customer Service – Local or not we are determined to make you happy. Concessions are mobile units and for that reason it is inevitable that problems will occur. If you are not local and able to come to our shop, we will pay for a professional in your area to make any repairs necessary.

Quality – We use high end equipment that comes with good manufacturers warranties and available service. The last thing you need is to be at an location that does not have an available service technician to get you back to work if you do have an issue with your equipment. Our trailers come from quality trailer manufacturers. We have partnered with manufacturers that have the same focus on customer service and quality as we do. And if you do have a problem, all you have to do is call us and we will work with the manufacturer for you. You are not left alone, we are your partners for as long as you own the trailer.

Flexibility – We are not a one size fits all company. We will work with you, before you buy, to get the exact design you need to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

Free Design Planning – We do not charge to give you a custom scaled drawing of your design even if you don’t buy from us. It is very important to lay everything out to see how your equipment will fit before you start building.

We Accept Customer Supplied Equipment – We have no problem using your equipment. Many customers save money by using used equipment or equipment they already own. If you have your own equipment we will not charge you extra to install it.

We Are a One Stop Builder – We have all the equipment and experience to build anything thing you need at our shop. Custom fabrication, wraps etc. can all be done here.


When designing your concession be aware of the power needs of your equipment. Generators are a difficult expense to absorb at times. Water cooled generators are by far the best and quietest generator to buy but they come at a high price(starting around $4800). Many owners try to save cost and buy air cooled generators, and we have some available as well. The problem is they are very loud and don’t last as long as the water cooled generators. Many of our customers that buy the loud and less expensive generators regret it soon after. If you can put it in your budget a water cooled generator is the way to go.

Trailers are the best value for your money when compared to trucks. Because we build trailers to fit your design it is easier to get the kitchen you are wanting. If you were to build the exact same kitchen in a truck and a trailer, you would spend approximately $8,000-$10,000 more for the truck and then you would have to purchase automobile insurance. Some situations, like tight parking, easier driving etc., make it more desirable to have a truck, but a trailer is cheaper to get started and maintain over the long run.

Below are some package prices

Click on the package to see a detailed description. The truck pricing does not include the truck.