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March 14, 2015 Staff

Food Truck Press Release – Template Download

untitledAt some point you’ll want to get a Press Release out for your Food Truck; this is a simple and perfect form of Advertising in your initial few months, and not to mention who knows what else in the future will come up that makes you want to send out an official press release to let the media or your fans aware of. This is a professional document, however, so you’ll want to make sure you follow the proper design; as with all other forms of advertisement, this is a reflection of your business, and should be created in a neat, spell-checked, professional manner. Focus on what your main objective is, whether there’s an upcoming event or change-of-menu, and let the spirit of that guide the writing.

Here’s a Press Release Template that YOU can use for your next media announcement, along with some notes and some other links to different sources on the subject. You should be able to copy and paste this, keeping the main format to use for your own, simply copy and paste your own information as needed.

Writing a Press Release for your Food Truck – Mobile-Cuisine’s listing of the key points to writing focused, professional-looking content for your PR

Put Together Press Releases – the For Dummies outlining and important points on the subject (with brief example further down) for Food Trucks

InnovAsian Cuisine Press Release – a sample PR from another Food Truck


Business Logo (Opt A)                            Business Logo (Opt B)


For Immediate Release                                  Owner’s Name, Position (CEO, President, Etc)
Official Business Name
Contact Email
Date of ‘Event/Change/Operation’

Title/Headline (should be Eye-catching and say all that needs knowing, like a Newspaper)


CITY, STATE (Date of PR) – OR – (CITY, STATE) Date of Pr – Introduction, what is happening, by who, when, where, etc. Quick summary of the basic information. 1 short paragraph/section

Body: Further explanation and detail of the announcement for this release. 1-3 paragraphs/sections (as needed)

About Food Truck (optional header)

About: 1-3 paragraphs/sections featuring the truck information itself. Bio, mission statement, description, quotes, etc.

Food Truck has scheduled the following stops for (reasons list here, if including schedule, suggested):

  • Event/Business #1, Dates/Time, City, State
  • Event/Business #2, Dates/Time, City, State
  • Etc


About Food Truck (can be placed above or below ### line)
Further contact information, general locations, twitter/facebook handles
Facebook/Other Website Link

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