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What Are Mobile Command Centers Used For?

What are common uses of a mobile command center? These vehicles most frequently used as mobile bases and communication centers in the field. These units are often stationed near a crisis center or natural disaster. They are also designed to operate autonomously in areas where electricity, water, and food is unavailable or in limited supply.

Government agencies, law enforcement, fire departments and health care organizations use mobile command centers in different ways, but the reality is you can accomplish almost any desired goal inside one of these advanced units. As long as the command center is preinstalled with the right equipment and designed thougtfully, you can accomplish the same goals as in a fixed facility, albeit usually in a smaller space.

In this post, we catalog common ways agencies use mobile command centers. If you’re in the market for a mobile command center, we also recommend starting by organizing a list of use cases for the unit along with specialized equipment needed to complete each task.

It’s critical that you work with a manufacturer that takes the time to not just understand the equipment you need installed, but your workflows as well. Otherwise, staff could end up with too little space to operate inside the vehicle efficiently and comfortably. If your organization is planning to operate in areas left without electricity, power requirements must also be considered. By understanding your organizational needs first, an experienced manufacturer will be able to ensure the mobile facility has been designed to meet your needs in the field.

Organizations That Use Mobile Command Centers

rehab trailer

Fire Departments: Fire fighters find themselves in remote areas without nearby access to food, restrooms, or shelter for days or even weeks at a time. The mobile command center above has been outfitted to help fire departments provide better support for serious fires. Some of the features in this unit include a decontamination shower and restroom for firemen and women in the field. There is also a built in control room that serves as a dispatch and communication hub while in the field that includes WIFI access. Finally, there is a crow’s nest positioned the top of the unit to survey the scene.

Law Enforcement: Police departments are another group that benefit from these units, although the equipment installed is different than fire departments. From a communication standpoint, dispatchers can be setup to provide nearby surveillance using direct satellite communication systems and night vision cameras mounted to remote controlled telescopic poles.

Conference rooms can also be installed that offers a mobile strategy and planning area to conduct sting operations. These units can also be installed with lockers and storage units to transport supplies. Kitchen areas and bathrooms can also be installed to support longer term operations.

Government Agencies: There are many government agencies that can provide support with disaster relief in times that require an immediate response. These units can be equipped to provide basic health care, food service, and temporary shelter for those impacted by a major storm or other natural disaster. Groups that regularly utilize units like this in natural disasters include FEMA, International Medical Corp., and The Red Cross.

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations: Hospitals often need a mobile command center to provide support where patients need help most. Mobile command centers can aid in processing patients, providing routine checkups, and even conduct emergency on-site surgeries if needed.

Of course these command centers are not only useful in disaster situations. Units can be converted to assist in everyday scenarios by hold blood drives. Other units can travel to areas where patients, including the elderly, may not be able to access high-quality healthcare services.

If you’re researching a mobile command center, contact M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. We specialize in building mobile units that meet your organizations specialized needs and specifications.

Custom-Built Dog and Pet Grooming Trailers in Florida

Looking for a low-cost, longterm business model that’s essentially recession proof? No matter if it’s good times or hard, people continue to increase spending to improve the quality of life for pets. According to this report from NBC News, Americans spent more than $60 billion on their pets in 2015 alone. That’s an increase of 25% in annual spend from just 5 years before.

This investment is being made in a variety of areas of a pets life, including better food, clothing and apparel, medical treatment, obedience classes and regular grooming like haircuts and baths.

While spend across all types of pets continues to increase as part of this mega-trend, dogs continue to be the most popular for families. The Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates an average size dog will cost more than $1,700 in the first year to provide care. The cost increases as pets continue to age and have more healthcare needs.

Combining Business with Passion

If you have a passion for working with animals and improving their overall wellbeing, starting a mobile dog or pet grooming trailer could be the right option for you.  These mobile units are sometimes called pet salons as they provide everything a four legged friend needs to a hair cut, refreshing bath, and dry.

This business model by providing a variety of pet grooming services like cuts, baths, de-shedding services, and other extra add-ons.  These services are provided to the pet on-site at either the families home or an office. Many pet owners prefer these grooming services to come to them both out of convenience for themselves and comfort of the animal. While dogs are by far the most popular recipient of these services, domestic cats also need grooming and pampering from time to time so the market opportunity in any area is large.

Operating this grooming service as a mobile business provides numerous benefits to not just the customer, but you as the prospective business owner as well. If you were to start a grooming business in a retail location, you would need to invest thousands of dollars monthly to lease the location. With a mobile unit like a trailer or van, the entire investment can be fully-paid off in 1 – 2 years by many business owners. After you own the trailer outright, you can retain the additional profits for yourself or use the cashflow to grow the business even further.

Your future pet salon customers.

Grooming Trailer Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment that we often find in a pet salons trailer or van. Your specific equipment list may vary depending on your personal needs and plans for the business.

Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Wash Tub – A large 62″ tub with ramp is ideal if you plan to serve larger canines.

Hot / Cold Water – By offering warm / cold water to your guests you are able to provide a higher level of service. Waste water tanks are also recommended for installation in a grooming unit.

Stainless Steel Cabinets – Store products like soap, shampoo, conditioner, clippers, towels, nail and pad care items, deshedding tools and grooming mitts.

Pet Dryer – Some groomers prefer to hand dry pets, while others prefer to use a pet dryer and have this piece of equipment installed on inside their unit.

One of the advantages to getting started in this industry is that there’s a lot of training available. There are dog grooming schools located across the country and even home study courses that can give you the skills you need to provide expert pet care. Best of all, these courses are very affordable, usually requiring less a total investment under $2,000.

If you would like to get involved in the mobile pet service industry, give us a call at 904-397-0246 or contact us by email to discuss your goals and get a free quote. We manufacture custom-built pet grooming trailer to fit your exact needs in Florida that can be shipped across the United States and around the world.

Custom-Built Audio Test & Hearing Exam Medical Trailer Tour

Mobile audiology clinics are an efficient way for audiologists to bring important healthcare to the patients that need these services the most. Whether you want to serve senior citizens that may have difficultly traveling, patients that live in remote areas, employees on a job-site, or even help in crisis situations, a medical trailer designed to provide audio tests and hearing exams can help you accomplish these goals.

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, we custom design and build medical trailers with your specific needs in mind. Before we begin work on any project, we sit down with you in person or over the phone to understand your goals and the operational needs of your practice.

We Take the Time To Understand Your Needs.

Only after fully understanding your needs, will we discuss different build and layout options for your unit. Some of the information we gather during our initial discussion includes the number of patients you hope to serve per day, the services you plan to provide, medical equipment requirements, and an understanding of patient flow.

Our goal is always to create a mobile audiology environment that provides comfort to patients while allowing staff to efficiently complete their work.

In the video walk-through below, you have the opportunity to get an insider’s view of a recent hearing exam trailer manufactured by M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. Highlights of this unit can be found below the video. This unit allows the audiologist to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with hearing loss or balance problems.

Features of this Hearing Exam Trailer:   

Front Office: Similar to an fixed location audio clinic, you enter the mobile unit and step into the front office. This area is where staff will process patients and collect information in a private environment. If you have a high volume of patients, the outside of the unit can be used to process patients as well.

You’ll see that inside the front office there is A/C ventilation for comfort, built-in cabinets for paperwork, tables for office equipment and a sound proof door that separates the office area from the examination room.

Sound Proof Exam Room: In this unit, the audiologist is able to test the hearing of six patients within the examination room. This room also has A/C ventilation for comfort of patients and comes fully equipped with sound booths and audio plugs.

Are you considering an audiology trailer or other mobile medical unit for your practice? Give M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks a call at 904-397-0246 or click here to schedule a consultation. We always provide free consultations and designs before we begin any builds to ensure you have the exact mobile unit you envisioned. 

What Do Specialty Vehicles and Trailers Mean?

What is a specialty vehicle or trailer? Specialty vehicles are mobile units that solve a variety of specific problems for a wide-range of businesses from dentists that want to bring their services to patients anywhere to government organizations like the fire department that requires a mobile preparation and recovery center that can be positioned anywhere there’s a fire.

In today’s post, we wanted to walk you through some of the different examples of specialty units and trailers that are available. As you’ll see, whether you’re a non-profit, a business, or a member of law enforcement there’s a specialty unit that could be built to serve a pain point within your organization. Let’s look at a few different examples…

Mobile Prep / Recovery Vehicles for Fire Departments

rehab trailer

A fire department is contacted to offer support in a variety of situations well beyond the scope of fighting fires in a diverse scope of environments. These fires can occur in large cities or suburban areas with nearby amenities. Other times, departments may be called to fight forest fires in rural areas with almost no nearby resources. A mobile preparation, recovery and command center helps fire fighters work more efficiently and provides additional support no matter where the fire or other crisis situation is located.

This unit solves a variety of regular problems for fire departments. First, it provides a mobile control center where teams can meet and communicate with each other during a fire. There is also a built in restroom and decontamination shower that are essential when fighting a long-term blaze.  Of course there is ample storage space for equipment, electrical outlets to provide power, and even a crow’s nest to get an improved view of a fast-changing situation.

Audio Examination Trailers

For a lot of folks, it can be difficult to take time off from work for routine dental or medical checkups. For many workers, these regular checkups might be delayed years between visits. With an audio examination trailer like the one shown below, hearing checkups can be provided in a place that is most convenient to the patient.

Of course there are a many groups of people that can benefit from improve access to healthcare services. Senior citizens with limited mobility can benefit greatly from services that come directly to their neighborhoods and communities. Children of all ages in school can benefit from having routine checkups offered at schools. Finally, other rural communities may find it extremely difficult to get access to these healthcare services. When you stop to think about it the benefits of mobile health care services is incredible.

Mobile Blood Drives 

One example of mobile medical vehicles that has been extremely successful is for blood drive events. Similar to routine checkups, if a blood drive is convenient it’s much more likely that people will participate.

Hosting a blood drive at your school or business has a lot of clear benefits. First you’re literally helping to save lives in your community and across the country by providing a life source to patients when they need it most. Aside from being an hero, there are other clear benefits to corporate teams that decide to participate as a group in these kinds of initiatives, including a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment toward a shared goal.

Mobile Cooling Station 

One important thing to understand with specialty vehicles is that if you have a vision there’s likely a way to accomplish it. This was the case when we when Steve Perry of the Polar Pod approached us about his innovative build concept. Perry wanted to develop a mobile unit that would help people stay cool and provide refuge for individuals that were overheated at events like parades, concerts or even just the beach. After many discussions with Perry about his concept and vision, we drafted a blue-print to create the mobile cooling station that you see below.

The build above demonstrates just how flexible one can be with the design and manufacturing of a specialty vehicle. We hope this blog post gives you a better sense of what we mean when someone describes a mobile unit as a specialty vehicle.

Keep in mind that there are too many specialty vehicle options to list in a single post. These vehicles include disability vans that improve the mobility of people with wheel chairs, law enforcement command centers, mobile veterinary clinics and many more.






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