This afternoon we bring to you one of our recently completed builds that’s about to head north to New Jersey with the current owner. The main item being sold by the The Flying Pie Guy are handheld meat pies. Meat pies are not staple menu items in the United States, but are extremely popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. Meat pies are common lunch items in both countries. In fact, the owner of the vehicle, Mike Peacock, was born in Australia. The Flying Pie is bringing this overseas tradition all the way to New Jersey with their food truck concept.
Your host with the most, Bob Pierson, Co-Owner of M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks, guides you on an inside and outside tour of the Flying Pie Guy truck in today’s episode. In this video tour you’ll see a variety of unique touches to the vehicle, including special ovens to cook the meat pies. This truck comes on an 18 foot box and a large framed white Freightliner MT45 and a Cummins Diesel engine. Enjoy the tour!

Outside Tour of Vehicle
As most of our vending trucks include, you need a large serving window to offer guests. We also have a tray area for the truck that easily unhooks and folds down when commuting. Although well-hidden by the truck wrap, the hook ups to the hot and cold water tanks are accessible from the outside. There are also flood lights strategically positioned outside the serving window area so that vendor can operate in evenings. Also attached is a speaker system that is controlled from the inside of the truck.
To the rear of the concession window, a television screen is located. This will be used by The Flying Pie for marketing or to list the menu items on the truck. There is also a retractable door that covers the television when not in operation to protect against vandalism or theft.
One of the nice additional touches that isn’t immediately apparent is the build a unique system around the tank. Since this truck is heading up north to New Jersey with cold winters, the vehicles plumbing system needed be harnessed to protect against frost.
Inside Tour of Vehicle
For an 18 foot truck, this vehicle is filled with cooking equipment to be able to execute the customers menu. The tour starts off with the 3-bay sink and cutting board that can be positioned over the top to take advantage of space. You also get to view the large vulcan convection oven system that is used to bake the pies, the plumbing and more.
Some of the other unique modifications on this vehicle include an additional seat being built into the vehicle so three people can ride safely in the truck with seat belts.
We hope you enjoyed this video tour! If you happen to live in the New Jersey area, be sure to check out those delicious meat pies from The Flying Pie Guy. You can view an online schedule where The Flying Pie Guy will be landing next at the event calendar here. You can also watch the owner, Mike Peacock’s video tour of the truck below and get a yummy visual of his meat pies: