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May 29, 2016 Staff

The Top 5 Custom BBQ Smoker Trailer Videos on YouTube

At M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks we’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 custom builds for BBQ smoker trucks and trailers over our past 15 years in business. Whenever we complete a project for a customer, we like to record a video to document what the build process was like and allow folks like you to get a tour of our finished products. This post represents some of our favorite videos recorded over the past few years in no particular order.

As you’ll see in the footage below, we’ve had a wide-range of custom requests for BBQ smoker builds ranging from small trailers that the owner plans to use for personal use all the way to large trucks with all the bells and whistles. If you’ve been planning to invest in a custom smoker, large or small, we would love to help build your dream unit, call us at  904-397-0246 to schedule an appointment.

Southern Pride Smoker Concession Trailer

We start out big with this 28 foot trailer that has an additional 7 foot lip on the front end that makes this trailer a total of 35 feet in length. Not surprisingly this trailer attracts a lot of attention at events due to the massive size and unique paint job. In this video, Bob walks you through the features of this trailer and there are a lot of them.

A few of the highlights of this trailer, there are two holding tanks (not visible externally) for the bathroom inside of this trailer. There are also two hood systems installed. One is for the overhead cookers. The second, located at the rear of the trailer, is for the Southern Pride Cooker located on the porch. There are screen doors conveniently located on both sides of the Southern Pride Cooker so you can get to your drains or woodbox. This is a large trailer with many features you can see within the 10 minute video.

Smokin’ Bull Shack

Here’s another big trailer that is 8.5″ by 30″ that we are extremely proud of and is setup to cook just about anything. The owners wanted a vehicle that could cook everything from incredible BBQ like smoked brisket or prime rib, but also wanted to be able to add menu items like tacos, nachos, and deep fried dogs. As a result of the extensive menu, Smokin’ Bull Shack required a lot of space to execute their concept. Click play on the video above to begin the tour.

TremendousQUE Custom BBQ Trailer

Not everyone needs or wants a 30 foot trailer to pull around. In this video, we give you a 360 look at one of the recent trailers built for TremendousQUE located nearby Tampa, Florida. Wade wanted to get more serious with his own BBQ catering business after winning some competitions and had this custom trailer built to take his smoked meats to the next level. This trailer has a lot of nice features that you’ll see in the video, including a hot / cold water sink, the model 72 smoker, swing open doors, a warming area, and also features has the ability to be able to cook meat at different temperatures.

Custom BBQ Smoker

 Check out this business on wheels for BBQ. For this build, we setup a lot of cooking area for prep and chopping with a cutting board built into the outfit. Opening up the cooker, there are double shelves and reverse flow plates. There are also locks that keep these doors open when you’re taking out or putting in meats. One of the nice touches of this trailer are the jacks located on each side of the setup. This allows you to raise or lower the trailer depending on the pit master’s height and preference, which is a huge benefits especially if you’re planning to slow cook meats for many hours. There’s also an additional warmer on the rear of the trailer.

28 Foot Trailer with Porch

Smoke on The Go wanted a custom BBQ that took up the full back porch of the trailer. As you’ll see in the video, this was installed in the back porch along with a hand sink that was not required to operate, but will be a “nice to have” feature in the future and also might be required at some point for health inspections. At M&R, we understand that the requirements for mobile food businesses will only continue to increase in the future and we want to make sure our customer’s vehicles exceed any government requirements.

At about a minute and a half, Bob begins to walk you through the inside of the mobile kitchen for this trailer. Due to the size of this trailer, we were able to install a full-size freezer and a refrigerator. This can be a huge benefit to an operator since you will be able to not just store more supplies for busy time periods, but you can also keep drinks cold and increase overall profitability of your business.

These videos are just a small sample of the work we’ve completed over the past 15 years for our customers. If you have a vision for a custom smoker of your own, we can help make that dream a reality. Click here to schedule an appointment with M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks. We design free custom blue-prints at no charge and no obligation to our customers.  


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