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July 31, 2018 Staff

Four of the Best Tasting Pho Food Trucks on the Planet

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup. With the popularity of foreign food increasing each year, it is not surprising that Pho is gaining a lot of attention. There are even Pho food trucks now that serve this savory dish. Here are the four best Pho food trucks that you can find anywhere.

What Is That Pho?

Before we visit the top Pho food trucks out there, we need to talk a little about the food they serve. As mentioned earlier, Pho came from Vietnam. While Vietnamese cuisine may not be as popular as Chinese or Japanese, it is gaining many followers recently.

It certainly helped a lot when former President Obama ate with Anthony Bourdain at a small Vietnamese restaurant when he visited the country.

Pho is a kind of soup, made with rice noodles, meat, broth, and herbs. It is a common street food in Vietnam, so it is not surprising that food trucks are serving it now in the States.

At first, the food was popularized in other countries by the flood of Vietnamese refugees fleeing the war in their country, but now, with the help of the internet, more and more people are willing to try it out.

The Best Pho Food Trucks

Here are four of the best Pho food trucks that are around today:

Pho Real, Reno

In the video, Elijah Brhel, the owner, speaks for a Pho Real food truck that operates around the Reno area. Elijah says that he tries to source all their ingredients locally.

Elijah gave some explanation as to why the soup is so popular. He believes one of the reasons is because it is so homey and simple. At the same time, it can also be made spicier and more ingredients can be added to it.

They make their own broth and they added their own twist to it. Instead of making the traditional Pho broth, they are making a veggie broth. Except for the buns and the noodles, they make everything else that they serve.

The most popular variation they have is their Fried Brussels Sprouts. They have Facebook Page and a website where customers can find where they will be located for a day.

Pho Nomenal Dumpling Truck, North Carolina

Food Network fans might be familiar with this next entry. Sophia Woo and Sunny Lin of Pho Nomenal Dumpling Truck were winners of the Food Network’s “The Great American Food Truck Race”.

They explained that the food they serve is more like nature and nurture. They also said that they are kind of playful with the food they serve, which means that they don’t stay in one realm. The only thing that kind of remains constant with their food is that it stays Asian.

Of course, they serve Pho on the truck but they have other options as well. For example, they have dumplings and even Taiwanese spaghetti. One of their favorites is their version of the Bulgogi, which is a traditional Korean barbecue.

The pair said that without the support of the community, they could not have attained the success that they have reached so far. They mentioned friends who helped in building the food truck and the Kickstarter campaign that they started which helped raise the funds for the project.

They have plans on opening up a brick and mortar restaurant but they won’t be giving up the truck which has made a name for them. Also, they are giving out to the community by accepting donations for Haven House.

Pho King Awesome Food Truck, Long Beach

It seems obligatory for food trucks to be named with puns and this next entry is no exception. Pho King Awesome Food Truck, is a family owned business based in Long Beach area. It is gaining quite a following in the area. No doubt the name alone turns many heads.

Their most popular dish is, of course, their Pho King noodle. After all, it is what they named their business after. They have ox tail, beef brisket, and other variations of the broth.

For the video, they prepared an ox tail based Pho and they also served the crew their own taco version, which is kind of sweet and spicy.

Nhu Lan Vietnamese Food, Tucson

Owned by Nghia Tran, from Saigon who has been living in the States for several years now, the Nhu Lan Vietnamese Food Truck serves traditional Vietnamese style food like Pho, Vietnamese meatballs, and also Chinese food.

They use different kinds of pork for their Vietnamese style sandwich. They serve their Pho noodles in two packages. One is for the broth and the noodles, while the other one is for most of the meats.

These are just four of the leading Pho food trucks in the country. Because Pho and other similar street foods are  gaining popularity today, you can expect more of these kinds of food trucks to become more common in the future.

Important Note: None of these food trucks listed in the videos above were built by M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks.

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