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June 16, 2016 Staff

BBQ Catering Business Name Generator

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Struggling to figure out what to name your BBQ catering business? This guide will give you an almost endless number of ideas if you happened to be stumped at the moment. But before you start entering names that combine descriptive words about your business into one of those magic online name generators, it’s important to understand the gravity of the name decision.

The name of your future catering business is like a first impression to a potential customer. When it comes to BBQ, it’s important to be clear on what type of food you’ll be serving. The BBQ is an American staple that people crave and will seek out just like any other comfort food. One rule of thumb is not to get too clever with the naming conventions. The average person doesn’t get clever and won’t take the time to comprehend anything less than plain and simple message.

As an example of the importance of this concept, let’s examine some of the largest and most popular BBQ franchises out there. Regardless of what you think about the quality of these restaurant chains, you can’t argue with the business success they’ve realized and the number of people that eat their style of ribs and brisket every day.

Learning from The Best

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – You know what you’re going to get when you see the sign for this Texas based chain with a growing number of locations across the United States. This restaurant got its name from the companies founder Travis Dickey, Sr. This simple, straightforward naming convention has ballooned into a well known name with over 500 locations. Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ, a restaurant with locations across California, Arizona, and Nevada used a similar style when they got started as well.

If you’re not exactly a creative type, you can follow these similar formulas to conjure your own business entity:

[Your Last Name] Barbecue Pit

[Your Last Name] Texas-Style Barbecue

[Your Last Name] Delicious BBQ

[Your Last Name] Kansas-City BBQ

I think you get the general idea. Insert your first or last name and then some type of descriptive BBQ phrase. Viola! You’ve got the humble beginnings of a smoked meat brand! Disclaimer: You will need to double check to ensure your business name has not been taken by another party already. 

Naming Mishaps

As you’ve learned in the section above there is a formula to crafting a memorable title for your business. Still there are ways people get this advice wrong. One is to combine a name with words that do not sound appealing. Here are a few (mostly) made-up examples:

Swampy’s Smoked BBQ House – Although this business has done an excellent job following the name formula, the name “Swampy’s” may not be the best choice. Sure, the name accurately depicts a place where BBQ is often made… Down South in the swamp. But the swamp also leads to mental images of wet heat, dank smells, and all around sweatiness, which probably isn’t what you want to be thinking about when you’re ready to eat.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to think long and hard about any name before you stick to it for good. Because once you have a name that’s what folks will begin to get to know you by and becomes very difficult to change the longer you use it.

As a final test, we recommend asking your friends and acquantances what comes to mind when you tell them the name idea. Ideally you will not want to tell close friends the reason you’re asking for their input because some might worry about hurting your feelings. Honest feedback is what you’re looking for here!

Business Name Generators

Without further delay, here are a few helpful business name generators you can use during your search. These generators will match up descriptive words with your core phrases to help create combinations of phrases you may never have thought of before. As an added benefit, many of these tools will also search available website domain names so if by chance you find something that you really like you can claim the URL online as well. – What we love about this tool is that it mashes up words in ways that you probably wouldn’t be able to come up with on your own. For example, the tool will replace phonetic variations of words like a similar sounding S with a Z. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more detailed instruction on how to use the tool.

Guru Business Name Generator  – Yet another option for selecting a name. A nice feature with this tool is that you can select the industry you plan to enter with your business and the guru will use that information to make a more informed suggestion. 

As you can see, there’s often a formula to crafting a memorable BBQ business name. We hope this post has made your naming challenge a little easier! Feel free to add the names you’ve come up with in the comments section below. 

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