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November 7, 2014 Staff

Why Florida’s M Shack Restaurant Added a Mobile Presence

M Shack Food Truck What happens when two brothers that grew up in the catering business decide to open a restaurant together? If you’re the Medure brothers (Mathew and David), you join forces to create an vintage-inspired burger joint with a new-school twist serving up hormone-free burgers and fresh-cut fries called M Shack. Although only opening the doors to their first retail location in 2011, the brothers expect to be operating a fifth location in early 2015.

No doubt the Medure brothers have struck a chord with their ever growing customer base. One of the elements we love about this brand is their ability to take something that’s familiar, like a burger joint complete hand-spun shakes and then get creative with the execution of menu items you can’t find anywhere else like the Cross-Fit Burger that features two patties,  lettuce, tomato, avocado, grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions, bacon, a fried egg and no bun.

In addition to their unique brand, M Shack also worked with M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks to build a food trailer for their growing business. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Mathew Medure to learn more about his business and why a mobile presence was the right choice for M Shack.

M&R: Tell us a little about your background and how you and your brother got involved in the restaurant business?

Mathew:My brother and I grew up in the family catering business, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  We would cook once in a while, but mostly the laborious work like loading and unloading halls, scrubbing floors and utility work.

M&R: Can you tell us about the concept of your restaurant MShack and where you’re located?

Mathew: The M Shack conceptually was created to have fun with building a better quality burger while offering shakes and other comfort foods.  Our first store was built in 2011 in Atlantic Beach, and then another a year later at the St John Town Center.  We most recently bought a food trailer and park it at our commissary serving lunch and dinner, outside seating only.  We are currently constructing our fourth M Shack in Five Point scheduled to open its doors the first of the year.


M&R: What encouraged you to begin looking into investment in a food trailer for your restaurant?

Mathew: We simply wanted the ability to mobilize if we felt the desire. The benefits the food trailer has afforded is flexibility. Our first event with the trailer was at a private residence serving 250 guests a four course meal…pretty cool.

M&R: What are some of the key differences between running a restaurant location and operating a trailer?

Mathew: The trailer and food truck world allows the participant to get out into the community quickly and economically and start showing off their craft.

To find the M Shack location nearest you, check out If you’d like to learn more about developing a mobile presence for your restaurant, contact us.

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