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October 30, 2016 Staff

Learn More about Food Truck Fanatics the Merrell Twins

What do two 20-year old twin sisters have to do with food trucks? In the case of the Merrell Twins they have their own online YouTube series called Food Truck Fanatics, where they travel around the Los Angeles area to meet, eat, and learn to cook food from some of the best food trucks in the city.

Food Truck Fanatics is more than just a couple girls and an iPhone traveling around to eat at different trucks. The program is part of the AwesomenessTV media and entertainment company based in Los Angeles that is valued at over $600 million. While you may not have heard of AwesomenessTV before, you’ve probably heard of the companies that have invested in them like Verizon and DreamWorks Animation.

While you may never have heard of the Merrell Twins, it’s probably because you’re too old. The online program is targeted towards preteens and early teens. Food Truck Fanatics episodes regularly receive between half a million and a million views online per episode so these girls are extremely popular. The Merrell Twins (Veronica and Vanessa Merrell) were born in 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri. Both moved to Los Angeles at 16 and have been extremely successful in the years that follow landing roles on current television shows like Jane The Virgin.

About Food Truck Fanatics

At the heart of this series is a cooking show. The Merrell Twins find a food truck famous for making a particular type of food ranging from tacos, to crepes, to bagel sandwiches. After a brief intro learning about the truck and the food they serve, the Merrell Twins learn how to make a specific menu item from the vendor. At the time of writing the series had 13 episodes that were 8 – 14 minutes in length on average. The program is well edited and will teach you more than a thing or two about cooking. You can watch a couple previous episodes below or binge watch the full series right here.

Ice Cream Waffle Challenge

Bacon Mac and Cheese Challenge

Bottom line, if you’re over the age of 16, this show may not be right for you. Still, you can learn a lot about cooking and the program does a nice job educating the youth of America about the work food truck vendors and helps promote the industry to a younger audience.

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