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March 31, 2015 Staff

9 Florida Food Blogs Covering The States Rich Culinary Faire

fb7Food Love has been caught in our population pretty strongly over the past decade or so; I don’t think its much of a stretch to think that we’ve really entered into a notably gastronomic era of our society after exiting the ages focused on Fast Food and TV Dinners. Whether Social Media has been a noted cause in its initial growth (I blame Food Network), it’s no argument that it’s HELPED to spread the news, cravings, and epic-ness in food culture that have been popping up so often. Nowadays people have taken this to storm, starting up Blog after Blog throughout the country, with at least half of them having SOMETHING to do with Food and Drink.

fb6Being so near Florida as we are, one of the bigger culinary epicenters of the country (and the original movers of the Food Truck industry), we thought we’d take the chance to feature and list 10 of this State’s noted Food-related Blogs of today. If you’re in the area and haven’t checked them out yet, then you should!

Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally

Of course we have to start this grouping with a couple food-truck related projects! TBFTR are the guys behind the very first food truck Rallies in Tampa, having created almost an alliance of Trucks which get together for rallies they organize here and there. Their site is focused on providing information on all these events as well as a way for others to contact them and organize their OWN food truck-catered opportunities. They also multiple services in booking, setting up seminars, consulting, and again providing a list of trucks for others to connect with. Of course they have a Blog section attached, which they keep up in with writing up-to-date articles on topics including, but not limited to, ‘cuisine decoding,’ Interviews, How-to-Start guides, local interests, etc.

Bfburger Beast

South Florida’s blogging superpower, the Beast has one multiple blogging awards over his time on the net. With an obvious focus on the glory of the bunned meat patty, the man posts about a diluge of local restaurants and they’re awesome sandwiches. He also takes time to look at other local eats, even having a full blog page devoted to Food Trucks, and carries a list of burger and bar-food recipes (some his own, some he’s received from different restaurants to post).

The Restaurants at My End of the Universe

The absolute embodiment of the simple, home-based ‘restaurant exploration’ blog-go-er that started this whole craze. A Tampa Native, this blogger does one thing and one thing only; goes to different restaurants, tries all the food and writes about it. The left side of the screen is filled with links to dozens of food styles and area locations to link to the kinds of businesses for easy searching. Very impressive and well done.


A fun, unique little blog idea, the Floriddean owner of which doefb2s interchanging posts on books she reads and different kinds of sandwiches she’s had at local restaurants (from burgers to fried-fish-wraps, all is covered).

Watch Me Eat

Despite the lack of videos and pictures featuring actual food-to-mouth action, this blog certainly succeeds in the promise of its name as its Orlando-based poster visits all the down home joints in their local explorations and travel (at the time of writing, they had just recently gotten back from a trip to New Orleans, which was much-posted about). Comfort food seems to be the name of the game, whether its Asian, BBQ, Beignet, or comes from a Food Truck, nothing is safe.

Smoked Pig & Sweet Tea

The name of the game is BBQ, focused on detailing all aspects of his experience at the different restaurants, shacks, and other bbq businesses. Full reviews and scoring accompany each place, giving us a fun, comparable look between each.


The Birch Beat

A Food and Wine blog by Gina Birch, a local radio personality who waxes about her various food and music adventures, whether it’s documenting festivals or featuring fun finds. Along with these, the list of articles is veritably peppered with full impressions and accountings of her favorite wines and wine experiences.

Lily on the Lam!

A Florida blogger who doesn’t really blog about Florida, LoL (I admit, I just wanted to use that abbreviation) spends her time writing and waxing about things like daily thoughts, life, but most importantly TRAVEL. She nicely documents her experiences of all the different cities and countries she goes to (which seems to be a lot throughout the year) with fun comments and anecdotes given in the typical relaxed bloggy way. Of course, much of this also has to do with the food she eats there, along with other restaurant ‘reviews’ she posts about now and then.


The Hungry Sprout

Finishing off with a candidate from Ft. Meyers, blogger Anna-Marie started her restaurant-review venture based on finding good local and travel eats to go through and talk about. The blog bases itself on a very ‘veggie-focused’ lens, but note, this is NOT a Vegetarian restaurant/food blog; she will often eat fish, and in the right occasions pork and other meats. But veggie-centered is the normal ideal. And all reviews get a 1-5 rating!


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